Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marketeers are in my head ...

Watch this video:

When I first saw this video this morning I wasn't even sure what the product was being advertised? However, after viewing, instantly wanted whatever it was!

After poking around on the interwebz this write-up was discovered in Lava Magazine (Click Here) and it is Tyr's latest and greatest wetsuit. I've been swimming in a Tyr Hurricane Category 5 Wetsuit and this suit is an amazing piece of technology.  If they are coming out with something that is an upgrade over the Hurricane Category 5 then they will have my attention!

Does anyone else find themselves getting sucked into cool marketing pieces like above?

Marketeers know me oh so well...

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  1. On NBCs broadcast they show after the first commercial at about 9minutes into the CD (which I have watched about 50 times), Andy Potts swimming in slow motion.

    After watching his technique over and over, I have a feeling he could be swimming naked and still crank out the same time.. (that's not a small dick observation, by the way)

  2. Do marketers get me the way they get you?

    How about the fact that I ordered the A2 online b/c my LBS did not have it on Day 1 of its release.

  3. If I already respect the brand, then yes. But if it's something I don't know anything about and I get the sense that lipstick is being put on a pig I take note and try to avoid said product at all costs.

  4. This is a couple years old but it's one of my favorite product/marketing video shorts. This one's for Quicksilver.

  5. Even if it isn't available until Spring 2012 for us mere mortals, I'm pretty sure we'l see this on Chrissie and Potts at Kona this year.

    Definitely looks interesting. Especially after just about everyone was wearing a TYR swim skin at kona last year.

  6. I'll take 2. Not sure what it is yet, but it looks awesome so I better get it while it's hot.

    Now, the real question. Is it pronounced "T-Y-R" or "Tier"??? haha

  7. Triathletes are, quite simply, an advertisers dream come true! Always in search of the latest and greatest..they dangle their carrot for you!

  8. I need a new wetsuit for next year. Hhhhhmmmm.....

  9. I am not going to lie, if I saw this 2 seasons ago, I would made it a mission to buy it.

    Now that I been around for a little bit and know that it doesnt matter how much "free speed" I can attempt to buy, I am still and always will be slow. Will the extra 15 seconds in the water make or break my race, in the overall standings no, I still am no where good enough to win it all. When I get to the stage in life, then "maybe" I will consider items.

    When the day is said and done, and I have said this before to you, I am just an age grouper, I can not justify buying a Zipp 1080 wheelset, instead I look an other brands that are less known, less marketed that translates to less cost to me because I am not paying for marketing (Planet X, Grey, Brooks)