Monday, November 22, 2010

San Antonio Rock n' Roll Weekend

Annie set a PR by over 6 minutes!  

Even with a freaking TRAIN that halted  runners  5 minutes into the start!  Here is a picture our friend Suzie took with her iPhone as they all stood around an waited:

hmmm ... might be a bit of a SNAFU?

According to her Garmin she lost a little under 2:00 minutes waiting for the stupid train.  The RD sent out an apology and so did the train company.  They said they will be adjusting finishing times.  Annie submitted some online form so her time should end up being even faster!

Annie and her Sherpa Pre-Race - lots of gear hanging from the Sherpa!

Elizabeth, Annie, and Ruth Ann displaying their Bling!  This was Elizabeth first half and Ruth Ann's second.  As you can tell from the smiles they all had a great time and a great race!

Annie in front of The Alamo!

Some Texas Love!

This is the Brooks Running area at the Expo. Do you see the little blue booth on the right?  I stood in that for 8 hours on Friday having people fill out raffle tickets.  My feet felt like I ran in a marathon later that night!  The Brooks folks were a lot of fun and all are enthusiastic about Running and make the sport fun for everyone. 

Overall, we had a great weekend and a ton of fun.  The weather was perfect for running and even more perfect for eating and drinking - which I did my far share of!  This was a tune up race for Annie as she prepares for the Houston Full Marathon on January 31st.  She has been working very hard and logging the miles in the bank and is on track to have an awesome marathon.

Annie and Elizabeth on the "Tomb Raider" ride!

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  1. That's totally stinks about the the train! :( But congrats to Annie for a HUGE PR!

  2. Congrats to your wife, that's awesome and it looked like a great time!

  3. A train?? Seriously?? That's a new one.

    Congrats to Annie on a great PR!

  4. Gah! Kevin stole my entire comment! haha!

    Sooooooo, Kevin X2.

    But seriously, a TRAIN?!?!? If it were a triathlon, a true triathlete woulda climbed over it. ;)

  5. Whoo hoo! Congratulations on the PR, Annie!

  6. Awesome JOB! Love PRs!!!

    I missed a train in one of our triathlons... it got tons of people behind me haha. We have a lot of tracks going through cleveland.

    Did you get in on Brooks ID for next year? I haven't heard anything and I am getting worried that I will need to buy 20 pairs of shoes haha.

    Good job sherpa!

  7. I've never heard of a train holding up a marathon!!! Glad they will be getting the time back.

  8. Well done Annie! She will certainly have a great marathon.

  9. Fantastic time!!
    Hey, maybe your buddy will raise the bet to $200 against Family Irvin in the upcoming half....

  10. Great Job Annie!! Darn Train!! That happened to one of my friends running the Rochester Marathon and it was 5Min! And they didn't adjust times and she would've qualified for Boston!!! Darn race director!

  11. Congrats to Annie!! Annie and I could totally run together:) Great pictures....looks like a fun time! You two are such a cute couple!

    Take care and have a nice holiday weekend!

  12. Love race FUBARs! I wasn't affected, but a drawbridge stopped some runners at the Chi MOnster Half - haha (funny if it doesn't happen to you, right?)


    I cant believe the train! unba
    Ill be interested to hear how they decide to adjust times

    watched the Dupree 30for30 last night it was great, now researching how many I have missed Im so pssd I dont have these on DVR

  14. Annie.


  15. Woohoo! Congrats to Annie on her race and PR! She did awesome!! Yay! I can't believe that train...that is just crazy!

  16. Thanks everyone! The train was crazy!