Friday, April 30, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures ...

Being that it is a Friday and most of us are beat down from a long week I will just post a bunch of pics so as not to tax our brains anymore than what is necessary.

But first, tomorrow is IronMan St. George  and a few of our fellow bloggers are going to be out there giving it the good fight.  So best of luck to Mike Russell (@ 26.2 is my Cooldown), Bob and his buddy Arnie (@OneHourIronman), and Fatty and his wife Lisa (@ Fat Cyclist).  Good luck guys and I can't wait to read the Race Reports!

I mentioned early that I won a Zipp 440 Front Carbon Wheel on Ebay.  It came today and here are the pics:

Very excited.  Quite the steal for around $100!  Going to take it to the LBS to get the tubulars put in and then I am going to order a rear disc cover from and place on my rear trainer wheel.

Here are pics from last weekends race:

Moody Gardens - Race Site

What OWS would have looked like if it had actually happened!

The Gulf and you can see why the swim was cancelled!

Early morning transition area.

Me leaving my "special place".

Starting the run.

Apparently, getting ready to take out a small child.

Coming down the finishing chute.

These next pics are all from the LoneStar Ironman 70.3 the next day.

Moody Gardens Run Course .. great location!

Much calmer Gulf on Sunday!

Overall winner Terenzo Bozzone - 3:49:06 (Super Fastie)

For the guys:

Desiree Ficker

Desiree Ficker

And .....

Desiree Ficker

Super cool cowboy hat finishers medal ... Gotta love Texas!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I have a 50 mile bike ride tomorrow and a 12 mile run on Sunday.  Sort of nice to not have a race or be in a taper!

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  1. Did you kick that kid in the head? Poor guy... In tri, sometimes these things happen.
    In all seriousness, though, sick race, Jeff! Goooood job!!

  2. hahaha... no K, no head kicking occurred! That pics just makes it look like I was about ready to plow into the little guy but it didn't happen!

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Those are great pictures of your race:) I really like your outfit...the black shorts with the red top:) Looks good! Also....Holy Cow, check out the man arms on Desiree!?! I feel better now:)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Pshaw... I've swam in worse :) but I'm also stupider than most.

    Seriously though, cool medal.

  5. I love ebay! You stole that wheel. Good deal for sure. I love all the pics especially the one where you are about to take out that poor kid. Have a great ride tomorrow and run on sunday!

  6. Nice pics...of the wheel and the race! Have a great weekend! :)

  7. Nice wheel! Funny, Terenzo Bozzone came in 2nd or 3rd @ New Orleans the weekend before. How do they do it weekend after weekend!

  8. Nice wheels, dude. I can't wait to see pics of your bike with it all decked out. Makes that first bike you had look like a tricycle, I'm sure!

    Enjoy your 50-miler this weekend!

  9. Great pics and a very super medal! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Sweet deal on the wheel! Great photos too - too funny about looking like you are going to run over a kid. SWEET medal too. Geez. I have got to get to Texas.

  11. Great pictures! Thanks Jeff! Nice wheel BTW.

  12. Wow, I want a wheel like that! Great price too!

    Great photos of the race. The gulf looks angry my friend!

  13. Still jealous!!! I how was the maiden voyage? I know you already been out on it.

    103 pushups!!!!!!!!

  14. LOVING the "special place" photo!! ;)

    Yay for ebay!! Been selling on it [as my career - love it] for 8 years. awesome.!!

    Ummm, ya BDDiesel --- I did two push-ups so ha! ;)