Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And It Begins (again)

So I am done with recovery.  Over it.  Time to move on.

Yesterday I finalized a new training plan that will carry me to the next series of races and since I am not a big waster of time that new training plan begins today!

Here is my race schedule for the remainder of the year:

Tejas Sprint Triathlon - June 5th
Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon 70.3 - June 26th
Rev3 Cedar Half Rev - September 11th
Redman Triathlon 70.3 - September 24th
Rev3 Anderson South Carolina Olympic - October 9th

  • Joel @ Tri-Madness is known for doing  interviews with Pro Triathletes in his "Ten Questions With ...."  Series.  Well, today he went the other direction and interviewed an average MOP triathlete, ME!   So if you want to learn more about the man who runs this very blog jump on over to Joel's interview (Click Here).
  • This weekend was extremely productive:  The House is CLEAN!  Annie and I dug deep and got the house back to the no-longer-embarrassed-to-have-people-over-stage.  I even steam cleaned the carpets!
  • We saw The Hangover 2 on Saturday.  It had some funny parts but I would give it a ranking of OK.   As you expect from a sequel it recycled some of the funny moments from the original movie and went even more over the top with some of the jokes.  But as I was sitting in the theater I kept looking at the time even though I had nothing to do afterwards?
  • People came over for a cookout on Monday and the house is no longer clean ...sigh.
  • The Kestrel 4000 got a cleaning last night and is ready to be rocked.  This evening will be the first time I have been on the bike since IMTX and I cannot wait!
  • Annie and our friends tried to sit outside under a tree yesterday while I was cooking on the grill.  It was 95 degrees.  They last about 10 minutes.  The Houston summer is in full effect!
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Cubs 10-0 on Saturday afternoon.  No real reason for typing this other than I wanted to see it in print.  Scores like these do not happen to the Pirates!
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  1. You are a monster...2 halfs in 1 month! You are Da Man!

  2. Correction... scores like that DO happen to the pirates... just not having the pirates as the victors haha.

    Great job on cleaning the house. We did the same thing, cleaned, had company over... now its worse off than it was pre-cleaning.

    Good schedule, curious how the body will handle the 70.3 now...well more curious mentally. When I run a 13.1 I think its a joke... weird.

    Ease back into this training thing a bit, be nice to your body haha.

  3. Wow, that is a great schedule! You are a monster.

    Yay for the Pirates!

  4. Wow, I had to read that last one 3 times before it sank in.

  5. no rest for the weary jeff! sounds like you had a productive weekend - and boston has been seeing some ridiculously high temps - 90 degrees this weekend - you can have that weather, bring me back some cooler temps!

  6. Wow, September looks brutal! Great interview BTW.

  7. I enjoyed reading your interview over at Tri Madness!

  8. WHo needs a clean house, it just allows the chance for people to come over and eat your food, food which you need to fuel for racing.

  9. That interview was great! Awesome responses!

    Man, I didn't realize the rest of your season was action packed. IMTX was a warmup it appears.

    My OptygenHP just showed up as well as the EFS. Pissed that it didn't arrive for the weekend, but now I have it going forward. Gonna start knocking back those pills!

  10. Wow, that is an intense schedule!

    I saw Hangover 2 as well this weekend, it was good, but not as good as the first one I'd say. Still funny though, haha

    And I love the new blog header picture!

  11. begining again... good luck with the 2nd half of your season...

  12. OK I just read your interview - freaking AWESOME. You are so funny.

    But I knew that about you. :)

    "I am over recovery" Freaking love it. Sounds like you did am IM to kick off your season - that is really so cool that you have the second half of your season planned.

  13. Loved the interview! Nice to see a normal age grouper interviewed. :)

    Enjoy the spring tri. After IMTX, it is going to redefine "sprint".

    Have fun getting back into the swing of things!

  14. Glad you finalized your race schedule and are doing what I suggested in my comment to you last post about 2 minutes ago!

    I finally feel you with the heat - it was 96 today. BLAH!

  15. I've got Redman 70.3 on my calendar too. Great interview on Joel's blog.

  16. love tthe race schedule, looks like an awesome plan for 11'!

    ramble on


  17. Have I told you just how freaking much I love that top photo??!? Awesome.

    Love the fact you can now have people over...when shall I come?

    I. Loved. Hangover2. [the elevator scene w/chow - hilarious].

  18. I'm in Pittsburgh and didn't even realize they'd beat the Cubs that badly... let's go bucs! :)

    Totally agree about Hangover 2. Personally, I was hoping the tiger would make another appearance.