Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh Marathoning ...

  • Yesterday was the official start date of my 18-Week Training plan leading up to the Woodlands Marathon on March 3rd. I am using the Pete Pfitzinger Advanced Marathoning 18/70 Plan.  Click here to view plan.
  • This will be my first stand alone marathon and my goal is to go sub-3:10.  If able to achieve this goal it would be enough to qualify me for the Boston Marathon.
  • The pace for a sub-3:10 marathon is 7:15/mi - very attainable, I think, will let you know in 18-weeks.
  • On Saturday I am racing in the Rocky Raccoon 50K Trail Run. This is by no means an "A" race but I will be going as hard as humanly possible. My PR for a 50k is 6h19m and I intend to smash this time to smithereens.
  • The trail race is at the State Park in Huntsville, TX and a very cool area. The course is made up of a combination of single lane paths with switchbacks and roots galore and old, rundown jeep trails. My plan is to move slow and steady on the single paths as to not turn an ankle or take a header into a tree. Once I hit the jeep trails it is time to open it up and make up some time. The goal is to get in under 5h30m for the 31miles run.
  • October was a solid month on the training front. I decided to only run this month to give myself some much needed R&R from swimming and biking. I ended up running for 31hrs and concluded the month with 209mi on my feet. This is the most miles I have ever run in a single month, but will end up being about average for the next 4 months.
  • The new show Terra Nova is absolute ass. Had high hopes for this one but it seems after the show creators figured out the cast they realized they forgot to higher hire (happy RA?) writers and were out of money. My theory is they are just making it up on the fly.
  • However, the second season of The Walking Dead has been amazing and has given us all hope of the future of TV.  At times the pacing of the show is a little slow but they are using this to effectively develop the characters. I find myself excited for Sunday nights because The Walking Dead will be on - if you haven't seen this show yet check it out on AMC.
  • On Saturday I will be doing the 50k race wearing Hoka One One Bondi B shoes. If you are unfamiliar with these shoes, as most are, stay tuned as I will have a full review of them next week. They have changed the way I approach running ...
  • To add some positive mojo to my life I am considering Tebowing at multiple locations throughout the race on Saturday.
Next post will be the 50k race report with hopefully tons of pictures!

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  1. Have fun racing on Saturday!!

    "Tebowing" is not a cool thing to do, just saying, might as well drive to the race in a minivan

  2. BDD- Tebowing unto itself is not cool, BUT Tebowing while wearing Hoka's = awesomeness.

  3. Good luck on Saturday! I'm sure you're going to smoke your time. That course sounds like it would be easy to jack up an ankle, so be careful. Way to go on all those miles! That's a lot for one month!

  4. That training plan is no joke. If you nail that plan you're going to be in great shape for a BQ. If this past month is any indication I'm ready to wager on you making Boston. Good luck. Also, good luck this weekend. Stay healthy - course sounds challenging.

  5. Never heard of Tebowing. Enjoyed the pics on the link. Best wishes for a great (fast and safe) race.

  6. looking forward to hearing about the Hokas. A have read a few reviews including minmalist guys and they had generally positive things to say. Lots of people get good results out of them too.

  7. go get em this weekend jeff!

    and i hope you BQ bc then i get to meet you! hurray!

  8. Dude! A 50k non0A trail race? You need a hobby!

    Of course Terra Nova was going to suck.. you need to go SciFi and watch the new Battlestar Galactica series that came out a few years ago. Kick ass!

  9. I was all about tebowing, until Tebow said he thought it was awesome. Now it's just no fun... And I will check out the Walking Dead. AMC has been cranking out solid shows!!!

  10. "...but it seems after the show creators figured out the story and cast they realized they forgot to higher writers. "

    Maybe you need to "higher" a writer yourself...and you wouldn't know it still sucked if you weren't still watching it...which I am also doing...because they're gonna have a pet dinosaur now...and because apparently I like to watch shows that are doomed to be cancelled...

  11. I know you'll kick ass this weekend! :)

    What the hell is up with those shoes though? They are seriously hideous. Annie lets you out of the house in them? The review better be damn good! :)

  12. Good luck this weekend! I would be interested in seeing Tebowing pix of you!

    Great running mileage!

  13. GOOD LUCK on Saturday! And PICs of the Tebowing are a must!

  14. If you are tebowing, doesn't that mean you are guaranteed to lose? And you my friend are no loser (except when seen wearing your moon shoes of course).

    As a show, Terra Nova sucks. As background noise while I work, it is perfect. You can missing 4 out of every 5 minutes and still know what is going on.

    Good luck Sunday!! My bet is for 5 hours flat.

    I'm tempted to modify and use your plan. Still a little worried about my knees though so I have to give them some more time before I consider it too much.

  15. Don't make fun of Florida's favorite son now....
    A 3:10? Dang...
    You should be under 5 hours unless you get caught up in your Tebowing... and there is nothing wrong with that... just keep track..
    Run.... 4:50
    Piss.... :10
    Tebowing.... :30

  16. Good luck on Saturday!!

    One of my friends just got the Hoka shoes... I think I need a pair now, can't wait for your review!!

  17. Better yet is Tebowing in Hoka's with a Big Ben Headband....now THAT is tebowing!

    209 miles my goodness man. That is incredible and motivating at the same time.

    Crazy how 7:15 doesn't seem so bad anymore does it? I mean I ran 18 at 7:51 and today ran a half-mary at 7:36 and both were in the HR zone of 155.....BINGO!

  18. Can't wait to read your race report! Good luck!

  19. That Tebowing page made my week. Look for a solid pic at the finish line of IMFL - if I'm coherent enough to remember...

  20. lol on Tebowing, that guy just got manhandled last week, curious to see what he does from here on out!

  21. Dude, you're a beast! You have done 50k's and an Ironman before your very first stand alone marathon! A marathon is like a "tune up" for you.

    Have a good race this weekend!

  22. Have a great race on Sunday! You have done the work and surely researched the shoes to get it done. All of your huge volume is gonna pay off!!!

    seriously impressive even if it will become "average" !

    also awesome you will notch two 50k's before a marathon

    fer sure you are on your way

  24. I want to hear more about the Hokas!! With you on Terra Nova, blah.

    Good luck with marathon training, you'll do great.

  25. can't wait to hear about the 50k, sounds like so much fun. over 200 miles in a month? You are a beast!

  26. Good luck at the race! You are going to kill it.

    I have LOVED my Hoka Mafates on the trails. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the Bondi Bs.

  27. Those shoes are special! I can't wait to hear about your 50k!!

  28. I think you should invent something besides tebowing. Strive for originality, man. And rip up that trail this weekend :)

  29. I have 4 wks left on the advanced marathoning 12 wk, 55/70 plan, and let me just say that i
    LOVE it. The high mileage is paying off for me. (10k pr this weekend). good luck!