Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Thoughts ...

  • It has been 5 days since IMTX and I am feeling wonderful.  The legs have been feeling good since Sunday morning and the soreness wa completely gone by Tuesday.
  • A HUGE Thank You to all of you that commented, emailed, or tweeted about the IMTX Race Report.  It was very cool and I am appreciative!
  • I have only done one workout since the race and that was a 4mi with the LifeTime Fitness Run Club on Wednesday evening.  It was your typical Houston day with 95 degree heat and dripping humidity.  The first two miles felt a little labored but after that I found my groove and held a 6:15pace for the final mile with a sprint at the end.
  • After this week I am going to start training in earnest again.  I figure the body will be completely healed up and I do not want to lose all of my IM fitness so back at it.
  • Annie has been freaking killing it the last couple of weeks - she has been putting long swims at the pool and running like a mad woman.  She has a Sprint Tri next Sunday and is going to do so good.  It is hard being married to a crazy triathlete that gets up at 4am and goes to bed at 8pm (-: 
  • Pretty sure I am done with The Biggest Loser.  I love the show and the premise but I am so sick of every single freaking thing these people do being treated like they cured cancer.  It is more the production than  the contestants that has tired me.  I mean this year they were jumping out of a building, (queue dramatic music) yeah it is cool, but all the contestants tried to parallel the meaning of jumping out of a building with "letting go" or "overcoming obstacles" ... blah, blah, blah ... this is just one minor example.  I mean can't it just be fun to jump out of a freaking building?  Why does it have to have some symbolic meaning in association with weight loss?  I seriously think the producers encourage the contestant to say these things and after years of this they have hardened my heart - I'm out.
  • Have you ever seen the show with Monica from Friends called "Cougar Town"?  Annie and I have caught a few minutes of a few shows and it is an absolute train wreck.  The dialog is beyond awful - it makes me want to ram scissors in my ears.
  • On Monday Annie and a bunch of our friends are running in a 5k that finishes in Minute Maid Park.  We did it last year and the post race spread was the best I have ever seen.  However, this year will be different because I am not running.  Instead I have been put in charge of ... wait for it .. wait for it ... WATCHING CHILDREN!  Yep, no one saw that coming right?  3yr old and 5yr old boys - they will probably end up watching me!
  • Next Race:  Well, I have two options.  Do the Sprint Tri with Annie next Sunday or do Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 on June 26th.  Or a 3rd option is to do both!  The BSLT is considered one of the more difficult 70.3 races out there because the bike course is crazy hilly.  You go up and down canyons!  What do you think I should do?
  • Hope every one has an awesome holiday weekend!


  1. no rest for the weary huh jeff? way to bust out a 6:15 pace just a few days after an IM!!!!

  2. I am totally tired of BL! And you are right I am sick of everything symbolizing something bigger. Not everything in life is like that.

    Great job again on the IM!

  3. Dude, I read your comments, and I think we are the same person.

    You should do Buffalo Springs, because last year the Clearwater spots rolled all the way down to 5:30 or so in my (our?) age group. they were announcing "any male 30-34 want to go to Clearwater just come get it."
    It might be different now that the championship is in Vegas, but maybe not!

  4. I think you should wait for the 70.3. Even though it is only a sprint next weekend, and you THINK you are recovered, you're truly not. Recovery is a very deceptive process. Just my 2 cents!

    So funny about BL--I agree. yes, it's inspirational, but, you're right. They're not curing cancer!!

  5. I can't believe you healed up so quickly! That is awesome.

    Have you had any Ironman Hangover? Or are you rearing to go again with CP on the horizon?

    Don't tell Jason about your feelings for Cougar Town. Word is that is one of his favorite shows (right behind Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice).

    And finally, Helen Lovejoy says it best:

  6. Do Buffalo!! KONA SLOT BABY!

  7. Good for you feeling so good so fast! You totally deserve it! The whole sister love-fest ruined BL for me this season. Have a great weekend!

  8. Must have been something in the lake water.... I'm ready to go again also. Can't figure out why

  9. Kevin is right....I love CougarTown but for all the reasons you mentioned....IT'S A TRAIN WRECK. It is so bad that I can't stop watching it. I just yell out Penny Can every now and again just because.

  10. Funny. While Annie and your friends are running a 5k that ends in Minute Maid Park, my family will be running a race ending in the Ballpark in Arlington. (As a side note, I typically only go watch the Rangers when the Astros are in town. Lifelong Astros fan.)

  11. I agree with you and couldn't bring myself to watch Biggest Loser finale. All the psycho-babble about life changes...frustrating that these people get these amazing opportunities for getting themselves into a bad situation. How about celebrate the above average gym-goer, age grouper (can we really call ourselves athletes?) people. Oops,my rant on your blog. Sorry.

    So much ambition after an ironman. I'm quite impressed. Wondering how "easy" the 70.3 would be coming from the full. Go for it!

  12. Your an can freakin do whatever you want! :)

  13. Thanks for the props babe!

  14. That's awesome that you're feeling good again! Just be careful and not go crazy training too fast too soon!!
    About your next race, I think you should skip the sprint so you can be there to support Annie, and then race the 70.3. Just my thoughts! :)

  15. again huge congrats on the finish at IMTX
    just awesome
    was thinkin today how you were able to dig dewep on that run at the end and those spits to finish it off were just unba. Hopefully i can draw from that:)

    ur already back at it! nice work

  16. Hey you. I am late to the game as usual. I can't believe how awesome you feel right now, that is so great!


    I plan on nothing but pure, unrestricted debauchery after my IM. You are way better than I am.

  17. I want to do BSLT so badly. I'm still healing from my hyperextended knee at IMTX, but I want to race! Seriously, I'm going insane. My next race isn't scheduled until the middle of July. I'll be volunteering at one next weekend, so maybe that will calm me down some. But, I have BSLT on the brain!

  18. I love your randoms, but I'm so behind so I'm sorry this comment is late! :)

    I would definitely do both races. You have the fitness... use it for the rest of the season!

    So glad that Annie has caught the bug - trust me... it will make the marriage a lot easier! ;)

  19. WHy am I not surprised that Jason like Cougar Town. I hate the show, so I am surprised you dont like it, since our TV likes are polar opposites

    I bet you will come back the BL, even when you start to hate things, you watch it to fuel your anger, its human nature