Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Randomness

Once again the weekend is upon us ...

Luckily, a scheduled step-back week with my training plan is upon me.  The last two weeks I have put in over 20hrs of training per week and last Sunday night my body was feeling that workload so this step-back week was perfectly timed.  The weekend is still going to include a long run, long ride, Open Water Swim, and a recovery run but they all will be a little shorter than the past few weeks and the overall volume for the week will fall right at  only 12hrs.

  • Next week's training schedule calls for 22.5 hours (-:
  • Thanks to everyone for your comments on my post about the 400lb Guy at the LA Marathon.  I figured my position would stir-up some emotions and after reading everyone's comments I stand by my position that the guy took a huge risk doing this race and that his reason for doing it - to get in the Guinness Book of Wold Records - was completely selfish and sends the wrong message to other overweight folks.  A few people commented that I should try and imagine what it would be like to cover 26.2 miles at that weight.  My point is that he shouldn't even have attempted it - there is a reason he set a World Record for being the heaviest person to ever complete a marathon and that reason is that is a 400lb person should not be doing a marathon - plain and simple.  Lose weight, train properly, do shorter races, and work your way up to this level when you are healthy enough to complete it by the cut-off time.  IMO, this was a publicity stunt and based on his numerous interviews he has no intention of dropping weight.
  • Galveston 70.3 is in 15 days.  With the focus being on Ironman Texas (56 days) this race kind of snuck up on me.  My base fitness is right where it needs to be and I plan on doing Galveston as a long training day to practice pacing and nutrition for IMTX.  The hope is I am able to contain my meat-headedness and not get caught up in the actual RACE.  The plan is to not taper at all and hit the starting line with tired legs - this should temper the urge to hammer it!  And in even cooler news, Jon from is also doing Galveston.  We are planning on a few frosty beverages after the race! I will post up our bib numbers when we receive them so y'all can appropriately stalk us!
  • In the very good news department: My talented wife, Annie, received a job offer the other day and has accepted.  She is going through all the HR paperwork stuff now but if all goes as planned she will be ending her short stint amongst the unemployed very soon.  Congrats Babe!
  • In Jeff Bike News:  I absolutely LOVE my new Kestrel 4000 Pro.  This bike is a carbon rocket.  I have never ridden anything like this bike - it gives you a very aggressive position yet it does not compromise on comfort.  I could not be happier with my Kestrel.
  • Check out this pic of my position.  Only one spacer remains (yes, the aero helmet makes me so much faster indoors):
  • As usual lots of fun happening on the Team Trakkers front.  Rev3 is gearing up for the Knoxville Olympic and Half Rev on May 15th.  I have a work event so will not be able to race this one but a bunch of my teammates and other bloggers are going to be there.  There is still time to sign-up if you want to be included in the party!  Also, our Trakkers race kits and TYR Hurricane Wetsuits should be arriving very soon.  Excited to get some training in with the new gear.
  • Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

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  1. the volume is nuts man. The 70.3 should seem "comfortable" for you at this point. I don't see any issue with you executing.

    A few frosty beverages and a Big ole TEXAS Steak sound about right haha.

    Love the bike, looks aggressive and fierce :)

  2. - Ok, I accepted your reason for how a half mary snuck up on you, but how does a 70.3 sneak up on you!!!

    - Congrats to Annie, more money = more gear

    - For living in a state that has sun 12 months a year, your a little pasty

  3. Love the bike and you look awesome on it! You are going to intimidate the competition!

    Congrats to Annie!

    FYI, you are so right about Sumo guy!

  4. Scott - i was rather pasty in that pic, it was 4 weeks ago so that has been remedied!

    Annie +more money = new shoes (such is my life)

  5. I bet that helmet helps a lot with the headwinds of your training room. I heard those can be vicious! :) Bike looks great!

    Race day is getting closer - eeek - so exciting!

    Congrats to Annie!

  6. We have the same aero helmet? Did I know this and forget? Hmm? Great news about Annie on the job front! COngrats to her.
    Too cool that you and Jon are going to be racing the 70.3. I have a nice little list of bloggers to stalk that day. How fun!
    Loving your new bike! Nice color combos.
    Now enjoy your weekend muchacho!

  7. Volume- nice... you might or might not need the helmet on the trainer.... better safe I guess.... :-)

  8. That bike is a thing of beauty. I know nothing about bikes, but that looks like a mean ride. Do you wear the helmet to bed too?

    Congrats to your wife. Unemployed is far too stressful. Hope she loves the new job.

    I'm off to start slugging down calories to try and gain enough weight to break that world record by October. Apparently McDonalds can get you to a 2:36 marathon, so maybe I can pull a world record AND a PR if I fuel up on nothing but McRibs and fries. Even typing it makes me feel ill.

  9. I feel you. St. George is coming up SO very fast. Just go out there for the 70.3 and do what needs to be done--no more no less! (easier said than done I know!)

  10. With that helmet you need TWO fans!

  11. That bike is gorgeous!!!

    I have 50lbs to lose and couldn't do a marathon but am working my way up to longer distances and dropping the weight (thank god). I will ditch my half mary in May if I don't think I can finish in 3 hours. What does that Guiness record mean anyway? He can walk a long time? What's the point?

  12. Do you normally wear your helmet inside? I can't believe your IM is so close. Amazing!

  13. Sounds like your training is going great, and the rest was at the perfect timing! Have a great race in TX!

  14. I'm glad to hear that your training is still going well!! I can't even imagine being at that point in my training!!
    Your new bike is sweeet!!

  15. Yes I wear my helmet for all my indoor rides. They say you should practice like you race and who am I do argue with "THEY"?

    Just kidding - I just put it on so I could see the the angle of my back in correlation to the straight angle of the aero helmet - If I needed to makes some adjustments the helmet acts as a constant and I could go back to this first pic to see. Luckily no adjustment were needed and the helmet came off as soon as the pic was taken!

  16. yeah, I wondered why you were wearing your helmet : )

    on a side note, I see your box fan, we are a house of Box Fan Lovers, and if you have a Lasko brand fan, there was a recall, because they were catching on fire! you can send away for an adapter for the plug. Safety first! : )

  17. I will never get used to seeing the bikes in the family [?] room. I love it!

  18. I look forward to stalking both of you at Galveston. I expect plenty of race and post-race pictures.

    I totally need a box fan for my trainer rides. I have a small fan that barely works.

    Congrats to Annie on the job! You'll need the extra $ now that she has gotten roped into this crazy sport.

  19. Man that bike looks totally awesome. Now the Felt seems ancient and ordinary.

    Im going to use the same approach as you to a early season 70.3 leading toward IM. no rest just roll right into it

    have a great wknd


  20. Your bike looks amazing!!
    Congrats to Annie on the job!

  21. Hmmm...I wonder if I wore my helmet on the trainer if I would go faster?

  22. Even though you're stationary on the new carbon rocket bike, you look fast as shi+.

  23. First frosty round is one me!!!

    Speaking of could prolly deepen you tan standing right next to me. I will litterally glow in the dark from being so pale right now. Let's just say that my 40 degree ride today didn't help much in the tan dept. I think I might melt the moment I arrive in Houston!

  24. GOOD LUCK in your upcoming race 15 days!! wow! So, this is more of a "training" race for the Tey-haus Iron?

    I laughed at your response to Chris' would you rather post! Last words spoken!

    Congrats to ANnie!!!

  25. GOod god man - tri mileage is nuts!! But, I suppose that is why i stick to my 6 hrs a week of running. :)

    Good news w/ the wife! Very cool

  26. Hey Jeff! Commenting late here, but congrats to Annie, that is awesome. WOW that 70.3 is sneaking right up on you guys for sure. I know you both will rock it completely, I will stalk you both AND I wish I could have beers with you guys post race.

    Nice bike pics

  27. Jeff,

    Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know your blog is great. Very inspiring and entertaining at the same time.

    I have recently started my own tri training blog, inspired by bloggers like you. If you have a chance to check it out, that would be really great!

    keep it up!

  28. That's a super nice looking bike.

  29. Very jealous about that bike...congrats!