Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Twitter Killed the Blogger Star

-  It has been a few days since my last post which is very unlike me.  I have noticed over the last few months that I have gone from posting 4-5 times a week to as little as once a week.  Most people would probably think this is  because of life getting in the way or a crazy training schedule but that is not the case.  The main reason:  TWITTER (Follow me HERE).   The Twitter Killed the Blogger Star.  All thoughts and conversation are now relegated to 140 characters.  Everybody is doing it.

-  Oh, and to add to the daunting and confusing world of social media I am now on Google + and it is freaking awesome.  Google + is basically Facebook without all the ads and the ability to filter your updates to "circles" of followers.  The other night Jon (SwiCycloRun), Kevin (Ironman by Thirty), and Annie (we were in the same room on different computers) all went to the hangout room and video chatted - it was very cool.  Google + is going to revolutionize the way we communicate via Social Media.  If you cannot get on by clicking the Google + link then leave a comment or email me with your email address and I will send you an invite.  And then we can hangout and you too can meet this guy:

Big Ern
-  It has been a little over 7 weeks since Ironman Texas and I am finally back in the training zone.  I haven't talked about it much on the blog or Twitter but I was definitely going through some post-Ironman depression.  I just did not have the desire to swim, bike, or run.  It started out that I was beat up and really needed some rest but then it developed into a feeling of just not wanting to do anything training related. I was still getting in some short workouts but was very inconsistent.  Well, last Thursday I woke up and watched Le Tour de France and jumped on the trainer for the last hour.  I ended up hammering the entire time and it felt great.  Then I went for a swim and followed it up with a nice run and it just all clicked again - Viola! Weirdest thing.

- Only 60 Days until REV3 Cedar Point!  I am more excited to hangout with all the cool bloggers and Trakkers peeps that are going to be there than I am to race.  It is almost like a little 70.3 and 140.6 is going on in the middle of a big old party!!!  If you want to join in the fun sign up by clicking here

-  Some depressing news to report:  Since it has been so freaking hot here in Houston I have moved two of my four weekly runs indoors to the dreaded Treadmill. I had only done one treadmill run in the last 10 months and that streak is now over.  And here is the depressing part (Except for everyone but Treadmill Diva EMZ) - I am enjoying it, like really enjoying it.  AND my speed has comeback big time.  I have been doing Wednesday morning track workouts (at 4:45am) and Monday evening speed intervals on the treadmill and the snap is back.  For those who did not know this, Ironman training made me a slow runner.  All those long slow miles just zapped the speed from my legs.  Not anymore, as I have been holding sub-5:15/mi paces on both the track and the treadmill.  This is a good place to be with my first ever stand alone marathon coming in early '12!

-  The Pittsburgh Pirates are 47-43 at the AllStar break and a mere one game out of the division lead.  I have watched or followed on the computer most of the games (as I do every year) and must say I have not had this much fun watching baseball in a long time (18 years to be exact).  They have 3 players in tonight's All-Star game and this is the first time since 1990 (21years) that they had 3 or more players in this game!  I might have to start a Pirates Blog because this is all I have been talking about for the last couple of months.  My friends and wife have to be sick of it by now but I don't care!!

-  Doing the Katy Flatlands Century Ride on Sunday.  It is supposed to be 100 degrees with a 100% humidity.  I did this last year and stopped at pretty much every aide station to hydrate.  I cannot wait to get to Sandusky, OH in September and see how my body reacts in 70 degree temps?  I might have to run in sweat pants and a sweat shirt as that might feel really cold!

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  1. I had wondered what happened to your s/b/r mojo. It just needed a little break!! Good to hear you're back and firin' on all cylinders!

    (Oh and I'll gladly take a Google + invite... e-mail address is krys_tyna911@hotmail.com)

  2. I think it's normal to go through some sort of depression after a big race. But, I'm glad to hear that you're back at it!
    Good luck in the century! Hopefully, the weather won't be too bad for you!

  3. Hey there! I'm with you, post-iron. Recovery took a lot longer than expected. Glad you're back in the swing of things! I'm seriously craving some Buc-ees!!

  4. I'm with you regarding the Tour de France. It has motivated me to do more riding, just as the Summer Olympics motivates me to do more swimming. And your blog motivates me, too. So please keep writing.

  5. I'm not even too familiar with twitter and now there is something new??? Goodness I feel like I am getting old. I can't keep up! I will have to check it out!

  6. I can't wait till GOogle + opens up to everyone. I'm not even on it, but I want to be! If you don't mind sending an invite, I'd appreciate it! dailysweat@gmail.com

  7. I added you to a circle on Google+. I'm already liking it now that I've gotten used to it. Glad you're enjoying the treadmill, hope the temps mellow out soon so you can get back outside :)

  8. I'd like to come behind the velvet rope please. Because since Google basically already has all my personal information, what's a little archived video footage?

  9. Just wait till you get to Canada after sweltering Houston!

    Did your taper for IMTX go super slow, like time was standing still?

  10. Canada isn't as cold as you think it is. It depends on where you are. Yesterday in Toronto, it was about 95 with the humidity

  11. The Pirates are doing awesome and last night when McCutcheon was up to bat I thought about how big your smile must have been. Of course I got to smile last night too when they said the Mets traded K-Rod.

    Isn't a century ride supposed to be in miles? Not 100* Century Temp or 100% Century Humidity? That is going to be rough but keep the hydration going and you'll be great.

    Shoot me an invite since I don't get enough of you guys on Twitter as it is.

  12. The last thing we need is another social network, I love it though. Is anyone going to be a Cedar Point who isn't racing and willing to a long run with me that weekend? I think I have 13 miles that weekend.

  13. Annie - ask around and see if you can put together a relay team and you can be part of the race with your 13 miles

    I hear you about the heat, we had a heat wave here, it was in the 80's, had to wear shorts all day more then once, I am suffering, I tell you

    Pirates took the series against Detriot, I have nothing to make fun of you about, Maybe I can catch a game in Pittsburg, is Hines Ward free to pick me up ?

    Enjoy the century

  14. I just don't get Twitter. I feel like I'm interrupting instant messages between people when I post. And I have no desire to get involved in Google+. I like Facebook and that's what I'm sticking with.

    58 days until Cedar Point!!!

  15. Go Pirates! That is awesome news. I will have to fill the hubby in on that one. He will be very surprised!

  16. dude, you will crush the bike course. You will be ABLE to breath and it is pretty dang flat haha.

    You are going for a century trilogy this weekend, 100 miles, 100 degrees, 100% humidity. That spells badass to me ;)

    Glad you are back in the training groove.

  17. Google + looks cool but I think it'll take a while for it to get populated and really interesting.

  18. I love twitter... but Tom gets kind of ticked when my phones going off all night during dinner and whatnot! :) Oh well... it's just as good as chatting in real life! This whole Google+ thing could be the end of me...

    So excited to see you guys at Cedar Point!

  19. You have the cutest dog ever! I wrote a post about PIDS after my first IM. It was surprising, but I also experienced it. I can't get into Twitter, I barely have time to read email and I rarely post these days. Sigh.

  20. Jeff, this is the former "Boomer". Remember me. I am also on G+.

    After my injury in 2009, I was pretty much down. Just recently started training for triathlons again. Did a couple sprints and I will be doing the Tinman at the end of the month. I am slowly (emphasis on slow) getting back into training. I knew you would do an Ironman. I was the first to predict it!!! The injury really took me down hard and it was a chore getting the knee to a point where I can sort of run now. So I am giving it another shot. I will try to add you to as a friend to G+. I am blogging again (just started) at tri-n-hawaiian.blogspot.com

  21. Video Killed the Radio Star is a classic 80s tune, I see a 80s cover band a lot and they always play that song!

    I'm not on twitter, I just don't have the desire to get on there. Facebook and a blog is enough for me.

    I'm not on google+ yet, I'll probably wait for a bit until more people get on there and let me know how it is. Eventually facebook might lose its momentum and turn into myspace - every site like that has a life span and I think facebook needs to IPO now before they start losing momentum and revenue. Google+ seems like just the start of other sites going after the facebook model.

    Did you say that you were running sub 5:15 per mile pace on the treadmill? If so that is insanely fast, that is like 11 mph!

    I give you a lot of props for being a Pirates fan - your franchise has basically been in the dumps ever since Sid Bream slid home safely in 1992, and Barry Bonds left for the Giants. I'm not a fan of the Pirates owner, he doesn't seem to spend any money at all, and just cashes the revenue sharing checks from the Yankees and Red Sox while he lets all of his prospects go to other teams. Glad to see them doing well finally.

  22. I ran 6 miles at Memorial Park on Monday and another 3 on Tuesday at 2pm.
    I must say, it is hot..

  23. LOL @ Colleen's comment. Totally relate to that.

    All this social networking sure does put a cramp on blogging.

    I feel privileged to have seen Ern's Google+ debut already.

    CP? Seriously? You all know WI is where it's at ;) haha

  24. aaaaaand THANKS for getting this song in my head the rest of the night!

    great news on the s/b/r mojo return!


  25. Seriously? You were what 3, when that song came out? ;). I remember it well. Saw it when MTV came on the air. MTV USED to have videos. Yes, the "M" stood for music. Sorry, feeling nostalgic.... Ha!

    I am dead set against Twitter and not interested in the video chat for FB (they are, no doubt, trying to emulate Google+. I like social media, but there has to be a limit for me.

  26. One of the reasons I love that i have many long term goals is to move on from one big goal to the next while motivation stays at a peak always. It works well for me with big goals planned up to 5 years ahead. I'm so far behind with technology. No twitter or google+ yet but I must get up to date again.

  27. PTD (post triathlon depression) is widely known. Glad you are shaking out of yours. It's kind of like post-holiday letdown. Twitter so confuses me :P I have been hearing about the google+ but I am scared. Maybe that means I should check it out…

    100 miles in 100 degrees and 100% humidity…sounds like a winning combo…have fun ;-)

  28. The Twitter does rock.

    I am not in love with Google+ yet, it just seems like another thing to keep track of for me. I have a hard enough time finding matching socks right now.

    I can't handle the heat - and I am talking wimpy Maine heat, not tough TX heat. I would be TM bound if I were you too!!

  29. I think it takes a long time to recover from a huge race like that, but very glad you are getting your mojo back!

  30. Ok. Best. Subject. Line EVER!!! It's killed me too [minus I never had the star factor]. I dream of being suar though.

    5:15/mile. Jealous. Freaking. Jealous.

    You. Rock.

  31. Inspite my addictiveness to these social networking sites, I am still actively blogging. Writing remains my passion.

    It's a Writer's World