Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things of Interest ...

  • Lots going on in the Triathlon world over the last couple of days.  First, WTC announced a new 140.6 race at Mont Tremblant.  This race has me intrigued.  Actually I might be a little obsessed with it by Googling everything Mont Tremblant related.   

  • The above picture is of MT.  I emailed it to my wife yesterday morning and told her that in August of '12 an Ironman will be happening here and that I wanted to do it.  She replied back with two words: Book it.  
  • We might have a couple other blogger buddies interested in this one too! *cough* Kevin, Mandy, Jon *cough*  who else is thinking about it?
  • WTC followed IMMT by announcing another race - Ironman New York City.  They are calling it the Ironman US Championship (whatever the heck that means?) and word on the street is they are going to charge $1000 per entry.  Freaking ridiculous!  Especially considering 90% of the race is in NJ.  Oh, and the swim is in the polluted Hudson River, yuk!  I'd rather churn butter for 17-hrs then do this race!
  • My wife, Annie, did her 2nd every Sprint Tri on Sunday.  Click HERE to read her report.
  • I saw a picture of myself from the race on Sunday and realized something weird.  Look at this pic and see if you can see it as well:

  • Do you see it?  My thighs are bigger than my entire upper body.  Completely disproportionate.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing for a triathlete BUT it is a bad thing for ones own vanity (and also trying to buy properly fitted pants).  This is freaky looking - time to start adding in some weight training for the upper body!
  • So I mentioned the other day that my achilles has been giving me some trouble. It has actually been bothering me since the beginning of April but since I am a meat-head the path taken to deal with it was that of ignorance.  This path is not one that I would recommend as it could have become a lot worse than it is now.  That being said, it really is not at injury stage yet so I have decided to take a couple of weeks off from running and let it settle down some.  Because of this I have decided to not race Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 at the end of the month.  The thought is to take the time to get healthy so I can begin a solid block of training leading up to Rev3 Cedar Point Half Rev on September 11th.  Oh, and if you haven't signed up for Rev3 Cedar Point Full or Half you better get to it soon because all the cool kids are going to be there and you don't want to miss out!
  • Speaking of Rev3, check out the new website!  It is so easy to navigate and gives you all the information about your races that you could possibly want. The user friendly rating for this site is through the roof. This should be the template for all race website from this point forward.
  • The weather here in Houston has be brutal.  It has been over 100 degrees for the last few days with dangerous level of humidity.  Yes, Houston is usually hot this time of year but not this bad.  Hopefully it cools off by the time I resume running next week or I might have to do my first treadmill run of 2011.  
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  1. The prices for NY/NJ are ridiculous! And what does US Championships mean anyway? I say stick to you Quebec. It looks much prettier!

  2. dont you knock NJ!!!!!

    the $1000+ cost of IM NYC is absolutely ridiculous - but i'm sure people will pay for it. i was initially very excited to hear about this race since im from that area, but reading about the logistics and cost, no thanks. hopefully folks will sign up for these two new IM and have more spots open for the oldie but goodie IM locations!

  3. I have no desire to do IMNY

    Achilles suck

  4. I Googled it and there is no butter-churning championship.

  5. IMMT - I am in for that one I think. Too good of a destination to pass up.

    CP... Found some flights for $300 and am now considering that (2ish hr flight) instead of the (18 hr) drive. I just want to meet everyone. I guess there is a race or something too? I need to book a place to stay.

    "I would rather churn butter for 17hrs" LOL

    Congrats to Annie, heading over to stalk her now.

    I got some news release that said something about body parts being found in Houston? WTF?

  6. uhhhh yeah IMNY can eat my shorts.

    Achilles sucks donkey balls... not that I would know, but as much as this sucks, that's all I can liken it to.

    Rev3's new website is awesome. Actually very idiot friendly (me) and better to get through than WTC's.

    Take time off, don't even go out and "test" your achilles, trust me, it isn't better LOL.

  7. You have the T-Rex body going. Sexaaaay! If anything, I'd love to be a super spectator @ Rev3 and I'm praying to god that MT doesn't sell out too quick.

  8. Book it - like "gett outta here"?
    Book it - like "hit the road jack?"


    book it - like "I'm so freaking ready for you to rock another freaking IM?!"

    Love it.

  9. Doing an IM in MT would be sooo awesome!!

    Ugh..I'm so sorry about your achilles! What a bummer! I think you're smart to lay off of it for awhile and let it heal! Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later!

  10. Um, I may be convinced to join you crazy IMer's. It looks like a good race, and only a slight incline on the bike.... Keep us posted!

  11. Mont Treblant is pretty appealing.. I was really set on doing an Oct/Nov iron next year, but may be able to change my mind with that one...

    And I also have a draft blog post in the works all about how triathletes overanalyze their race photos. I may have to reference you in the post now.

    I started it after Sam yelled at me for complaining that one pic made me look like I had a muffin top.

  12. I've decided to host an event and call it the Ironman Galaxy Championships. Entry fee will be $10,000. Cutting out the middle-man with the Hudson River and we'll just be swimming through the sewer drains. Sign up quickly before all the slots are filled.

  13. Good move resting the achilles .... and ignoring IMNY. Same thing with the temps in the Dallas area. I considered hitting the treadmill last night but decided to hit the road instead. Horrendous run.

  14. An Ironman in New York might be the worst idea I've ever heard. The only redeeming quality would be if you got to ride or run through the Holland or Lincoln Tunnels....

  15. Meatheads of the endurance world! Unite!

  16. You have my head spinning with all this MT talk. It looks awesome but I think I might be full for IM for next year as I'm leaning toward TX and AZ right now.

    Not to mention that CP relay we were talking about a while back.

  17. Huh, IMNY. Mixed feelings. I love New York and would list Central Park, Liberty State Park in Jersey City and The West Side Highway path in top running spots of the world. I wouldn't mind riding my bike through The Holland Tunnel either. But on the other hand, I can see that race being both miserable (especially the swim) and a logistical nightmare.

  18. Now those are some thighs! You're going to have to get your clothes tailored to let them fit.

    That new IM looks pretty sweet. Congrats to your wife on her tri.

  19. Hmmmmm. Beautiful setting overseas versus polluted river and New Jersey.... hmmmmm... sign me up for Jersey.... huh??
    Reason to follow in an email...

  20. That looks like an amazing venue for an IM! Here's my question--how much room is there for more IMs? The thing is, the slots are already so darn spread out. Getting kind of crazy!

    Too funny on your thighs. It's a good thing. Rest that heel!

  21. Still not sure where Mont Tremblant is, but being that I have a big brain, I'll guess France.

    I am super impressed with your wife's reply. That is very cool. What a keeper she is.

  22. I agree with everyone else. Your wife rocks. She's a keeper. Fo sho.

  23. Not only is it in NY (I was born there, I know cool kids come from NY), but it's in NY in August. Let me tell you... that's gonna suck!

    No IMMT... I can't say that I haven't googled all the pictures too...

    Good choice in not racing the 70.3. Achilles injuries are crap!

    And you look like a biker - smaller upper body and big quads. It's power my friend... remember - the bike is the longest leg of a tri! :)

  24. IMMT....sigh.... It looks so freaking awesome! It was leading a poll on slowtwitch for which IM would you most like to do.

    As much as I would like to, I just don't think I can sign up without having one under my belt already. So, if by the bizarro world chance registration doesn't close within 24 hours and it takes 3 months, maybe. But most likely IMMT 2013 - Rev3 2012.

    Why don't you just go do IMNJ next year (you know you want to) and IMMT in 2013 ;)

    Take it easy on that Achilles! Don't make me get a passport and come down there to kick your butt.

  25. Jeff, I am so comfortable with my manhood that I can tell you that you have a nice set of glutes and hamstrings. The old ladies in the pool are probably all undressing you with their eyes while you are doing laps. Don't feel violated. Embrace it.

  26. Take care of that achilles!

  27. Mont Tremblant is awesome! Have been there in the winter to ski &in the summer to zip line. It is expensive but most of the hotels &condos have kitchens. And boy oh boy, I can't imagine a prettier place to compete in! Go for it. Also, everyone pretty much speaks you shouldn't have language issues.

  28. so MT looks like some quaint European town, doesn't it? I'd bet that the course is harder than hell, though.

    Rough luck on the (almost) injury. Smart plan to lay off of runnign for a couple of weeks, though.

  29. Good call on IM NY. It seems like the WTC thinks it can slap an MDOT on anything and charge through the roof. Here's hoping the Rev 3 keeps growing and we can get some more races down south...
    good luck with the achilles RnR.

  30. I remember Earl Campbell's thighs were 36"…how big are yours? I always wanted really strong-looking legs like that. I never did achieve them.
    The canandian race looks and sounds spectacular. You have an awesome wife :)

  31. The only good thing about IMNY/NJ is that it might make IMLP easier to get in.

    Those are some huge legs!