Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Olympic Trials Pics ...

Saturday was the Olympic Marathon Trials and we were lucky enough to have front row seats for all the action. Annie snapped off over 180 pictures and instead of putting each one up on the blog Click Here to see them in a Picassa Album!




  1. The pics are amazing!!! I just shared this with some friends because it was fun to see what all the OTHER women looked like too. I bet no one would see them walking down the street and guess they were so speedy. I have to admit I felt better too knowing you can be super fast and talented and still look funny in a running photo on occasion. It's not just me!! But the top girls sure didn't seem to lose form. Thanks for sharing, what an incredible experience to see that!!

  2. Hey Cortney,

    The top girls did hold it together but we saw a TON of suffering out there from the middle and back of the back. It was around the 18mi mark when the male leaders came flying by and I noticed that both Hall and Meb were heal striking at that point in the race. During the first two loops they were both midfoot striking!

    My buddies and I were laughing because we us normal age groupers do the same thing, just at a lot slower pace!!

    Goucher looked like crap around the 24mi mark too but ended up pulling it together and finishing strong.

    Very cool experience.

  3. That looks like it was so much fun to see them go flying by you. Actually, you're stinking fast too, Jeff. Maybe next year you'll be there? After you BQ here in a few weeks, I think you'll be gunning for something new out there. Olympics 2016!!!

  4. I love the route choice. Great for watching and not a bad route for training runs... especially if you work downtown.

  5. I'll be paying in Poutine if Annie can snap race photos of me that are these good @ IMMT!!!

    Jealous that you got the chance to see this in person. I almost called you, but I had to do a run in 15 degree weather. Priorities!

    1. Dude - just removed the Twitter Widget and the "reply to comments" now works!

  6. dang it - work is blocking me from viewing your photos. so jealous you got to see the trials in person (and so jealous that they can run so darn fast).

  7. OK I have a few questions/thoughts about this:

    1- Did Annie see the race with both eyes open or just one closed and the other through the camera lens? 180 pictures is a tone.

    2- How far back were the girls that were getting lapped when Goucher/Shalene/Desi were finishing? I am guess they were at Mile 18 and at 6:00/mi that they were 48 minutes behind them which would put them around 3:05-3:10 finishing. How is that Olympic quality and how do you qualify for these events?

    3- Kara looked like she was running with her head pointed North. It may have been that she is a foot taller than Desi and Shalene but still looked like her chin was lifted very high.

    4- Could there have been any more nice looking abs in one place? Damn......

  8. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. We watched it on TV later that afternoon and looked for you! Very cool that you went and you got some great pictures!

  10. Wow, what an experience to see it first hand. Great pics and thanks for sharing!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing. I bet you had a blast!