Monday, June 21, 2010

And the Anti - Monkey Butt Winner is ...

Thanks for everyone who entered for a chance to win some Anti Monkey Butt Powder!

My count had us at 96 entries and I used to tabulate the winners.  I just wrote all the names down and then assigned a number to each entry - pretty simple!

The winner of the Female Anti Monkey Butt Powder is (#47):

MANDY!  From the Caratunk Girl Blog.

The winner of the Original Anti Monkey Butt Powder is (#5):

Congrats to Mandy and Matt!  Please send me an email (jeffirvin AT gmail DOT com) with your shipping address to claim your prize. 

If you are looking to win another cool prize check the GoLite Giveaway a Kovas's Midwest Multisport Life Blog.
First Master's swim class tomorrow - 4:15 am wake up!  Later Blogosphere!



  1. YAY for Mandy and Matt!
    Jeff-can't wait to hear about how the Master's swim goes for you.

  2. YEAHHH!! COOL! I am psyched! Thanks Jeff!! Now Matty O and I can compare Monkey Butts! :) ha

    Guess that sounded kind of weird. Emailing you now. Hope the master's swim and early wake-up was good!sta

  3. I demand a recount, some monkey business going on here.

    Congrats Mandy and Matt

  4. Mandy, Matty, Monkey - a perfect alliterative end to the contest.

  5. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! No more monkey butt streaking for me!

    You have no idea how bad I wanted to win this one haha. My rear has been so sore in the saddle after last weekend I said I am buying a new seat. Jeff, I will hold off on a new seat until I give this product review a fair chance.

    Mandy, if we end up meeting up at an IM we will be monkey butt pals! Haha.

    Thanks again :)

  6. Congrats to Mandy and Matt and good luck with your first masters workout today Jeff.

  7. I have to agree with everyone else, it really was a perfect alliterative end.

    Good luck with your Master's swim class!

  8. I'd like an as* recount.

    ok fine, YAY for MANDY!!!

  9. Wait, did you say 4:15 a.m.? Bwaaahahahahaha! Stop it! Seriously, wait.... you're serious?



    Jeff, I think you ought to have five more children as quickly as possible. You have trouble sleeping hombre.

  10. Good Luck on your swim class!