Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bye, Bye September ...

Oh how I am going to miss you September.  Very solid month of training - here are the stats:

Swim -15 trainings - 20h 05m - 41300 Yd
Bike  -17 trainings - 28h 37m - 527.77 Mi
Run  - 17 trainings - 17h 35m - 122.55 Mi
Totals:  49 trainings -  66h 17m

October is going to be even better as we have 5 weekends to log massive amounts of miles!

My goal is going to be to log over 600 miles on the bike this month heading into the next HIM on Nov 7th.

Also, coming this Tuesday will be some extremely hot NEW BIKE PORN!!!  Check back then!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Wow...that was an awesome training month!
    Ohhh...I can't wait till Tuesday!

  2. Aimee - I can't wait till Tuesday either!!!

  3. Jeff - you are a machine. Amazing numbers (as usual)!

  4. Good golly Jeff! You hit a freaking grand slam this past month!

  5. OK Tuesday it is. I'm excited for you...

    September looks amazing as well...

  6. I am not sad to see September go! Have a great weekend! BTW- Wow! Your training is looking super!

  7. Damn, you have had an impressive month! Nice job on all of your miles:)

    Oh boy, bike porn:)

  8. TUESDAY!!!!

    I got excited reading that!

    Another Solid Training month, great work


  9. Did you get the new Triathlete magazine in the mail yesterday?
    They have a small write up about the B14, I forgot Felt comes with deep rims, but I learned something from that write up that I didnt even know. Doesnt change my mind of the bike, its still a good bike.

  10.'re blog is gonna get reported.

    ...By DRog.

  11. I can't wait for Tuesday! I love bike porn. Is there a self help group for that?

  12. Seriously - that is amazing! Great month :)

    Can't wait for TUESDAY!!! More bike porn PLEASE!!!

  13. Great month. Looking forward to Tuesday!

  14. Looking forward to the bike porn!!!

  15. Ah, yes... massive amounts of pre-ironman miles. Miss it.. wait... no I don't.

    Since Ironman, I am eating myself into oblivion. I have to say, I actually enjoy sitting on my ass consuming calories WAAAAAY more than training for Ironman. Maybe I will go the competitive food eating route next year.

    Jeff, waddya say we train for the Coney Island, Nathan's hot dog eating contest.