Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Nintendo Wii Fitness Age: 35

Just so I can get some baseline measurements before I start the P90X, I decided to test my "Wii Fitness Age" on the Nintendo Wii. This is an option on the Wii Sports game that comes with the Wii when you buy it.

Now, I am pretty good at the Wii. I can rock me some Guitar Hero and have a pretty wicked forehand smash on the tennis game. Since I am not a newbie to the Wii I figured that this would be an accurate gauge and the findings would not be skewed because I did not have the basic game play knowledge.

Here is the screen shot (sorry about light reflection on bottom):

I am pretty happy with this result. My balance and speed were pretty good. My stamina, not so much. The game had me hitting a baseball in play by swinging 30 times very quickly. At one point I was 18 of 19 on balls in play. I finished 21 of 30. My Stamina needs some work!

Anyways, this was fun and at the end of 90 days I will play this again and see how or if my "Wii Fitness Age" improves.


  1. Hey Mike. Nick here from nick90x...

    I'm glad to see that your taking the next leap into the "X". It's an amazing program. Worth EVERY penny!!! Just follow the program and it will change you. DEFINITELY TAKE PICTURES!!! That was more a motivation for me than anything else. If there was one thing that I wish I had done during Round 1 was push myself harder each week. True, my weights went up, but I know I could have jumped higher once more, held that yoga position for a second longer. Added another rep instead of stopping short.

    The sky is the limit for you brotha!!! I'll keep checking back on your blog to see how your doing!! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


  2. Thanks Nick,

    Appreciate the support. Keep up the good work yourself!