Friday, April 29, 2011

Not Very Deep Thoughts ...

Currently I am at the end of week 21 of a 24 week training plan for Ironman Texas, which is a mere 21 days away!  My mind is pretty much mush right now from the crazy volume and the below thoughts should do nothing more than verify the mushy-ness:

  • Saturday:  20mi run; 2.5mi swim.  The run will be done on the IMTX marathon course and without an iPod *gasp*.  The swim will be of the Open Water variety at  Lake 288.  It will be done sans wetsuit but in my brand new WTC Legal  TYR Torque Swim Skin:

  • Sunday:  100mi + ride; 7mi recovery run.  A couple of buddies who are also training for IMTX will be joining me on this one.  We are opting to stay close to home and do a local 22mi loop 5 times.  It is right along Lake Houston and the wind will be brutal.  Last time here we were holding a tight pace line into a crazy headwind averaging about 13mph - Good times.  The run will be done at a snail like pace in my neighborhood.
  • I have learned to embrace the pain that is an icebaths.  Seriously, I do not think I could have made it through this training without icebaths.
  • Preparing water bottles, gels, food, and other nutrition for these long weekend runs and rides seems to take up a helluva lot of my time?  
  • My car smells like a men's locker room.
  • Speaking of men's locker rooms - I walked smack dab into the middle of a fierce Performance Enhancing Drug debate at my gym this evening.  Four guys that were not very fit and about my age were discussing what they were using.  When I came around the corner they all stopped talking and glared at me.  Little awkward. But they were by my locker so I paid them no attention.  After about 30 seconds of silence they all began talking about their PEDs of choice again.  They must have decided I was okay to speak about this illegal activity in front of because my skinny triathlete ass would have no idea what it was they were speaking of - and for the most part they would be correct.
  • Question I have been getting a lot:  So Jeff, you have put in a lot of training and are almost to the end, how are you feeling?  My Not-Really-Wanting-to-Talk-About-it-Answer is:  I am Good.  My Going-to-be-Honest-With-You-Answer-When-You-Only-Wanted-to-Hear-I-Am-Good is:  My ass is dragging like an old tired dog.  I am irritable, tired, emotional, and just downright agitated.  My legs and brain quit communicating to each other about a month ago and I can barely follow a conversation that is more than 3 or 4 sentences.  I have the attention span of an 8-week old puppy and all I am really motivated to do anymore is eat and sleep.  But aside from that I am good.
  • Can someone please give me a reason as to why Obama deserves a second term?  Since he took office: Gitmo has not closed, unemployment has skyrocketed, stimulus packages have not worked, we went from 2 wars to 3 wars, political rhetoric has exploded, gas prices have doubled, healthcare is being suffocated by regulations and bureaucracy, it is almost May and we do not have a budget for the year, his administration has spent more than all other previous administrations COMBINED, a large amount of his staff have resigned or retired or quit, and this is just the failed efforts off the top of my head!!  Why does he deserve to be President for 4 more years? I just want one reason ...
  • Our weather has been absolutely beautiful the last few days.  High 70's, blue skies, low humidity - sort of like San Diego without the crazy housing costs!  But this will all change very soon as the Fumidity season will be soon upon us!
  • I hate doing plumbing work.  My outdoor sprinklers exploded this winter during a rare deep freeze and I finally got around to fixing them. I know how to do it but it is just a meticulous process which drives an ADHD person like myself crazy.  All it took was four trips to Home Depot (and a little cursing) and the sprinklers were as good as new.
  • During last Saturday's 100mi ride we drove past a brush fire.  It was huge.  Read in the newspaper the next day that it took out over 17 acres of land and a few homes - we really need rain.  Could all of the rest of you that are getting tons of rain send some our way?  Thanks, much appreciated.
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  1. Preparing water bottles, gels, food, and other nutrition for these long weekend runs and rides seems to take up a helluva lot of my time?

    My car smells like a men's locker room.

    Yes and Yes....that's all I got.

  2. Nothin' like a good case of AssDrag...

    Your description sounds a lot like my life in the first year after having a baby... lol.

    Icebaths are indispensable when putting in the kind of mileage you are... and even when you are putting in much punier miles... like me ;-) They are life-savers.

    Did you make sure to expose your crack while working on your sprinklers? ... that is a requirement for successfully undertaking any plumbing project.

    Sending you awesome stamina vibes for your weekend workouts :)

  3. 17 acres? Crap, that's a lot. Would be glad to send down some of Ohio's rain. Best of luck in IMTX in a few weeks and I got nothing to offer for reasons for a second term.

  4. At least the end of this brutal training plan are in site and your training has been rock solid. It's been fun following your blog. A 7 mile "recovery" run after a 110 mile ride makes me rethink my IM dreams. As I told a friend asking if I would do full some day, I said IMHO the half seperates the men from the boys and the full seperates the crazies from everyone else.

  5. I'm so gald I've been there, done that and can tell you, "Jeff, you are perfectly normal." Yep, your brain should be mush by now. Love the new swim skin! Can't wait to see how it feels. I'm getting so excited for you and the rest of the IMTX crew.
    Let me not get started on Obama but will say i completely agree with your assessment.
    We have been having a lot of controlled burns around my house so hopefully that keeps those brush fires at bay. We need rain too :(
    Have an awesome 100 mile ride and EASY 7 mile run!

  6. I think you are right where you need to be right now. And then you can begin that taper! Your training has been so consistent and I'm sure you are strong.

    wow on the locker room conversation! I think I am pretty ignorant to the fact that there are probably lots of people doing that kind of thing. Crazy!

    Enjoy the epic weekend--when you aren't training, eat and sleep!

  7. Yes, please...take our rain.

    Have a great brick on Sunday. Sounds like a crazy amount of time. Bound to be some good to come out of that...buddy bonding and such :-)

  8. Ok ok ok, ill take it easy on u @ next TTT re:irritation and restlessness. Almost there to race day! Thanks for using fumidity and a heads up on what to expect on the final weeks. Have a productive weekend Jeff!

  9. Yes! I know Ass Drag. He is visiting me a bit right now. I have one more race on Mothers day, then a break for our hot summer. Keep your chin up and the rest will follow!

  10. Waaaaa waaaa waaaa.... suck it up buttercup.... :) Just saying. Try doing this shit at 190. Now you should feel better

  11. Wow... no one defending Obama - they must agree with you (I know I do...)!

    Yep, you are right where you should be physically, mentally and emotionally with IM training. And you can't understand it until you go through it. I've told you this before, but now's when you are earning that title. The big day is just when you show everyone what you've got and get the medal, shirt and hat! :)

    Enjoy this last long weekend and then enjoy the taper - it's gonna be tough, but your body will thank you!

  12. If someone actually can answer this "Can someone please give me a reason as to why Obama deserves a second term?"
    please lmk ASAP.

    Hope the 20 was awesome today!!

  13. Great post and couldn't agree with you more about Obama.

  14. I could write a post a day based on locker room topics I hear. It is very hard for me to keep my mouth shut on some of the topics I hear!

  15. Oh shit! It took you to week 21 to get to that point mentally? I'm hoping that I make to week 12 with a sane mental state.

    Gotta love that weather. Enjoy these last weeks of training!

    Looks like I am going to be the lone dissenter. I don't agree with everything Obama has done but if Trump and Palin are the current Republican front runners...

    Don't forget that Obama didn't start Gitmo and Bush didn't close it either. Yes, Obama said he would close it, and that was a stupid promise because as a candidate you don't have all of the details of the situation that the current administration has. Also, those first two wars, he inherited. We should have never been in Iraq in the first place but it is such a cluster at this point that I don't think anyone, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Whig, could simply pull the troops out of either war overnight. Gas prices were just as high, if not higher, in 2008 ( It is virtually impossible to lay the blame of gas prices on a single person or administration. I don't blame the high prices in 2008 on Bush and I don't blame the high prices now on Obama. I blame them on corporate greed at the oil companies and a lack caring by the general public to conserve oil and embrace alternative energy. Part of me almost welcomes higher prices if it at least pushes advances in the alternative energy and gets people to think about foreign oil. And finally, as for the political rhetoric, it takes two to tango. It is all bullshit, but it can't be blamed on a single party.

    Sorry, I'll end my rant now.

  16. Hi Jeffy,
    How are you? Just checking in on you to see what you are up to. It sounds like you are training and getting down to business as usual:) Damn, a 100 mile ride...go you! Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  17. Seriously, I get so tired of answering stock answer is "I am good" so we can move on...Also I am kind of tired of people looking at me like I am a sideshow at a you are saying it gets worse as you get closer?

    Prepping fuel takes forever!!!

    I am very jaded when it comes to politics. I personally would like a full house cleaning...I think both parties suck and don't give a crap about the country, they only care about their current agenda and getting it passed before the other party gets their "version" of the same agenda passed. It is basically a pissing contest.

  18. haha this is great

    but I respectfully disagree...
    these are extremely deep thoughts with mush brain

    I should know!

    yes all the way around

    I must get on board with the ice baths


  19. Who are you going to replace Obama with and what exactly will the difference be? That's the bigger problem.

    Because the next guy or girl will talk the same smack, make the same empty promises. Responsibility for recovery will be rewarded to the lucky sonofabitch who is at the right place at the right time when the natural order of things decides to come around.

  20. By the way, your training is inspirational. You are one of my faves, homie.

  21. Love this post. I feel your pain with the training. Mother Nature has been freaking messing with us.

    It's going to be a high of 49 degrees here tomorrow. 49?! WTF? Ok, so apparently I'm way on the agitated state with you too. Time to taper and 'Namaste.'

    Oh.. and I think Obama read your post and tried to give you that "one reason" tonight. Because.. you know, it was all him. He said "I" how many times? Uggh.

    Anyway, saw Jason today- so excited that he's staying with you and going to be there at the race! I think we should make him a cute cheerleader outfit, complete with a skirt. Thoughts? ;)

    Crap- It's after midnight. I need to get to bed. Have a great week!

  22. Were all the men standing around naked too? It seems to be the thing to do in mens locker rooms

    I love reading of what I am going to experience later this year

    Obama sure was in love with himself last night, "I, I, I, I, I, I, I" I hope he isnt around for a second term, we need someone who actually will try and fix this mess we live in, at least lay some ground work for it

  23. Yeah, the tired ass mental mush dragging part, means you followed the plan ;) Right on track buddy.

    As for everything else, spot on, all of it.

    I hate locker rooms. Somehow these old saggy men think the locker room is a place of profound thought... seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Old hairy balls shut up and get OUT of my locker so I can go get to work or go get my brick run in!!!!!!!

    As for plumbing, God bless plumbers, HATE plumbing with a passion.

    Keep the energy flowing man. Even though it takes as long to make the bottles and pack the fuel, you are almost there and have CRUSHED the training. Almost game time buddy!

  24. it seems like the training at its end feeling and the plumbing don't jive. remember if it won't fit, you just need a bigger hammer.

  25. People always look at me like I'm crazy when I mention taking ice baths, but I swear by them for improving recovery time!

    *Applause* on the Obama rant!

    I think you're supposed to be tired at this point in IM training... it will all be worth it come race day! :)

  26. First of all, ditto on many of these points about long workout prep time, car smelling like a men's locker room (I have to apologize for this one often); and needing rain. Second, reading about your state of mind and how you are feeling this deep into your Ironman training makes me look forward to the next 15 weeks (no, not really). Why did I sign up for an Ironman at the end of August?! I ask myself this question every day. Good luck man!