Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Weekly Recap ...

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!

First, I'd like to welcome the new "Followers" to the Carrot.  Please feel free to comment and interact and also visit all the other Endurance Blogs listed over in the right-hand sidebar!

Also a couple of Blogger Buddies are competing at the Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island this morning.  Best of luck to Jason and Krystyna!  Oh, and Jon is on some super secret mission in Providence today.  Me thinks he is volunteering at the 70.3 to get a chance to signup for Ironman Lake Placid 2011 - surely he will let us all in soon on his diabolical scheme! (*Update* - Jon is racing, just looked him up on Forgot his first name is actually Leonard - and he had a very solid swim and bike split so should be on the run course right now -- way to go Jon!)

Also Congrats to DROG on ripping up the LTF Oly Course yesterday and completing his first ever Triathlon!


Today is the completion of Week 3 of my Half Ironman Training Program and here are the stats:

Swim  -  4 workouts - 4 h 50 mins - 10,100 yards
Bike   -  4 workouts - 6 h 15 mins - 116.60 miles
Run   -  4 workouts - 3 h 10 mins - 19.50 miles
            Total Time -  14 h 15 mins of training

  • My legs are feeling the last 3 weeks.  This is the most volume I have ever done and the Foam Roller is in full overtime mode right now.  Next week is the scheduled Recovery Week and my volume is going to drop down to only 10 hours.  However, I need to play with the Week 4 schedule some because on Sunday I am doing a 100 Mile Ride (Katy Flatland Century Ride) - way to really focus on recovery huh? Here is the upcoming Week 4 Training Schedule:
  • I am really sick of SNAKES.  On Tuesday I had a big 'ol 4ft snake strike at me while on the bike at Duessen Park.  It was crossing the road right as I turned onto it and a car was coming the other way and it turned right into me as it was trapped between the car and me.  It missed both me and the bike but it still gave me quite the scare. Luckily my shorts remained unsoiled.  Yesterday while finishing my ride I pulled into the church parking lot where the car was parked and another big 'ol black snake was sunning itself right behind my car.  I found a big stick and poked it and it slowly slithered away.  Then this morning while doing my run I cut through a walking path to get back to the main road and a little water moccasin was just laying in the center of the path.  I saw it before it saw me and those damn things are dangerous so I turned around and ran back to the main road - of course after I lobed a big rock at it - I missed and ran like hell away from it!  
  • Guys, I know I mentioned this last week, but I am REALLY digging the EFS Liquid Shots.  The 1500mg of Electrolytes per 5oz bottle is making a huge difference in the effectiveness of my training in  this suffocating heat.  I am using it just like GU and the results are outstanding.  It cost $30 for a 6-pk of 5oz  flask bottles.  That comes out to be $1 an ounce or $1 per serving so it it pretty economical too.  The 5oz flasks can be reused and refilled with a 32oz bottle.  There has been a lot of talk about electrolyte and sodium depletion in the blogosphere the last few weeks.  So I am going to write a more detailed review in the future on the EFS Liquid Shots and on how I have figured out a good program for managing my electrolyte intake in this heat.  As usual I have been using myself as a guinea pig - Houston has provided me with the perfect testing grounds this summer!

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  1. Good Luck to all who are racing!

    Snakes gross!

    I am glad that you found a great nutrition tool that will definitely help your training!

  2. Great training volume for wk 3! I've never tried the EFS stuff you have mentioned. I've been using Nuun and so far, so good. I think our testing labs are about equal,so i look forward to more testing details as they happen.
    Normally, i see lots of snakes this time of year, especially pygmy rattlers but not so much yet. We did almost bust our ass this morning as we we doing 25mph and 2 armadillos were on the path. We didn't have a chance to react and somehow we missed hitting them barely.

  3. Nice volume this week! Yay for recovery weeks--enjoy it!

  4. Awesome volume this week!

    Your snakes are mean and some are poisonous! The snakes here are lazy garter snakes that go away from you. Be careful.

    Jon that sneaky dude. I knew he was up to something.

    I love EFS!! I just found it this year and I can't believe the difference.

  5. Way to go on the workouts! Your volume is crazy... my peak week is still 3 hours less than your taper week!

  6. Hi Jeff,
    Great job this week with your training! On my gosh, you are scaring the crap out of me with all of this snake talk!!! I am terrified of snakes....four feet snakes...yikes! Becareful for God sake!

    Congrats to all of the races this weekend!

  7. I have a feeling I would be doing lots of treadmill runs if I lived in your part of the world...the fear of running into a snake would just freak me out!

    Thanks for joining me on my journey...I look forward to reading more about yours :)

  8. I just finished up a 10 hour recovery week. It felt good, but I felt like a slacker at the same time. But, I know the rest is as important as the workouts so I was good and didn't do anything crazy (like bike a century - haha :) ).

    I actually just had my first snake encounter this weekend. I thought it was a stick at first. And then I realized it had a head and next thing I knew it was lunging at me. Thankfully, I don't think we have any dangerous snakes here in Michigan so I really shouldn't have anything to worry about.

  9. Thanks for the shout! and thanks for your blog! I have improved my fitness level, and experienced better training in the last 6 months after stumbling into the training blogosphere. Reading your experience on blog has given me many things, including great product info and some training tips to incorporate myself..especially those damn f'n pushups, which I seem to be getting worse at? haha - Im commited to getting the 100 before year end. I cant beleive so many of you did it!

    Also appreciate your commitment and accountability to your training schedule. Something I hope to emulate better in the future.
    Keep up the great training...

  10. Also-
    Great intel on Jon...I nmean Leonard!

  11. Your snake stories are terrifying. ::shudders::

    Hope your legs can get a bit of a breather.

  12. over the snakes too. pretty much that simple. great week, dude.

  13. Excellent training Jeff! Will like to read more about your experiments with the electrolyte replacements. Cheers!

  14. more serious volume, don't know how you do it but those legs feel like loose strings don't they haha?!

    Keep up the good work man, I keep pushing through and we are in the final stretch and mentally its getting hard to stick the workouts. Luckily we keep each other honest and accountable, having a training partner is key!

  15. I can't wait for the day I am good enough that a century ride is my recovery!

  16. Geez, my super secret mission was almost aborted @ mile 6 when my head almost exploded! Thanks for the shout out!

    Enjoy your rest week. You deserve it! But don't do more than you should even if your legs feel like they can do it. Its the long term accumulation of buildup/rest that pays off.

  17. THat volume is CRAZY. Way to go!

    Hey, I'll trade you YOUR snakes for MY scorpions!!