Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pics on Facebook?

Being that I was an early adopter of THE Twitter, Facebook has always taken a backseat in my little social media world. It isn't that I do not like FB it is just that the 140-character Twitter theme works better since I have the attention span of a gnat. 

In sticking with the Facebook neglect theme, I finally clicked the icon to switch over to the new Timeline layout. While doing this the FB prompts you to update your information and it also shows all the pictures in which you have been tagged by others!

Due to the overall neglect of FB, I just found a bunch of pictures of myself that have never been seen before and thought it might be fun to post up a few of the more interesting ones:

Sometime in 2008? No idea where I am or what the hell happened to my hair.
This was 9 years ago, BEFORE I got fat.
Our wedding 11yrs ago, have seen this one before just didn't know it was on the FB!
Guessing this is in Pittsburgh about 15 years ago - I am eating a cookie and Annie appears to be wearing an Ascott?

This is Annie's college roommate Jill and it appears we are at a wedding and have been drinking!

Some intense Wii action happening!
World's Best Uncle!
This is from my Sister's pics, Annie and me on vacation in 2009.
Not sure where this was? With our friends Jim and Elizabeth and based on our eyes drinking was involved!
Puppy Training Class with Mandy and Roger around 2001. Dogs - Bailey, Ernie and  Rocky.
My 1st HIM in transition. That is 3 bikes ago!
On Annie's parents farm. I am a country boy and love farm living!
The Horse Whisperer: No saddle = hardcore!

This isn't an Instagram photo, just a shitty disposable camera, think about that you Instagram  hippsters!
At Annie's Family reunion in New Mexico. I was the entertainment for the kids!
Annie and I in front of the Alamo!

Have a great weekend and thanks for viewing!



  1. I love pictures! I wish I took more (and that I was in some of them too). That might have to be a mid-year resolution for me! Fun to look back at fun times, how we were, friends and family that aren't with us any more, etc. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just switched to the new FB format, I'd better go see what is lurking in there! I have an instant camera from a wedding sitting in a kitchen drawer. I don't even know if I can get it developed anymore!

  3. I love the pics. They are great!

  4. I'm an even earlier adopter than you by about 4.5 million people :) (I was member 14,284,644 on The Twitter). I was on Facebook super early too back when you had to have a .edu address and be at an already allowed college. No one else was on it. I closed my account for a year and then it exploded.

    I switched to the new timeline format right when it came out. I sort of like it. It is a cool way to look back through time. I haven't gone back and manually added any events yet.

    BTW - Nice tri top in your first HIM pic (

  5. I love that I made it in one of the pictures!!! I should do this sometime.

  6. Nice. I loved all the pictures. You're pretty gansta at Wii not to mention going bareback on the horse.

  7. Aw... they are great pictures Jeff. Love that you recently "found" them! :)

  8. Missed the last post. Been scoping out our Austin training grounds. Should be a great "rookie" marathon for the seasoned rookie that you are. Remember to give memorable finish photo pose. Maybe you could study up to form a BQ in some body pose, or turn around and run backwards through the finish.

  9. The pics are awesome.

    I am assuming that you are playing darts in that Wii picture. I'd recognize that form anywhere.

    Instagram.....can we talk about that for a second? We have the greatest cameras in the world, even our phones are better than yesteryear and yet this stupid site comes out and dulls all the pictures? Why? What is the point? Just dumb.

    Did you TriSlide those pants before you got on the horse to avoid non-saddle sores?

  10. My favorite shots here are Farmer Jeff and Uncle Jeff. Those roles look really good on you :)

  11. Crazy glow headbands was my wedding! I am glad I made the picture cut!

  12. HA!!! Farmer Jeff!! I think you should change the name of your blog

  13. Those are so great! Love, love, love the pic from 15 years ago--you look SO young!

    I'm with you, I have to say. Bigger Twitter user than FB any day of the week. Short and sweet!

  14. Really great photos! I must still do that timeline thing but I'm just too lazy.

  15. these

    love the hair and the ascot.
    seriously . . .

    Annie is KILLING that hat in the hot tub.
    Need me a cowgirl hat!!

    And ummmm, her boots on FB today.
    Ya, I'm going to need those any help on cost/location/how I freaking can get a pair . . . need the details on those babies.