Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Ramblings ...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day!

Just realized that it has been six days since my last post so a ramblings seems to be in order:

  • Yesterday morning I was in the last mile of a 15mi run and as I was coming up to a cross walk two cars were coming out of a parking lot.  The lead car stopped and gave me a wave and a smile to cross and as I was crossing I noticed the second car with a woman driving.  Her window was down and she was smoking.  As I made eye contact with her she yelled out, "Hurry the F*&$ up!" in a very agitated voice.  I just smiled because the beauty of it was that the parking lot she was pulling out of was the Catholic Church and the morning service had just finished.  168 hours in a week, 1 hour of being holy, 167 hours of being an asshole -- Hypocrisy just cracks me up!
  • This week was an extremely difficult but beneficial week of training.  My legs were beat but I pushed through and the added gains in fitness will be felt in the long term.  On Saturday myself and a buddy (Dave) drove up to Montgomery for some hill work.  We ended up doing over 65miles and many, many, many hill repeats.  The best part was that the last 10 miles were directly into a 20mph headwind.  Great Ride.  Then on Sunday I did a 15mi run in 2h 18m.  This was a  easy 9:10ish pace run.  This was the most comfortable long run I have ever done.  The weather was perfect and my legs felt great the entire run.  My run fitness is at an all time high right now and I can't wait to see how I perform in the next HIM run.
  • Here are the Week 11 stats:  SWIM (5h - 10,500yds); BIKE (7h 57m - 137.87mi); RUN (3h 43m - 25.35mi);  Totals - 16h 40m.
  • Week 12 is upon me and it is a Recovery Week (yeah!) here is the schedule:
(Click image for larger view)

  • Patrick @ The Road is doing a virtual Triathlon called VirtualMan.  He sent out a spreadsheet and I completed all the workouts - just need to fill it out now!  Good job Patrick!
  • 61 Days until the IronStar Half Ironman.  256 Days until Ironman Texas.  Man, time is just flying!
  • I am thinking of doing a post about Training by Miles vs Training by Time.  Was wondering what everyone else does?  Do you do all of your training by mileage  (or yards/meters) or do you train by overall time or by a combination?
  • We finally got a new camera since Annie lost ours.  This is the 4th camera in the last year - we are hell on electronics!  This is the reason why pics have been missing from my posts over the last month.
  • So I have been a Blackberry user for years.  I can type a message faster on my BB keypad than I can on a computer.  I love my Blackberry but it has seen better days and a new device is needed.  Well, after careful thought I think it is time to jump into the world of the iPhone.  The apps are just to damn cool to ignore and I already use AT&T so by tomorrow I might be a former Crackberry addict!
  • Yesterday we went to a BBQ and ate like crap and had a bunch of beers.  It has been forever since I have put this type of garbage in my body and am feeling it today.  We have another cookout-type thing to go to today and I am going to eat nothing but Chicken and bring my own green tea to flush the system.  
I hope everyone has a great week of training!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Wow. Another one sucked up by the iPhone craze. ::giggles::

    Congratulations on pushing through, I know it will pay off!

  2. Your training has been crazy, way to go. How do you like Fitzgerald's HIM plan.

    You will be wondering why you didn't switch to the Iphone earlier. Night and day difference for tech geeks like us (I use both). The Iphone has a much better interface for the user than the BB, hands down.

    I do my training by time as I usually only have about an hour/day to work with. So I need to make the most of every minute in that hour.

  3. Great training, you are going to rock Ironstar for sure!

    I can't tell you much about the iPhone. I don't even have use an iPod. But people who have them seem to love them, so have fun with it.

    AND WHAT the heck is up with the angry church lady???

  4. I need to step up to your level of training.... then IMFL will cry for mercy. As it is, I am still hoping for a little whimper out of the course when I get done with it.

    My favorite is to tell assholes to "have a nice day"... because I know that is not possible.

  5. Great week! I bet you are looking forward to a recovery week.

    As a runner, I was purely a train by miles person. However, after I started using Matt's tri plans, I have switched to combination of by miles/by time. For swimming, I stick to doing a specific number of yards unless I am doing an open water swim in which case I go by time. For running, I still usually run by miles despite the training plan. I'll usually look at the plan see 45 minutes and estimate that as a 6 mile run. It is harder for me to figure out what a 45 minute course is versus what 6 mile course is. For biking, I am the opposite, I mainly train by time rather than distance.

    I love my iPhone. Never owned a Blackberry so I can't compare the two, but I couldn't live without the iPhone at this point.

  6. Great workouts Jeff (Don't forget to have a rest every now and again!) Your story about the lady in the car is pretty funny and pretty sad at the same time. Keep your wonderful sense of humor!

  7. Like Kevin... totally by miles person. Running wise still am that way. Everything else is by time. Easier that way because I HATE counting laps and I just bike behind H so it doesn't matter either way haha.

    Nice numbers man. Hopefully the swim classes are paying off?

    Love the church lady. I HATE those types of people. I often look around church to see if I can spot them out haha, I have a couple pegged already :)

  8. The next time you run into that crabby B***h in the car, please take a picture with the new Ihone.

  9. what an obnoxious woman! Of course she was smoking, that just completes the picture.

    when I need a little detoxing, I take milk thistle, helps the liver.

  10. Nice post. Wow..I cannot believe the woman in the car. I talk about this all the time!! HOw you are so good in church and then go home and lie, cheat, etc. etc. This just tops the cake!! And of course she was smoking..ewww..

  11. Your workouts are pure awesomeness! And I love the new header pic. Don't mess with Texas!

  12. so......did you, in fact, "Hurry the F*&$ up?"

    I tried iphone once. I gave it back and re-upped for bberry. I normally carry 2 bberrys - one for work and one for personal. I just got an ipad though to try. My wife is addicted to apple and has the iphone, ipad, and mac laptop.

  13. You are rawkin' the training! I just got a droid phone and I am addicted!

  14. Great Bike and Run workouts...and GREAT news the running at an "all time high" that is a great feeling and you will be able to keep that goin now that you got it.

    I cant get away from training by distance...with my new HR plan of attack I'd be better served by a time goal. old habits...


  15. Great job on your 15 mile run! I know exactly what you mean about your run fitness b/c I feel the same way and it's awesome! :)
    I've always trained by miles, but I've been reading "Be Iron Fit" and he suggests training by time instead. I don't know which is better, so I would definitely be interested in your post.

  16. Pete - I am loving the Fitzgerald HIM plan. In fact I love it so much that I am going to use the Full IM version as well.

    Matt - Master's swim is the best thing I have done since Ihave started Triathlon. And I am enjoying getting up at 4am for the classes -- it is like I have a 26 hr day. My workouts are done and I am home before most people even are awake.

    Joe - I did not hurry the f up! I actually slowed down to do a double take and to just visually take in the entire image. Oh, and I failed to mention the lady also had children in the car. Not sure how many but I could see them on the back. As she was smoking and cursing at me ... Good times indeed!

  17. - Lucky for the chain smoker that there was a car in front of her, because if there wasnt, if I were you, I would have had to tie my shoes right in front of her, with my yankz laces

    - I am the same way with my crackberry, I am faster on that then my computer.

  18. the church lady interaction! That's worse than when I got yelled at for not running quickly enough across the driveway of the yoga studio where class had just ended. That lady was def not zen or centered!

  19. I definitely train more for time than distance. That way, if I feel good, I cover more miles, if not, less. Either way, I get the workout in. Works for me.

  20. Damn Catholics.

    See I told you --- crackberry. I converted you didn't I jeff?! Come onnnn tell the truth.

    Now... If I could just get you to wear my womens visor. ?! Hmmmmmm.