Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Weekends ....


Yes, a long weekend is just what is needed.  As you can probably tell from my lack of posts it has been an extremely busy week.  Train, Eat, Work, sleep, Work, Train, Eat ...repeat.  Basically just one big blurr right now.

Overall, despite the crazy work week, my training is going extremely well.  This is the 2nd week of the new HIM plan. I did, however, miss my first scheduled workout yesterday.  It was the 5am Master's swim class.  The alarm went off at 4:15am and I jumped right out of bed but unfortunately so did an extremely upset stomach.  Not really sure if it was something I ate or stress related or maybe a little bit of both - BUT one thing for sure was that I wasn't leaving the bathroom house for a few hours.

I was disappointed to miss the master's class because I have been really enjoying the structured workouts and the coaching.  Sometimes you just got to get over it and realize you are not a machine and things happen.  So after working all day I came home and jumped on the trainer for an hour and fifteen minutes (replacing the missed swim) and then tossed on the Brooks kicks and got in the scheduled :50 minute Z2 run - in the pouring rain!

To wrap up the rest of the week my schedule looks like this:

Friday - AM - 1:30 Z2 Foundation Ride
              PM - 2400 yds swim (1200 Fartlek Intervals)

Saturday - Brick Day - 1:30 Z2 Foundation Ride followed by :30 mins Z2 Run

Sunday - AM - Long Run - 1:10 mins Z2
                PM - 2400 yds distance swim day - 1x1800 main

Monday is supposed to be my rest day but since I have the day off of work I am thinking of making Wednesday the rest day and doing the Wednesday workouts on Monday.  Guess I will see how I feel on Monday and make this decision then!

Some other Random Thoughts:

  • Hurricane Alex missed us in Houston.  We have had some heavy rain (relegating me to indoor trainer duty - yuk) and flood warnings but the destructive winds hit well south of us.  None of us in Houston hope to ever get hit again like we did in 2008 with Hurricane IKE, but if it happens we are all ready.  That experience taught us Houstonians how to be ready for the next one.  We all have generators, flashlights, extra batteries, backup fuel, and water and food provisions. Seriously, we could probably hunker down as a community for a few months if we ever went to war domestically - you listening Mexican drug lords? I have already cleaned, oiled and fueled up my generator and revved it up for a test run.  We are ready for Hurricane season but hopeful we do not need to be!
  • We saw that movie Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  It had some entertaining parts but overall it sort of sucked.  If things like plot, acting, directing, or overall production don't matter to you then you might like this movie.
  • An example of when training is wearing you out not just physically but mentally:  On Saturday night we were at the movie theater and the movie begins.  This is the conversation (whispered) I had with my wife: 

Jeff:  That sucks, aren't they even going to show previews?
 Annie:  What are you talking about?
 Jeff:  Previews? I like to see what new movies are coming out, how come they didn't show us any?
Annie:  **agitated voice **  They just showed like 6 of them?  We talked about them while they were showing?
Jeff:  Really? They showed previews?
Annie:  Are you okay?

  • A massive oil skimmer has FINALLY showed up in the Gulf.  It is 10-stories tall and 3.5 football fields long.  It is supposed to be able to skim a shit-ton of crude per day.  My question is if we had this ship available to us why the hell did it take 2.5 months to put it to use?
  • Speaking of the oil disaster.  Who else is really liking the way LA Governor Bobby Jindal is stepping up and kicking ass trying to contain this thing?  He has gained some serious credibility amongst us folks in the Gulf State region as a strong and capable leader.  Now if only Washington would show some of that gusto this oil spill could be a thing of the past.  Between Jindal and Chris Christie the GOP may actually have a capable candidate for Pres in 2012 - assuming the GOP doesn't some how screw this up and that is a big assumption.
  • Speaking of Washington.  How about Al Gore being brought up on charges of sexually assaulting a masseuse?  Now this lady could be doing this to get a pay out. But much like Ben Roethlisberger, what the hell was Gore thinking having a masseuse come to his hotel room after midnight when he was alone?  Really Al?  
  • And still speaking of Washington.  Did any of you what Nancy Pelosi said yesterday?  Let me paraphrase it for you:  "Unemployment benefits", Speaker Pelosi said, "It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name."   What??? Really???  How in the hell is this moron the Speaker of the House?  We need to vote all these career politicians out of office.  Here is the clip:

That is all I got today folks.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

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  1. When I saw your new sign, first thing that came to my head was ..

    "That's what she said!"


    Happy 4th!

  2. Keep hammering it man! You are doing great! And get some sleep! haha!

    I have my daily "konk out @ my desk". When your body is tired like that, there is no fighting it. Your body knows better than your brain sometimes.

    Have a happy 4th!

  3. I am rooting for you to stick with the plan man!

    Serious workouts.

    Stomach issues... yes, we are human, accept mistakes, errors, and what else gets thrown your way. Sucks that you still got up that early and couldn't capitalize!

  4. good old Al. Back when he was running for pres, he and Carl Lewis were running in Memorial Park one day. So when they went by me going the other way (with there secret service entourage, multiple squad cars and ambulances (really!)) I decided to join them.

    Yes, I ran with Al (the whoremonger)

  5. I hear you about the training, I just click the comment box and went "what did I just read?"

    I havent forgotten to call, Mercy has kept me busy. When I get home all I do is curl up in a ball and whimper.

  6. Jindal is amazing. I can't wait for him to run for national office. Then he'll become a nitwit talking head like the rest of them. I'm glad he's looking out for the gulf right now.

  7. Nice job with your training! You had me totally cracking up with the movie conversation...ha ha..I can definitely see that happening!

    I'm glad you weren't effected by the hurricane! And, I agree with you about the big rig...why wasn't it there in the beginning? is so frustrating!

  8. Love your conversation with Annie - I've had plenty of those with my wife, but you are too young! Overtrained indeed.

  9. okay first a huge freaking "AMEN" to the Pelosi thing. HOLY ...

    The Annie convo - been there. The sad ones are when I get somewhere and think, "hmmmm, I don't remember going through the 32nd street or 48th street intersections". nice. yet, another reason why I say I can't "tri". Running kicks my butt/brain enough. ;)

  10. HAHAHAHA - If things like plot, acting, directing, or overall production don't matter to you then you might like this movie.

    good stuff
    great training


  11. Pelosi is an idiot.

    I hear you on that oil skimmer - what the heck took so Fing long if this thing was available? Also, while I am on that, am I wrong in saying that Jindal seems to be the only politician who is stepping up on this thing? What is up with Washington?

    The conversation with Annie was hilarious. Great training this week!

  12. I don't like to hate anyone, but I really do think I hate Nancy Pelosi.

  13. training sounds like it is off to an awesome start! Have a great long weekend and enjoy the 'relax' time! Cheers

  14. Wow! great workouts! your schedule sounds like mine, except I'm doubting that your "work" involves cleaning up potty accidents, lol! Have a great 4th

  15. Hi Jeff,
    You are so crazy:) Holy crazy workout man!!! I think you need a nap! I laughed at your movie conversation with your wife:) I get the same hubby thinks that I am nuts! I feel for Annie too....she has to put up with you:)

    I hope that you and Annie have a great 4th of July weekend!

  16. Jindal for President!
    Sorry you had GI issues yesterday.
    The rain has totally sucked these past few days. Working out inside is fine one day here and there but this is ridiculous. I did get to sneak in a swim this afternoon once the rain cleared out but it's just temporary. More coming.
    I can't believe you were so zoned out you missed the previews. You bonked at the movies! Have a great weekend!

  17. I love it when weeks get crazy because of crazy training. Keep it going! Enjoy the weekend!

  18. well duh, unemployment creates all those "jobs" of people sitting at home on their a$$e$ while they "earn" our tax dollars!!

  19. Good volume for your second week of HIM training.

    Hmm... maybe Pelosi should collect unemployment!