Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Next Year

It has been Eleven weeks since the completion of my first Ironman.  In this time I have not followed any training plans or put pressure on myself to train.  The plan was to basically not have a plan and just do what I wanted to do.  This worked out extremely well and both my body and mind are ready to get back to it.

For July the overall volume ended up being pretty low by my standards:

Swim - 7h 23m  -  17,250m
Bike -  12h 10m  -  230mi
Run -   13h 50m  -  92.41mi
Total -  33h 23m

Total Weight Gained Since IM  - 12lbs!

Yep, I was 150lbs on race day and am currently sitting at 162lbs.   The funny thing is I look fit at 162lbs but 150lbs is a much better racing weight.  I will take my time getting back down to racing weight!

Moving Forward:

I have two more Tri's this year:

- The Half Rev @ Rev3 Cedar Point on September 11th.
- The Olympic @ Rev3 Anderson on October 9th.

Then my schedule becomes extremely run focused.  I am going to use the Advanced Marathoning 18-week 55-75mile per week plan.  The purpose of doing such as high weekly volume plan is twofold: Build up a large running base for Ironman Mont-Tremblant and attempt to Boston Qualify.  Not sure if I can BQ since I have never ran a stand-alone marathon but will use the races listed below to gauge my progress.  It would be cool to BQ on my first marathon attempt but have a feeling my inexperience at the distance make it improbable.  Still going to put myself out there and go for it!

My training program will officially begin on October 31st and I am currently working on building my weekly miles up to the upper 40's.  The first week on my plan calls for 54miles - should be fun!  I will be 36 years old for the marathon and will need a sub - 3h10m time to qualify.  Pretty confident I can do a low 3:20 right now but will need to drop another 15 minutes.

Here is my planned schedule:

- San Antonio RnR 1/2 Marathon on November 12th
- Texas Trail Run 50k on December 10th (tentative)
- Texas 1/2 Marathon on January 1st, 2012.
- The Woodlands Marathon on March 3rd, 2012 (A Race)

After the Woodlands Marathon I will begin Training for Ironman Mont-Tremblant and will do these Tri's in preperation:

- Kemah Olympic Tri on April 15th, 2012
- Rev3 Knoxville Olympic on May 8th, 2012
- Buffalo Spring Lake Tri 70.3 on June 24th, 2012
- Ironman Mont Tremblant on August 19th, 2012 (A Race)

As you can see the schedule is planned for the next year.  It is nice to have it all worked out but the loss of spontaneity sometimes leads to regret!

Since I have decided to focus on running the time dedicated to swimming and cycling is going to have to decrease.  This was a hard decision to make because I really do enjoy both but the reality is in order to put the type of weekly miles into running that is required then something had to change.

This also means that I will be heading into Cedar Point 70.3 and Anderson Olympic under-trained on the swim and bike.  Thanks to IM training I do have a decent base in both the swim and bike so completion is not an issue but I will be slower.  Hopefully all the run training will pay off and carry me through.

Has anyone else started planning for 2012 yet?

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  1. That looks like one heckuva schedule and pretty sweet I might add!

    Looking forward to seeing you at Cedar Point!

    IMO that plan in the Advanced Marathoning Book is a pretty good one so best of luck to you in your attempt! Marathons are just never easy but I can't help but love them!

  2. "Not sure if I can BQ since I have never ran a stand-alone marathon..."

    ^This = You are a BAMF

    Only an Ironman can say this :)

  3. holy smokes - you are not effing around this upcoming season. when are you taking a rest break?!

  4. What do I have to do to get you out to California for a weekend cycling camp? Since I've offered it like 10 times I expected to se it on your 2012 schedule. But nope.

    My 2012 is Oceanside 70.3 in April. I'll do the Surf City 1/2 Marathon in February as part of training. But rewind to Nov/Dec 2011 (or whenever IMAZ reg opens). IF I decide to go long in 2012 AZ will be the one. Because next summer I want to take the family someplace. Like France, during the Tour, and then see if I can convince them that giving me a few days to chase the race route is fair in the overall scheme of the trip. That means I'll need be in between stuff in the summer, and IMAZ is late enough in the year to get ready.

  5. I too have thought about Boston and marathoning but want to do the Racine Wisconsin 1/2 ironman next July first. Perhaps then I will refocus on running as you are. I look forward to your take on using a high milage running plan.

  6. 12 pounds huh??? :) That will come right back off when you start ramping up the running again!

    I think you can totally BQ - I mean, why not? I love that you haven't run a stand alone marathon but have done an IM. That's awesome!

    I've started looking into 2012, but only the big races - Disney Marathon and Half and IMFL. I'm also going to IMAZ, but just to spectate! :)

    Looking forward to CP - I think we're going to have way more fun than most of the people we know doing it! ;)

  7. Seems all I do is plan for 2012 and IMMT, but I don't have it nearly as nailed down as you do. It's good to have a plan...

  8. I probably be nicer if you left the dates off those races, 80% of your schedule, I will be stuck inside, freezing.

    BQ? How about a DQ? I am now officially have a DQ race series, dairy queen does not get love it deserves.

  9. Glad you've had a great rest period and congrats on the race!

  10. I've been starting to think about 2012 a bit, but trying to stay focused on what I've got coming this year... I so love the 'dumb it down to running' over the winter.. though 'winter' for you is quite a bit different than winter for me. :)

  11. I forget what my comment was because I just noticed your Leave your Comment quote from Jack Handy and got distracted....

    Oh right, that schedule is awesome, and I think you'll find that some cross training on bike and swim helps with the high mileage running recovery. Good luck!

  12. Holy year of awesome!!
    Can't wait to see it all come together!! I'm with p-funk though....need west coast races!!

  13. I'm not gonna lie, this post kind of freaked me out! The fact that you're already done with your IM and planning next year's races just blows my mind! I still have 3 months till IMAZ and haven't even thought about 2012 yet!!!
    By the way, I think you could totally BQ on your first try...especially if you just focus on your running, which it sounds like you're doing. :)

  14. Man, good luck on that sub 3:10. Getting from 3:20 to 3:10 is going to be TOUGH :)

    Be careful on the body, as I have learned, running is brutal. Adapt your plan as needed and remember missing a speed work session or a long run will not break the bank if you need it for recovery, this is where I screw up all the time.

    Be smart, thats all I can say. Well, that and it should be a fun journey to follow :)

  15. I have started to plan for 2012 as well. After the Hon Marathon in December, I go back to Tri training to focus on the Honu 70.3 on the big island in July. There are a few sprint and olympic tri's on Oahu that I will be using to train for this as well. Good luck with your training!

  16. I think you can BQ on your first stand alone Mary and when I qualify in Vegas we can go to Boston together.

    And yes 2012 is mostly planned out but I can always slip a BSLT in there with you to.

    We certainly need to race together soon.

    Signed- PRO-IRS....HA HA HA !!!!!

  17. Awesome! I'm already booked for IM NOLA 70.3 in April- an early 70.3 keeps me motivated throughout the winter. After that, I'm not sure.

    I think I just want to focus on the half iron distance & races I've never done before- I'm ready to have some fun. I might join you in Buffalo Springs!

  18. I followed the Advanced Marathon training plan and had some success, but it was after I went down in volume, with a max of 40 miles per week, that I had greater success (I ran a 3:29 at Boston with my biggest week being 38 miles). There's a lot of junk miles in that plan, in my opinion.

    See you in Cedar Point.

  19. Uno
    IMNYC. They took all my money ($1550). I have no more....

  20. the only two i know for sure is The Mardi Gras Marathon and The Boston. i won't really plan for 2012 till the fall.

    Good luck! you sound like you have it all pretty much lined up.

  21. Hope to see you at Lubbock in 2012! Sadly we have to plan far ahead because so many sell out

  22. Flabbergasted and impressed. And confident you have the ability to BQ on your first attempt :)

  23. Kim - I have been on a break for the last 11 weeks so I am cool! Our summer is so brutal that we treat it like you guys do winter! The big weeks won't start until Oct so more rest (and comfort food) is still around the corner.

    Sounds like we are going to have quite the bloggy meetup at Buffalo Springs Lake Tri! Let's see how many more we can get there????

    I've always have been a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of guy so for those of you who are freaked out by this level of micro-managing let it be known that I share your sentiments!

  24. Looks like a super plan. I bet with your focus and determination you will do great in a stand alone marathon. You always surprise me with how well you do!

  25. LOVE your setup with Woodlands 26.2 which will lead into the IM training and those Oly and 70.3 mixed in. Basically the perfect setup!
    55-75 mi per week is Awesome Huge - love it

    Crazy to be thinking of a full 2012 in July of 11'! but its a good thing. I need to figure something out.

  26. Sounds like a good plan... I know I want to do my first HIM next year, probably the Westchester Toughman in September or possibly 70.3 Poconos, depending how the first one goes this fall. I'll run a half marathon or possibly a full this spring (hate winter training though! Long runs in February snow? Yuck) and find an early season sprint or olympic to kick things off, then likely Quassy olympic distance and the NYC Tri... then possibly the NYC marathon in November. I get guaranteed entry every year but don't feel obligated to use it. Have fun!

  27. Guess we won't be seeing much of each other this fall since I will be peaking in October. As you know my only race for 2012 right now is the Houston Marathon. Not sure what else I want to do next year, more running races or focus on tri's.

  28. Geez! Can't you let me finish 2011 first?!?? I don't even want to start thinking about 2012 yet! :) haha

    BQ-ing in your first marathon would be awesome! I'm still about 20-25 minutes away myself (3:26 and need 3:05 with the new times). I've sort of given up on the prospect of qualifying at this point. I just don't feel like I could go back to focusing just on running; I love the swimming and biking too much.

  29. Awesome schedule! I’ve definitely started planning for 2012 as well! Oh, and it will be amazing for you to BQ. I envy all those that make it Boston! I’m hoping to BQ at the Marine Corps Marathon this fall. Woot woot!

  30. Ha ha I LOVE that you have 2012 all planned out. I haven't decided about how to finish 2011. I think I already gained 12 lbs.

    So far my plans for the rest of 2011 are... Pumpkinman HIM in Sept, get drunk at IMFL in Nov...then my 2012 are...IMMT.

    You. Will kick ASS at a stand alone marathon. BQ will be YOURS!!! I have run 5 stand alone marathons and 1 IM marathon, the stand alone ones are WAY easier, but harder on your body after. Recovery is longer, I SWEAR.

    If you do that, I will go down to Boston (even though I HATE HATE the place) just to see you and hang with Annie to cheer you on. :)

  31. Holy moly schedule! I haven't even let myself think about 2012. I just need to get through the next 3 months to my first IM. I think seeing how that goes will really dictate what's next.

    Looking forward to hearing about your BQ training!

  32. You are a straight A student planning out your 2012 already! As for BQ that would be awesome to do it first marathon! YOu are going to be doing some serious running if you are using that advance plan that will put a hurting on you so enjoy!

  33. I'm going to see what happens after my first Tri on sunday, then NYC in November, before I start to plan anything big. Although I know I'll be doing my favorite local races, if the 'ole bod holds up : )

  34. jeff... you are a beast. I plan to do the Honolulu Marathon if my knees make it through the training.

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  36. Awesome! "Texas Trail Run 50k on December 10th (tentative)" This looks very interesting. My planning is way beyond 2012 right up to 2016 and even 2018 for some big goals...very crazy but true. Have a super weekend!

  37. I dropped the swim and bike completely to train for my first marathon in November. It was a hard decision, but no regrets. I, however, will not be qualifying for Boston. I'm just trying to finsh without embarrassing myself.

    Good luck!

  38. I dropped the swim and bike completely to train for my first marathon in November. It was a hard decision, but no regrets. I, however, will not be qualifying for Boston. I'm just trying to finsh without embarrassing myself.

    Good luck!