Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunday, September 7th will be the start date

I was able to view my tracking info from UPS and it looks like the P90X will be delivered on Friday the 5th. Hopefully, Hurricane Gustov fizzles out a little over the next couple of days and doesn't create anymore delays.

That will give me Saturday to get the pull-up bar mounted in a doorway and make my gameroom into a workout room. I will post pictures when everything is complete.

Mike, my buddy in Maryland, is also going to start on Sunday. We are thinking we will be able to push eachother if we start at the same time. And if one of us starts to slack the verbal abuse from the other will be awesome! Here is his site: Mike

I am a little disappointed it is taking so long to arrive but with Monday being a holiday I should have expected shipping delays.

I went to GNC today and picked up SuperPump 250 (pre-workout drink) and the Wheybolic Extreme 60 (post-workout drink). From everything I have read these seem to really enhance your workout and recovery. Since I have decided to do this I might as well do it 100%.

Over the next couple of days I am going to post my pre-P90X pictures and my Wii Sports Fit Age. That should be fun!


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