Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ironman Mont-Tremblant: The Pictures

Here is a bunch of the picture from Quebec. They are in no particular order, enjoy!

Thanks for Viewing,



  1. i hope i had the MOST brilliant idea known to man when I stuck my finger up in the air with WAY too much excitement...

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  3. What a beautiful day for an IM. That looks like such an awesome place to race!

  4. I agree with Anonymous, "іtѕ гeаlly really good pагagгaρh οn buіlding up new weblog" I hope they are now following you and become BFF, seems like a real stand up guy ;-)

    I stand corrected, you beat the NHL lock out with the post

    Love the pictures, I really want to do the 70.3 their one year

  5. Well, its about damn time! ; )

    Looks like a spectacular day. I love the final pic of you walking off post race.

  6. there it was worth the wait....for me anyway...these pics made me lucky duck! I hope you had a good time there!