Friday, July 9, 2010

One year ago this week ...

I was at The Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain - Running With the Bulls.

Riding of the Copper Bull!

In the Stadium after our "Run"

Hanging over the "Running" lane during a 3 Day bender!
Yes my clothes are stained with vino.

It is funny because this feels like it happened years ago but at the same time like it just happened a couple of days ago - very weird, but such is life I guess?

Looking back on the Running of the Bulls I realize it was a very cool experience but something that I will never do again.  First off, I was 33 years old at the time and we partied like we were in college.  It took me weeks to recover from the abuse.  Second, the actual Running was just crazy.  Crazy stupid!  I had a sore jaw and bruised ribs from getting clocked by other runners.  The other runners were almost as dangerous as the 1200 pound bulls.  Now all that being said, I am glad I did it.  A once in a lifetime experience!

Some Random Notes:
  • I have really been enjoying the EFS Liquid Shots from First Endurance.  They are 5oz gel shots that are like GU or Hammer Gel but have 1500mg of sodium per serving.  With the extreme heat and humidity that we have all been experiencing lately these have really helped me keep my sodium levels up and prevent muscle cramping.
  • In conjunction with the EFS above I have also been using Succeed S!Caps.  These little gel caps are loaded with electrolytes: 341mg per capsule.  On my long rides and runs I have been popping one of these per hour.  If my sweat rate is extremely high I have been taking one each half hour.  My performance has really been steady, even on the most humid of days.
  • I am really sick of rain.  We have been having torrential downpours for over a week.  The buoys here are all filled and we are expecting more rain this weekend.  Sure hope I can get my long ride in this Saturday and not be relegated to the trainer again!
  • Because of the rain and humidity I have been doing most of my running on the treadmill at the gym.  And as crazy as this sounds I am actually enjoying the treadmill runs.  Crazy, right? (Emz can relate!)
  • Has anyone else noticed that Blogger has been a little freaky?  The Blogs I Follow has not been updating relegating me to using the dashboard feature?
  • Week 3 of my HIM Training is going well.  I haven't missed a single workout but my body is feeling a little fatigue.  Week 4 is the recovery week and I am looking forward to a recovery week for once!
  • My next Tri's are:  Aug 1st - Jack's Generic Sprint (500 yd/13.8 mi/3.1 mi); Oct 18th - Try Andy's Tri (400 yd/10 mi/3 mi); and Nov 7th - IronStar (1.2 mi/56mi/31.1mi). 
  • I'm thinking about doing an Oly Distance Tri at the end of August, but a local 10K is happening and Annie wants to do that so we probably just run.
  • I took the Zipp 440 tubular front and the disc cover rear wheels off of my bike and put the trainers back on and I got to admit that I didn't feel as fast.  It might be mental though because my Garmin data looks the same.
  • Speaking of Garmin, my 305 died on my this week.  I have dropped it on the concrete probably 100 times as I am a klutz.  But the first time I dropped it on the tile floor in the laundry room was all it could handle.  It will turn on but when I try to select a different screen it shuts off.  I played with it for a couple of days and the aggravation finally led me to order a new Garmin 310XT.  I was thinking about getting the 310xt since it has a 20 hour battery life anyway, but it always sucks to drop that type of cash when it is unplanned.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. - I had the same problem with blogger a long time ago, that why I use google reader

    - I can see the conversation now

    Jeff " I need the 310xt"

    Wife "Whats wrong with your 305?"

    Jeff "Nothing"

    Wife "Then you dont need the 310 unless your 305 is broke"

    Jeff goes outside and "drops" his 305 a 100 times comes back in and says "the 305 died, I need the 310xt"

  2. Awesome! Running with the bulls is definately one of those "Resume of Life" things to do. Jealous!

  3. BDD - That conversation is not too far off from what happened!

  4. OMG, you freaking ran with the bulls for real!?! Well, it is something that you can say you did and you have the pictures to prove it:) You look like you are having a good time!

    Enjoy the weekend Jeff!

  5. Wow, running with the bulls must have been absolutely crazy! Ha..I liked BDD comment...I was totally thinking the same thing! :)

  6. WOW, I don't think I could do the running of the bulls. That's crazy, yet crazy cool at the same time =P

  7. I can't believe its been a year! I remember when you did way it's been a year! Ouch!

    Blogger doesn't give me a visual verification anymore when I sign in, just a blank frame. I have to enter twice to get it to work.

  8. This is funny because yesterday I was just thinking that on my bucket list (or should be) is running with the bulls. I think it will happen by the time the youngest goes to college (6 yrs)
    I hear it is tradition that you "tie one on" and stay up all night. Is that true??

  9. That is so awesome that you ran with the bulls. Are you sure you don't want to go back again with your increased fitness level and running speed?? You could certainly out run any bull and all of those crazies around you.

    You guys are still getting a ton of rain? Knock on wood, we've not had any since Tuesday. And tomorrow looks good for the long ride. I hope your rain holds off so you don't have to use the dreaded trainer.

    BDD hit it on the head with the Garmin scenario. You finally figured out a way to get that 310xt! Smart man!

  10. Unreal / Out of Hand: The Running With the Bulls is Incredible! !

    I too have actually been enjoying the treadmill and cant believe it.

    Excellent nutrition tips...Im going to look for the caps


  11. Great pics from Spain, you look like you are having way too much fun! I am with you on the electrolytes. I really think they help with recovery as well. Bummer about your Garmin. I depend on mine so much...

  12. Yes, one night Jeff and I are talking and he tells me about this great deal on this new Garmin. The next day he tells me his is broken..........just saying.

  13. Aw, happy one year anniversary of Running With the Bulls. That is awesome. I love that shot of you on the copper bull. I can't believe you ended up with a sore jaw and ribs!

    The clothing stains cracked me up.

    Aw, that's the second 305 to bite the dust this week. I can't wait to hear how you like the 310XT, though. That thing looks beyond awesome.

  14. nice...I should have been dropping my 305 for the longest...I need to get on that since I Want the 310 as well!

  15. I was cruising the internet and saw that it was that time of the year when the bulls run. I immediately thought of you running last year. Man, time flys.

  16. Wow, you ran with the bulls. That is crazy!!!!

    Let us know how the 310xt works. I may have to "drop" mine!

  17. Runnin with the Bulls is either sweet or crazy!!!

  18. Running with the bulls... dude that is freaking awesome. As to training, congrats on the good start.

    I used the S-Caps at an eight hour Ultra event (Howl at the Moon)a few years back. They are great. That event will be my next Blog Flashback!!

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