My name is Jeff Irvin. I am a 35 yr old Outside Territory Manager for a Healthcare Company and I live in Kingwood, TX.

My Email is jeffirvin AT gmail.com.

I have been married to the wonderful  Annie for 10 years and my fur-kids are two Pugs named Ernie and Bailey.

Dangle the Carrot began as a P90X Blog back in September of 2008.  I was a fat, out-of-shape couch potato who one day decided changes needed to be made. I saw Tony Horton on an infomercial and the next thing you know I was sweating through workouts and shedding the pounds.  After a couple of rounds of P90X I needed a new challenge and found it with Triathlon.

Today I am an Ironman Triathlete sharing my experiences and healthy lifestyle on what has become a mostly endurance training blog.  Unlike a lot of blogs, nothing is off limits here.  I am rarely one to shy away from controversy or confrontation and have a purely hate/hate relationship with Political Correctness.   If you do not agree with a point or are offended please post a rebuttal in the comments and try and change my mind!

Thanks for reading my blog and feel free to comment on any of the posts.


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