Friday, September 16, 2011

Catching Up and Moving Forward

  • It has been over two weeks since my last post.  In the almost three years of blogging this is the longest post-gap ever here at the Carrot. Not sure why but this is sort of cool to me?
  • Last weekend Annie and I were in Pittsburgh visiting family and then we drove up to Sandusky, OH for the Rev3 Cedar Point Half Rev Race.  We had such a great time hanging out with my Trakkers Teammates and cheering on Matt and Heather as they crushed their first 140.6.  I am working on a Race Report with a bunch of pictures for later this week so stay tuned.
  • Even thought I have not been doing much training on the swim and bike I still ended up with a PR of the 70.3 Distance - 5h 21m.  Guess Base really does matter!
  • My next races are all of the running variety:  
- 10 for Texas 10miler - Oct 8th
- Rocky Raccoon 50k - Nov 5th
- San Antonio RnR 1/2 Marathon - Nov 13th
- Run Thru the Woods Turkey Trot 5mi - Nov 24th
- LaPorte 1/2 Marathon (Sausage on a Stick Race) - Dec 4th
- Texas 1/2 Marathon - Jan 1st
- The Woodlands Marathon - Mar 3rd ("A" Race)

  • I might have missed a race or two above. This is not unusual. Annie is the official race scheduler of the family and will need to look this over. I tend to sometimes forget races we have planned, especially running races as they are so abundant in Texas over the next few months. We talk about so many and my brain turns to mush.
  • My 11-year old Pug Ernie is getting even more fat.  Just had to adjust his collar and it is on the last notch. Time to get him on a weight loss program.
  • On Saturday night at the hotel in Cedar Point I was getting all of my gear together for the race and accidentally banged the the heel of my right foot off the bottom of the metal hotel bed frame. It hurt like hell and instantly numbed the entire right side of my foot. It bothered me a little on race day but has been quite sore since Monday. I blew off my runs on Tuesday and Wednesday to help expedite the healing process. I ended up doing a 7.5mi run last night and it feels much better. Stupid injuries are so, stupid.
  • I have a bunch of things to write about over the next couple of weeks:  Blister prevention socks, Moon boot running shoes, my take on the GOP candidates and who you should vote for, thoughts on long course bike hydration/nutrition set-ups, thoughts on long course nutrition in general, Fall TV show line-ups, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, high volume running weeks , ....etc
  • And last but certainly not least ..... A HUGE CONGRATS goes out to Kevin Neumann for completing his first Ironman this weekend in Madison, WI.  Kevin busted his ass in training and put together a fantastic race. It was an honor and privilege following your journey Mr. Ironman!

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  1. Congrats on the 70.3 PR! That's great!

    Please hurry on the blister prevention sock post....


  2. P90x for dogs?

    So tri season is over?

    Yeah stupid injuries ARE stupid, like when I dropped a Sharp metal door on my toe 3 weeks out from Placid.

    what's this race Jan 1?

  3. Congrats on the PR at Cedar Point! That's a smokin' time! I hate stupid injuries too. They suck the worst. I can't wait for the next couple posts, especially about the Blister Prevention Socks. I need to get me some of those.

  4. 2x with Jon, P90x for the dogs

    Congrats on the race

  5. Congrats on the PR this weekend! Yep, base really does matter. I'm so glad you are going to do the Sausage on the stick race again this year. That is my most favorite race that I've never done (Yogi Berra would like that last sentence). 50K's are awesome! Is that a trail race? Don't let the nasty habit of not blogging bite you in the ass like it has me.

  6. You are going to write only about Republicans candidates? Are there others?

    P90X for dogs would have to be called something like K9DX.

  7. You have been MIA for sure. Great job at the race! Can't wait to see how you do at Rocky Raccoon. So cool.

    Get your dog on the treadmill.

    Are you announcing your candidacy in this upcoming post?

  8. Congrats on the 70.3 PR!

    And yeah, can you expedite the blister prevention sock post, please!?!

  9. congrats on your PR! That's quite a race schedule you have planned! Way to go!

  10. You know, I just checked my Google Reader this morning specifically for a post by you thinking that I had missed one. haha. I guess I have come to rely on a weekly Carrot post :)

    Thanks for the shout out!

    It sounds like you have a jam packed winter full of racing.

    Looking forward to the GOP post. With all the candidates, you might set a record post length. :-P

  11. You missed the Turkey Trot!!

  12. Glad I will know a friendly face on Nov 5, even though you will beat me by an hour!

  13. So much to look forward to between your dogs up and coming weight loss journey and your take on Ron Paul. What interests me most will be how all the half marathons turn out. I recommend making one a 10 mile warmup with a 5k race at the end.

  14. Can't wait to hear about the moon boot running shoes!

  15. Congrats on your race! That is so awesome! It looks like you have a lot of running races coming up..that should be fun!!

  16. bummer on the heel
    good news it felt better on the 7.5 already

    nice lookn race schedule coming up

    some good looking post topics....lots to write about

    oh yea



  17. Congrats on the PR! And, you by far have the cutest dog ever. Even with a few extra pounds.

  18. Congrats on the 70.3 PR! Normally that would be cause for a big race report and celebration, but maybe after doing an ironman it probably doesn't seem as big =)

    Looking forward to reading about your political views, I know Perry out of Texas is making a strong charge for the Presidency. Personally I'm a Ron Paul or bust person - either I'm voting for him, or no one for President. I wish I lived in his district in Texas, because he is a house representative I respect!

    You're going all in on running races coming up, I bet you will set some phenomenal times.

  19. Huge congrats on that PR! Go carrot! And your doing a 50K! Super good. Is this your first one?

  20. You PRed and didn't even poop on the bike. Or did you? :)

    Fat dogs are cute... I've convinced myself of this because otherwise, we'd be in trouble!

  21. I can't wait to read your GOP post!

  22. Yeah. You are my freaking hero with that PR with "no training"

    Ernie!! Stop sneaking the treats. Porter gives you a paw bump. He and I need to get on the same program.

    NICE on the 50k!! I haven't done CRAP. Like literally. Hiking and that is IT.

  23. Congrats on the PR! Looks like a pretty hefty fall! Bring it!