Thursday, June 21, 2012

Buffalo Springs Lake Tri 70.3 ...

This Sunday I will be racing in the Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon.

It is about a 9-hour drive from the steamy Houston area, through the lush Texas Hill Country, and finally to the arid North West Texas desert of Lubbock.

It is supposed to be, ahem, a little warm:

At least the wind seems light!?!

The reason for racing BSLT is to get in a dress rehearsal for Ironman Mont-Tremblant, which is 8 weeks away. The BSLT bike course has 7-different climbs ranging from 3-9% grades. It is difficult to get this type of elevation gain in the pancake-flat Houston area so this will be a good test to see how well my bike fitness is for the ridiculously hilly Mont-Tremblant.

My goals for the race this Sunday are to just get in a good day of training and practice nutrition in race conditions. I have recently decided to make a major change in the amount of calories consumed on the bike and the results in training have been excellent. Hopefully this will correlate to race day and allow me to dial in the Full Distance Course plan.

Good luck to everyone else who is racing this weekend - especially to Jon and Mandy who are doing the IMMT 70.3 - your recon info is going to be much appreciated, unless you tell me the course is brutal!

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  1. Have a great race Jeff!

    And don't melt!

  2. Enjoy your reward for all your hard work

  3. Wow, a cooling vest might be a good idea for the ride and run portions - have fun!

  4. Good luck, Jeff! You're going to do great!

  5. Stay hydrated brother. Drink plenty on that car ride. When are you leaving and lastly: Make sure Shannon gets you some aquaphor for those charing areas......haha!

  6. A little cooler than Austin, eh? We can get you some real heat training on July 14 in Austin. I hate to tell you, but I DNFd that race once. Of course that was before I was the OneHourIronman. I was the 15MinuteWannaBe and things didn't pan out. (The book was a flop too)
    Have fun!

  7. Holy crap. Seriously, that weather.

    you'll need pickle juice, no doubt. ;)

    Rock it my friend!

  8. That sounds like a fun way to spend time in 100 degrees! Good luck with it--Buffalo Springs is such a classic race. Can't wait to hear what you think of it. Wear some Hoka flats--I hear they're fast!

  9. Have a good race and have some ice cream afterwards!

  10. Good luck and have fun babe. Wish I could go too!

  11. Wishing you all the best Jeff! Stay safe and kick ass!!

  12. I didn't realize this was such a drive. Of course, I guess everything in TX is. If you were to drive 9 hours in any direction in MI, you would be hard pressed to stay in the stay. Maybe one of the corners of the UP, but that is about it.

    Good luck!

  13. Looking forward to the Race Report. I have to tell you... it has been in the low 90's all week here in western NY. I don't know how the hell you do it. I went out for a ride yesterday and had to cut it short by a half hour. I thought I was going to liquify.

  14. Man, that's too hot for me! How do you guys do it?

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