Monday, November 1, 2010

Annie's First Triathlon and Taper Time

Yesterday my wife, Annie, and I participated in the LifeTime Fitness Indoor Triathlon.   This was Annie's very first Tri!  Not only did she do awesome but she had a great time!  I am very proud of her because she kicked some ass with a respectable swim, solid bike, and an excellent run.  When we were driving home she said she would like to do that Tri thing again -- we have hooked another one folks!

The way the LTF Tri works is like this:  10 minutes swim, 10 minute transition, 30 minute bike, 5 minute transition, and then 20 minute run.  You basically go as hard as you can in the given time and the distance you go is your score for that leg.  For example:  If 30 people participate in the swim and you swim the most lengths you receive 30 pts.  If you swim the slowest you receive 1 pt.  Then all the points are added together for your total - highest point total is the winner.

We do not have the results yet but we think we both did pretty good.  The results should be posted by Wednesday and I will post them up.  A big thank you to Coach Kt White for organizing the event, it went off without a hitch!

  • We just got a new camera.  Annie has been talking about getting an SLR camera so we can get better pictures at our races.  According to her the point and shoot new camera that she needed last month is only good for posed type of pictures.  We got the new carbon race wheels Nikon D3000 with a Tripod and some 200x Lens.
Taking a picture of Annie taking a picture
Annie's New Toy
  • I did a long rather slow ride of the IronStar course on Saturday - it was 42 degrees when we started and it was freezing!!! Might have to bring arm warmers and gloves for the race on Sunday.  This dude does not do well in the cold ...buurrrr!!! 
  • Taper Time has Officially begun!
  • Sunday was the LTF Tri.  I took it easy on the swim - 23 lengths in 10min (1:44/100 avg).  Didn't kill myself on the bike but held a steady pace  - 15mi in 30mins (30mph avg -- yeah for spin bikes!).  Then ran a little harder than I should have on the run - 3.14mi in 20mins (6:20/ mi pace).
  • The 5K time was 19:43.  This is the first time I have gone sub-20 for a 5K.  Well, I have only really raced one 5K hard and did a 20:48 and that was in February and I am in much better shape now. The next goal will be sub-19 because I think that is possible. My first mile was at a 7:00/mi pace yesterday which is why I am pretty confident I could go harder.  I held a 5:56 for the last mile.  This little test will probably have to wait until after IMTX!
  • Here is my little girl pug, Bailey.  I just stood up and she took me seat:
Move your feet, lose your seat!
  • They just filmed the CompuTrainer video on Sunday for the Ironman Texas bike course.  Here is a really cool write up by the dude who did the filming:   Click Here - he gives a warning to all non-Texans about the possibility of melting?  Pretty sure we are going to melt too buddy - we live in Air Conditioning like 11 months out of the year.  My A/C just kicked on like 30 seconds ago (-:
  • My Dad, Mom, Sister and Niece (3yr old Ava) are all flying in from Pittsburgh to visit this weekend to cheer me on for the IronStar 70.3 on Sunday.  Annie and I haven't seen them since Ava's birthday in May and we are really looking forward to the visit.  I really miss my family and wish we didn't live 1800 miles apart sometimes!
  • I will be back on Wed or Thurs to post my game plan and goals for the IronStar.  I am a little beat up right now: sore right knee, sore right hamstring, and sore left ankle - but hopefully the next few days of short, intense workouts will be just the cure to heal me right up.
  • The New Bike officially has a name!  A big Thanks goes out to Kevin @ IronmanByThirty for saying, "your bike looks like a Zebra!" in my last post.  Ever since I have read that, "The Zebra" has stuck.  So when you hear me reference "The Zebra" it is my Felt B14 TT Bike and not an NFL Referee!

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  1. Def wait until after IM to try and run a sub 19 - 5k, that is good thinking. I believe thats how I got injured in May tryin to burn a 5K. Good luck this week with race prep!

  2. Nice job on the indoor tri! How fun that Annie is getting into it too! :)
    I like your new bike's name. Zebra is totally fitting!
    Yay for your family coming to cheer you on in your race! That's awesome!

  3. Nikon's rule! We have one as well. Constantly in the market for a new lens. Or new filters. Or something. That dang hobby is almost as expensive as triathlon.

    Kudos to your wife. Look out...this time next year, she'll be beatin' you!

    Kick a$$ this weekend! You're ready.

  4. I'm glad The Zebra name stuck! I think I deserve a set of carbon race wheels for naming your bike :)

    Way to go on hooking another one! :) I'm glad to hear that you both had fun at the tri.

    You will both enjoy the SLR camera. It is the only way to take good action shots during a race - P&S cameras just don't cut it.

    Good luck in your race! Do you have any tracking/stalking info yet?

  5. Wow- that's an amazing time on your 5k- and some goal to follow!

    That's great your wife is's easy to do that;))

  6. Nice post..Love that cute dog and the nikon camera...

  7. Congrats Annie~your first tri and the camera :)
    Looks like you did pretty good too Jeff~ Our Y does the indoor tri twice a year and it's 20 mins per segment (swim/bike/run/).


  8. Awesome post. Congrats to your wife! 30mph avg on the bike? haha!!!

    Zebra: Bad @$$!!!

    I mentioned Lonestar in April to my GF. She said DO IT! It is just a formality now to sign up.

  9. Zebra is a perfect name, congrats to Annie!

    I was going to say go out and vote today, but I already know you will!

  10. Good job getting a new fish on the line.

    Good luck this weekend!

  11. We're looking into that camera as well, but for kid photos, not races.

  12. Congrats to your wife! I am so glad she has decided to join the dark side.

    I love the name of your bike.

  13. Congrats to your wife! :) Can't wait to hear how you both did!

    I like the Zebra...

  14. YAY ANNIE!!!!! Another tri-convert :) Can't wait to read your results!!!!!!

  15. Congrats Annie!! That is so awesome!

    Sounds like tapering is going well for you! I can't wait to stalk you.

    I am so in love with your pugs. I request more pug pictures please. :) Bailey looks like a sweetie!

  16. Sun-20 5k is awesome. That's a lifetime goal of mine that I've never achieved.
    So, we're both in taper now. Fun!

  17. YAY Annie!

    You better buy her some new shoes for this accomplishment.

  18. Dang good looking bike!
    Supposed to be 45F at PCB for the swim. The water should feel warm.

    Funny story, I did IronStar the first year they had it and I came without a wetsuit. Everyone in the hotel I was staying at was saying how cold the water was in practice (I didn't practice). I was so nervous I woke up at 2am and drove home (Memorial) to get my wetsuit.

    Got to the starting line and it was 50F outside..... The water was warm.... whoops!

  19. Hilarious on the convert. Triathlon is more then a sport it is a religion....Love It!!!!

    Nice job on the LTF Tri as well and the spin bikes are awesome for that aren't they? Barely pedaling today and I was at 22.6 MPH....yee-haa!!!!

    Great name for a bike. Still working on mine and will have to get one now.

    Can't wait to see what the game plan looks like.

  20. Congrats to Annie!!! Love seeing a new one get hooked! :-) That indoor tri sounds like a lot of fun.
    The Zebra is a great name - fast, sleek, exotic and little wild. Nice.

  21. Way to go Annie!! You are my new hero! Congrats on finishing your first Tri and for doing an awesome job!! I can tell that your hubby is pretty proud of you:)

    Jeff, congrats to you too!! Holy cow....holy fast 5K! You have been working so hard! Getting stronger, building the endurance and getting faster! Go you!

  22. Tell Annie I said congrats, and now that she did a tri and is prpbably hooked, that camera doesnt look as nice as a set off race wheels now

    And its about time you named your bike