Friday, July 22, 2011

Ironman Lake Placid Crew

Big Sunday for many of our Blogger buddies!  I am so nervous!

They will be rocking the full iron distance this Sunday at Ironman USA in the usually sleepy town of Lake Placid.

Last year a big group of us decided 2011 was going to be the year we all were going to complete the  full iron distance.  We selected our races and began training.  We cannot even begin to count the amount emails, tweets, phone calls, texts, FBs, kicks to the butts, and pats on the back that have been exchanged among the group.  Knowing the hard work, pain, and sacrifice of each member of our group makes this Sunday special.

With that being said I am more nervous for them this weekend then I was for myself during IMTX!

And in traditional blogger fashion they will have the eyes of the interwebz upon them.

Here is a list of who we should be tracking:

#918 Jon (SwiCycloRun) Leonard Campbell – @vrljc 
#312 Mandy Farrar (Caratunk Girl) – @caratunkgirl 
#2213 Bryan Payne (Training Payne) -- @tri_bry

#1709 Derek (Tri'ing 4 Iron)
#1147 Jason Rodriguez  (Tri Tech Blog)

To make it even easier to complete your stalker duties Kevin @Ironmanbythirty went ahead and created direct links from the IronmanLive site so we can all enjoy the one-click follow:

Of the group above every one but Bryan are first timers!   They have all put in the long, hard hours of training and will reap the rewards of those efforts on Sunday.  I'd like to wish them all good luck, but that is not needed since they are prepared.  Instead let's all hope for perfect weather and that they all have a wonderful day!

Go get 'em guys!



  1. Good luck to everyone racing this weekend. I am so excited for y'all!

  2. Seriously I am so fired up for them it is as if they were my kids graduating from high school.

    And Kevin is just amazing for putting those links together for us.

    Go IMLPers!!!!!

  3. You are the best Jeff! Thank you VERY much for this post! And thanks to Kevin for his computing wizardry. I am passing these links along.

  4. I am sooo excited for all of them!! They are all going to ROCK IMLP! :)

  5. All the best to everyone! Really awesome! Bet you are glad your's was before their's.

  6. So excited for sunday stalking :) Thanks for the links!

  7. Awesome of Kevin to do that! Can't wait to see how it goes for them all!

  8. I'm up here in Placid minding my own business when I run into a pack of bloggers led my Mandy (the only one of the pack I've met before). They are all ready to rock!

  9. And not that he needs any help... but Ryan has to decide whether it is better to stay in bed....wink wink... with his wife who he hasn't seen in 5 months or race.... hmmmmmmmmm.... douche bag will race no doubt...

  10. Thanks for posting. Good luck to all of those studly athletes. Personally, I only know Mandy. I'm glad you included the links. Seems you are a nice guy after all. :-)

  11. I can't wait to stalk everyone. You guys are going to rock it!!

  12. Hey Jeff! Thanks so much for the shout out!! It has been awesome meeting everyone! Bike is racked!! It is HOT. Not Texas hot, but HOT!

  13. Good luck to all the racers! I can't wait to read some awesome race reports!

  14. This is so cool! I just checked out those 'follow' links…how nifty is that? Hoping Derek rocks the run as smokin as the first two legs :)…showing the kids that 40+ is where it's at ;-)

    Finish strong, everyone! You are amazing :)

  15. Killed it.
    These people rock.
    I. Must. Do. This. One. Day.

  16. Wow good luck to them! Can't wait to track them! Very exciting for the first timers!

  17. Thanks for the shout out and the link!


    again: thanks so much for all the support... but also for the training plan. Deciding to go with Fitz plan instead of the other one I have made a big difference.


  18. Wow! An Ironman! Mad props! I just finished my first sprint TRI and I have much admiration for those doing an Ironman!

    Just discovered your blog and LOVE it!

    I blogged about my first TRI experience

    would love to hear what others think. :)