Sunday, January 2, 2011

Step Back Week (Virtual Woot!) and 2010 Numbers

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So I just finished up the 4th week of my IMTX training.  The way the plan works is that it goes hard for three weeks and then scales back the volume in week four to allow for the body to absorb the training and recover. So basically it is three weeks on, one week off for the rest of the 20 weeks.

Usually I am very anxious during these recovery weeks as I feel like I should be doing more volume.  However, with the holidays and the crazy stressful ending to closing out 2010 for my company it was a much appreciate breather!

With that being said today's post is going to be all about the numbers!

Week #4 of IMTX Training:

7000.00 Yd
3h 15m
72.60 Mi
4h 05m
18.82 Mi
2h 41m 28s
Total Volume:   10h 01m

Overall I am pleased with how this week went.  The plan called for 10 hours and I did 10 hours.  The best part of the week for me was some tweaks that were made to my swim stroke.  My normal Master's swim class at 5am on Tues and Thurs was canceled due to the holidays.  This allowed for me to go to the evening Master's classes since my normal evening bike and run workouts were relatively short in duration.  I worked with Kt, the evening Master's coach, and she gave me some good instructions to shore up some deficiencies in my swim stroke at the Thursday evening class.

On Friday after work I went back to the pool and my buddy Dave was there so we did our workouts together.  I was able to put into practice some of the pointers from Kt and had an excellent workout.  For the main set Dave and I did 10x100 at a moderate pace and averaged between 1:33-1:38 for all 10 sets.  Good Week.

More Numbers:

December Training Volume:

Bike:12h 46m  - 227.9 Mi
Run:13h 22m 40s  - 87.86 Mi
Swim:13h 45m  - 29600 Yd

Total Volume:    39h 53m

December was an average month.  My training plan didn't begin until the second week and then I missed a week of swim and bike due to illness.  This really hurt my overall volume but I was able to rest up (and lose 8lbs) and get healthy for the balance of the month.  Actually my run and swim volume were still pretty decent.  The bike volume sucked.

Even More Numbers:

2010 Training Volume Numbers:
Bike:208h 57m 06s  - 3794.74 Mi
Run:140h 38m 04s  - 940.78 Mi
Swim:124h 30m 33s  - 271874.1 Yd (154 Mi)
Total 2010 Volume:     473h 25m

That is my final 2010 wrap up.  It is very cool to go back and look at what you have done over the year.  I cannot believe I spent 473 hours training this year. That is an average of 39.4 hours per month.  What is even more cool to me is that I will probably smash these numbers in 2011.

Moving Forward .... Week 5 of my training plan is asking for 14.5 hours of volume.

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  1. Great job for the week, the month and the year! You rawked it and are going to rawk 2011!

    Great job Jeff!

  2. I just love looking at the numbers. They are always so impressive and also a terrific outlook to them too.

    You will smash those 2011 numbers for sure.

    Great Job....Keep It Up!!!!!

  3. Patience, patience....your best friend with IM training and racing. enjoy the recovery-will make the hard weeks better. IM training is SUPER fun!!!

  4. I was wondering how you felt during the recovery week, good to hear you did it as plan

  5. Love the numbers!

    40 hours a month! Crazy!

    Just wait a couple months and you are going to begging for that easy 4th week :)

  6. Great year Jeff! I look forward to following your IMTX journey. You are going to crush it!

  7. Nice month and week! Your comment about losing 8 pounds while you were sick made me think about the line from "The Devil Wears Prada" - "I'm only one stomach bug away from my goal weight." Ha-ha - too bad you have to feel like crap to lose it. Keep up the great work.

  8. Awesome job, Jeff! You have set yourself up perfectly with an "accumulated" base that is going to reap benefits this season. Geez, ur already 4 weeks into Ironman training? Time flies!

  9. You'll really start loving the recovery weeks further into the training! :) Nice work, and impressive 2010.

  10. Man, I just love numbers! And yours rock my friend. Gotta do mine at some point today. I always like to refer to these training hours as my part-time job. Best part-time job I've ever worked too. Enjoy the IMTX training. You are going to do sooooo well.

  11. your numbers are amazing. seriously.

  12. Good numbers. You should rock IMTX.
    Me you ask? One hour per day was generous... I probably came in as the ThreeQuarterHourIronMan in 2010.
    2011? A solid OneHourIronman

  13. Damn dude. I don't log my workouts but am curious seeing everyone's yearly recaps now.

    I am honestly shocked at the swim miles LOL.

    GREAT base. Glad you are feeling good at week 4.

    I am following your progress to see what exactly we have in store for us (to an extent) HAHA.

    GOOD LUCK! Keep it up!

  14. You rock! Plain and simple. Your training numbers are just insane and I am so jealous! Keep up the great work Jeff and can't wait to ride with you sometime in the next few months! :)

  15. 4 weeks done with IM training schedule!!!!! Awesome

    Im looking forward to using BT to track my YTD info in 11'
    I used it November and December and seem to be in habit now...thanks for THAT

    great workouts!


  16. those "smaller" weeks are always so hard during Ironman training. Wait until taper! :)

    Don't you love looking at month numbers and year numbers! Puts it all into persepctive how much you've actually done!

  17. Bring on the smashing 2011! That is fabulous that your tracking has been so consistent!

  18. Look at you rocking it - those are some great numbers. I need to do that and just see what I did. 2011 is going to be rocking big time! Holy cow, 14hrs coming right up, huh?

    DUDE my captcha is mandi not kidding. I never spelled it with an i but what the hey.