Sunday, November 28, 2010

Suck It Black Friday

The Origin of Black Friday (from Wikipedia):
The day's name originated in Philadelphia, where it originally was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would occur on the day after Thanksgiving. Use of the term began by 1966 and began to see broader use outside Philadelphia around 1975. Later an alternative explanation began to be offered: that "Black Friday" indicates the period during which retailers are turning a profit, or "in the black."
My Definition of Black Friday:

On my signal ....
This is the day after Thanksgiving that the public (mainly woman) Unleash Hell on retailers.  The chaos is usually caused because you have just been forced to spend countless hours with extended family members and you are in need of an outlet to vent your frustrations and they are still at your house.  Retailers take advantage of this angst by chumming  the waters with extremely discounted goods and thus cause a somewhat controlled feeding frenzy.  The participating individuals justify awakening at 2am to stand in line at Wal-Mart in freezing temperatures because they can get a flat panel TV for $298.97.   

Sooo ... Jeff why are you talking about Black Friday?  Because I want to tell you about the cool Tri Gear that I got while sitting on my couch searching the interwebz while all the crazies were out fighting each other for parking spots at the local mall.  I actually feel like I beat Black Friday because I still got some smoking deals but did so while watching college football (Hows bout that Bama/Auburn game?), eating cookies, and keeping warm with a blanket! (All the deals are linked if you wanted to take advantage):

Deal #1:
Giro Advantage 2 Aero Helmet (Black & White)
Original Price:  $149.00
Bargain Hunter Price:  $79.99 ($98 w/ S&H and Tax)

I've been looking for an Aero helmet for a long time now and this helmet has been on sale on for a couple of weeks but they did not have my size.  So when I noticed my size was finally available I jumped all over this deal.  And, as a bonus, my father told me a few weeks ago that, "Those pointy helmets look really stupid!"  -- This means even at the age of 35 I am still able to be a little rebellious!  

Deal #2:

Zoot Tri 6 Tri Shorts (Legs not included)
Original Price:  $60
Bargain Hunter Price:  $15.95 (73% Discount)

I already own a pair of these shorts and they are wonderful.  I have been looking for another pair for over a year but the cheapskate in me would not allow them to be purchased at retail price.  On a whim yesterday I checked the site and found this deal. Also found this:

Deal #3:
Zoot Ventilator Cap
Original Price:  $25
Bargain Hunter Price:  $5.95 (76% Discount)

I really have no need for another hat but it was so cheap that I may have been temporarily overcome by the madness that is Black Friday (I feel so guilty).  And the guy in the picture kind of looks like me a little so the hat made it to the checkout cart!

Deal #4:

Brooks T6 Racer
Original Price:  $85
Bargain Hunter Price:  $51 (40% Discount w/Brooks ID)

Okay, I have been running with the Brooks Glycerin 8's and they are good trainers but are slightly clunky for 5k's,10k's, and tempo runs so this little neutral racing flat was just what the run doctor ordered.  I am a big fan of my racing shoes having very minimal support, especially when I am as light as I am right now (154lbs) and these shoes fit the bill.

That was all my wife my pocketbook would allow for on this day of blackness but I also found a couple more deals that may interest some of you guys.

-  Garmin 305 @ Wal-Mart for $99.  This is a smoking deal!  We have two 305's and a 310xt and I am still considering getting a "Back-up" 305 just because this is such a good deal!

-  Reynolds Strike Carbon Clinchers 66mm for $799.  Now these are listed on the Performance Bike website for $999 (original of $1599)  but they were offering a 20% off entire purchase coupon on Friday.  I read on a message board that the 20% coupon would be available on CyberMonday (tomorrow) but this could just be a rumor.  If you are in the market for carbon wheels this might be worth checking out!

That is all I got tonight.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and was able to get in some workouts and I do not mean intervals from the kitchen to the couch!

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  1. As someone who works in retail, I can honestly say I wished more people shopped online. People are grumpy on Black Friday, and I hate having to be nice at 3 AM becasue they chose to campout.

    Although I will say at Target it is much more civilized than the "blue store".

    And I am glad you did some CHristmas shopping and bought me some cool stuff!

  2. I did the Black Friday thing once back in highschool. Never again. I swear the deals are better (and easier to get) online.

    Thanks again for the Zoot heads up. They were basically giving stuff away. That Giro helmet is tempting... I should probably try one on at the store first though to make sure it fits.

    JF - I can sympathize with you. While I never worked retail per se, I worked at a movie theatre for a few years. Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day were nightmarish. There was one Thanksgiving where I had over $10K in my register before they cashed me out.

  3. You found some awesome deals!
    I try to avoid going out on Black Friday at all costs! I just cannot deal with the craziness!

  4. Nice work shopping without the crowd madness! Love the Brooks shoes!

  5. Huh. I bought a copy of Quicken for Mac online on Friday. That's it.

  6. I cleaned my kitchen Friday. I am not sure that I have even been out of doors any Black Friday for the past 15 years (maybe 20...). Kudos for the great deals!

  7. But I have nothing to do with Black Friday - I love your deals - that is my kind of shopping! I am a 100% cyber shopper. I hate the stores, even more so at Christmas time. My mother lives for it and doesn't understand why I won't "do this one thing with her" Umm, you mean go into hell??? No thanks! ha ha

  8. Thanks for the heads up. I could use some tri shorts (don't have any).

    Me? Yep, up at 2:30am to get the wifey a diamond bracelet at 3am and low and behold the clerks have no idea what the advertised special is. So, head over to Office Depot to wait in line for the laptop special at 6am... Got it.

  9. Nice hat! (and price)
    lol @ the history and your review of Black Friday ....and on your couch. Suck it is right! I found myself on youtube watching some black friday stampede trample videos! haha

  10. great deals! I am looking for some today.

  11. Nice deals, thanks for reminding me that I need to goto Brooks and get some shoes, who knows what will happen with us next year with them.

  12. Great deals! And the Auburn/Bama game was awesome!

  13. I was about to buy the 305 from walmart yesterday, but hesitated. Now it's sold out. Crap.

  14. Damn, I just ordered a Giro aerohelmet from trisports. They have it 25% off. Awesome helmet.

    Happy Turkey Day, brother.

  15. THanks for reminding me I need to order some brooks gear before the year ends since we dont know what is going on next year.

  16. Wow... you struck triathlon gold! :)

  17. I definitely avoid the Black Friday madness at all costs! Internet shopping is definitely for me.

  18. Freaking hilarious.

    Umm, yes you DO NEED the cap [it's a MAN cap, right?! ;) ]

    I picked up 4 crazy pairs of shoes for me [yep, YAY for self Christmas shopping] pita can't buy crap for me because he gets it home and I go "how much you pay?" [him: $80] Me: OMG NO! Take it back I can get it for $19. Sucks to be him but I make it easy for him too. ;)

    Your "finds" rock. Where are Annie's scores?! ;)

  19. I love Zoot tri shorts, damn! We stayed clear of all retail establishments on Friday. Ok, except for the bike shop that we found outside Philly that was empty..we bought my kid his first big boy bike.

    My Brooks ID program thing is going to end in 30 days (so they told me) so I will be stocking up!

  20. oooo, I like the hat.

    I never do Black Friday, I'm more of a Cyber Monday in my pj's type girl.