Friday, March 2, 2012

The Woodlands Marathon Goal

Tomorrow is the Woodlands Marathon.

Seems like I have been training for this thing forever and now it is finally here.

For the training I used the Pete Pfitzinger Advanced Marathoning 18/70 plan. It peaked at 70 miles per week and at the end tossed in some speed work. For the five months that I did this plan my total running volume was 1092.24 miles. That breaks out to be an average of 218.45 per month.

The peek months were December with 251.33 miles and January with 251.68 miles.

During this training period I did quite a bit of racing:

- Rocky Raccoon 50K
- San Antonio Half Marathon
- Turkey Trot 5mi Race
- LaPorte Half Marathon
- Texas Half Marathon
- The Houston Marathon
- BridgeFest 5K
- LifeTime Fitness Run for Chocolate 10K

The races in Bold were new PR's!

As THEY say The proverbial hay is in the barn.

Time to race.

The pacing planning that Kevin and I are going to use is that of even splits. We are going to go out around a 7min/mi pace and keep the 3hr Pace Group (6:52 pace) in sight. Once we get loose after a couple miles them we are going to try and maintain pace with the group and try and hit the half way point around the 1h 30m mark - a few minutes over is okay.

We will try and maintain this pace up until mile 20 and if we can pick it up slightly then we will if we need to back off some then we have some wiggle room.  To Boston Qualify I need to be sub-3:10 and Kevin needs to be sub-3:05 so he has a little less wiggle room then me.

If one of us needs to slow then the other is free to just keep running. A lot of times I see people run together and they implement the Navy Seal policy of "No Man Left Behind." This will not be our policy. We are going to be more like the CIA, "I have no knowledge of his existence?"

This is the best for us to help pace each other but also not impede one another from having our best race!

So that is it.

If this even pacing plan is successful then we should be coming in around 3:03.

Jennie is running her first half marathon at the Woodlands as well, so make sure to wish her luck!

Annie is going to be the spectator extraordinaire and will be on Twitter and Facebook with updates. Here is her Twitter: @airvin95, and Face Book: Here.

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  1. You three are all going to PR!!! This will be an awesome time. You are all better than I... I go out balls to the wall and just give what my body has to give hahaha.

    Remember to have fun and regardless of the outcome (BQ's for shizzle) make it a race to be remembered!!!!!!!!


  2. So excited for you guys! I hope it is a fantastic, picture perfect day for you. You've done all you need to do.

    My friends and I race the same--we start out together but almost always end up separate later on, and that's just fine with us.

    Please tweet out some results tomorrow!

  3. Good plan, liked the CIA part. Best of luck in execution.

  4. Heck yeah! You guys are going to be amazing! I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm rootin' for you both, and I know you guys are going to do so well. Good luck!!!

  5. Exciting guys!!! Can't wait to see the results.

    Run as if a horde of fast running zombies are after you!

  6. I think you have this one in the bag.
    Good luck with it!!

  7. You guys (and gals) are going to crush it! I can't wait to stalk you!!! Good luck this weekend!!!!!

  8. Best of luck to all of you! Will be anxiously awaiting all the reports.

  9. Soooo excited for you both!

    I'll be watching for the news reports about the two streakers that BQ'd! (:

    Like Jon, said, "Outrun the zombies!!" Goooo!

  10. Good luck! I will be rooting for you from Colorado sporting a Texas tee!

  11. Have a good race and God speed. BOSTON BABY!!!

  12. GOOD LUCK JEFF!!! I will be following you, in a not creepy way.

  13. Good luck and godspeed to you and Kevin.

  14. "I have no knowledge of his existence"...LOVE that part. Time to do it! Wishing you both the best!

  15. lol, on the CIA line! You guys got this, good luck!

  16. Knowing how you both fared, I would say you stuck to the plan great! Can't wait to read the race report!