Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun with Numbers...

18 - the number if days until Ironman Texas.

21 - the number of weeks I have been training for Ironman Texas.

318 - the number of total hours spent training during this plan.

143,112  -  the number of meters (88.9mi) spent swimming.

2229.24  -  the number of miles my butt has been on an Adamo saddle.

516.11 -  the number of miles spent running (only 4.5 mi were done on a treadmill).

641 - the number of miles spent riding during the month of March (largest bike month).

128.95 - the number of miles spent running during the month of April (largest run month).

2  - the number of times I was sick (Bronchitis then Flu) and missed training for extended periods.

8 - the number of consecutive days missed at one point while sick.

4 - the number of times I rode over 100mi.

6 - the number of times I order nutrition from the First Endurance website.

5 - the number of times overnight travel for work made training difficult.

67 - the number of bad movies watched while on the bike trainer.

17 -  the number of times I rode parts of the IMTX bike course.

1 - the number of weeks in the training plan until I begin taper.

1,000,000 - the number of times I thought my wife is a saint to deal with me and IM training!

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  1. That's crazy that you only missed 2 days of training for being sick!

    One of my favorite jobs ever was working at a video store, so I have a loooong list of fabulous bad movies for you if you ever need one.

    : )

  2. Fricken awesome!

    67 bad movies??? Did you watch ANY good ones?? And you finished each of them? None of them were so bad that you had to turn them off?

    You are in great shape and you are going to rock it!

    Can't wait to track you!

  3. Great post.
    Fun game: Take the number of total hours spent training during this plan, and multiply it by your normal hourly wage. That's quite an investment into this race.
    Also, do you have any goals to share?

  4. Love this post!! I can't believe you only ran 4.5M on the treadmill this whole time! Wow..that is awesome!

  5. Crazy numbers there! Love the last is a lot to deal with. I feel like our spouses should all get medals to!

  6. Kevin the 67 bad movie was an estimate! Probably pretty close though (-: - I actually watched some Dolph Lundgren movie a couple of weeks ago. He was a former russian spy, turned assassin, turned good guy, that killed all the former bad guys he used to work for. It was worse than Sharktopus!

  7. Those are some crazy numbers! It must be a blessing to be close enough to the course that you can actually go out and ride it. That's pretty cool. Good luck with the last week!

  8. Awesome ... simply awesome. Don't know which is the most impressive, but the 88.9 miles swimming is pretty mind-boggling for me.

    You are going to own this race. Ironman indeed!

  9. I only have one word....

    WINNING !!!

  10. this may be the funniest part of this post

    " He was a former russian spy, turned assassin, turned good guy, that killed all the former bad guys he used to work for"


    great numbers



  11. Unbelievable numbers, Jeff. You'll totally kill this race!

    I see a future blog post: "The 67 movies I watched during my IM training", including reviews, spoilers, vid caps, plot summaries, character evaluations, hero/villan story arcs, special effect summations, and a good 'ol Ebert thumbs up/thumbs down rating...

  12. Love this! You rock! Can you believe it's May! This is it! :)

  13. What's the number of days you are going to relax and eat ice cream after the race?

  14. Hey, that's what it takes! You are going to be READY!!! Mark my words, you will be able to 'work' this race and not just complete it :) Wishing you all the best.

  15. I think I've watched about 2 dozen bad movies so far!! It sucks being on a trainer! You are going to rock this course! You definately are putting in the time!

  16. Only 4.5 miles done on the treadmill? YES! So NO to the dreadmill!

    Man you have put in a TON of miles on the bike. YOU GOT THIS!

    Yes, Annie is a saint! I gotta remind myself about this for Kelly in about 4 weeks when I become a triathlon Zombie.

  17. I've been keeping a notebook of my training for 140.6. It will be fun to compare numbers.

  18. solid numbers... I guess you like the Adamo saddle.... and it sounds like you are ready!

  19. Great numbers there, well done! I was thinking about ways to make math more fun and understandable for my son. You’ve given me a great idea.

  20. I really want to know what you consider a bad movie, since we know what you think good movies are.

    Thats alot of numbers

  21. Awesome job. IMTX ..... prepare to be rocked!

    Oh, and I'm stunned how little treadmill time you had to put in. Bonus!

  22. I am so excited for you! I can barely contain myself. Keep up the awesome work and remember I am cheering for you from Colorado!

  23. Only a million for the last one? She deserves better.

  24. Uhhhhh, hell with IM training, my wife is a saint for dealing with me NORMALLY!!!!!!!!! hahaha.

    Great post.

    2nd on BDD's comment... Sci-Fi thrillers haha

  25. Lots of syfy movies - I just dvr anything that is a syfy original - the more corny the better!

    The 4.5mi on the treadmill was when I was coming off the flu. We were at the gym for run club and it start to pour rain and was in 40* -- if I wasn't coming off the flu the treadmill would never have been used! One of the many advantages to living in a tropical climate during the winter months!

  26. 67 bad movies huh? last year mine would have been X number of episodes of LOST

  27. I really hope most of those bad movies were really just awesome 80's and 90's Van Damm/Lundgren/Seagal/Norris movies. :)

  28. Dude, you are a slacker. Not sure I can Follow someone who doesn't take their training cycle seriously.

    Actually, this post is kind of inspiring. I wish you an awesome race. You deserve it.

  29. Sorry so late on reading. In the end when you add up all of those numbers it equals 140.6!!