Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Shit ...

  • Last year I was a member of Team Trakkers/Rev3 and really enjoyed my time being part of this wonderful group and great company. It is with regret that for 2012 I will no longer be a part of the team. My work schedule is such that I will be unable to attend any Rev3 races this coming season so I decided to step aside and allow my team slot to go to someone who can give Rev3 and the Team the type of support it deserves. If you have been considering doing a Rev3 Race stop everything and go sign-up right now. You will not e disappointed! I will always be a proud supporter of Rev3 and would like to thank them (especially Carole Sharpless) for letting me be a part of last year's team!
  • Getting misty up in here ...
  • Last night I chose to start Tim Tebow over Carson Palmer on my fantasy team. Palmer has a much better match-up but I really wanted a reason to watch last night's game AND I am a True Believer of the Tebow. If you saw the game you know that he disappointed for the first 59 minutes of the game but them pulled out a "W" for Denver with a 20-yrd TD run in the last minute.  Also gave me 17-fantasy points! All Hail The Tebow!
  • This has been a difficult week on the training front. After a 50K and a Half Marathon 6 days later at all-out paces my body has decided to revolt a little. On Tuesday I got in a slow 5mi run that helped to shake out some of the soreness in my quads. I wanted to run on Wednesday but woke up with some very unpleasant pain in the lower back so decided to take an extra rest day. Last night I got in 8.25mi at a slow 9:15/mi pace and by the end of it the legs felt good but the back started to get sore again. Going to try to go a little harder today(7mi) and tomorrow(5mi) and then am hopeful I will be back to myself for the scheduled 15 miler on Sunday.
  • I am absolutely loving The Walking Dead on AMC. If you are not watching this show go set the DVR right now (Sunday's @ 9pm) as it is the best show on TV (I know that is not saying much)!
  • In case you have concerns about the possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse fear no more! Fellow bloggers Kevin, Jon, and MattyO along with myself have a plan for when the Zombie Apocalypse occurs (and it will). Since we are all Triathletes with extremely high levels of cardio training we have stepped up and decided we would defend you all as the perfect Zombie Kill Squad! The perfect 4-man zombie wrecking crew. For more details on our plans you should really follow all of us on Twitter - it might just save your life!
  • If you have been enjoying all of my recent race reports then you are in for a treat as I have quite the packed race schedule! On Thanksgiving we will be doing our normal 5mi Turkey Trot in the Woodlands. On December 4th I will be running in another Half Marathon over the Fred Hartman Bridge - this is the famous Sausage on a Stick race! I am considering running this race with a Flip Video Camera so you can see everyone suffering as they run over one of Houston's largest bridges and then back again! Then on New Years Day I will be doing another 1/2 marathon in my backyard at the Texas Marathon race in Kingwood!

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  1. HAHA love this.

    Man, props on the noble route w/ Rev3 :) It is a big commitment w/ a lot of the stuff to be on a team (which is why I am teamless... well, aside from Team Oravec :) ).

    I have watched like the first 2 weeks of the walking dead and LOVED it. No DVR and I fall asleep before then lately... so I am out of the loop and sad now.

    We got all corners of the US covered... its all good.

    I need to upload a video from IMFL regarding a lady, a bicycle, and a texas flag. Hilarious.

  2. YES! Zombie Kill squad! I am wielding an ax, because, you know, my arms never run outa ammo! BAM!!!!

    Hope your body catches back up. You have been hitting it pretty hard. Its been amazing following your recent running progress. Gives me hope and jealousy! haha!

  3. Wait! Where's the ranting? You sound far too at peace in this post!

    I need a good show to latch onto, so I will have to check that out.

    And you're making me nervous w/ the lack of rest and lots of racing. Be careful!!

  4. The only thing i read was SAUSAGE ON A STICK race!! My favorite race that I've never done (Yogi Berra would like to steal that oxymoron right there)!
    Thank you Zombie Wrecking Crew for stepping up to the plate. I will just have to get better at paying attention to twitter now.
    I love running but damn does it beat the shit out of our bodies or what? I don't care though! Rock on!

  5. I personally think you blog about Tebow just to annoy me. No other reason, just get BDD all wound up

    I think I will join Milla Jovovich for my zombie apocalypse, I have thought this out and its a win, win for me

  6. Bummer about work interfering with triathlon life...

  7. I feel so safe know that you and the guys will be around to take care of us during the Zombie Apocalypse!

  8. I'm not surprised your body is revolting after two big back-to-back races! I hope the aches go away quickly for you.

  9. Watching a Broncos game right now is the equivalent of watching an NBA game. Just tune in for the final 5 minutes and you'll get all you need.

    After he scored and pumped the guns did you Tebow in our house?

    I just sent Kevin an email with some rants so we can write this post for you soon.

  10. Hey man, hope your body recovers soon, I would be in injured reserve if I put on the miles you did this month.

    I guess I need to watch this Zombie thing.

  11. Zombie Kill Squad Weapons:

    Jon: Axe
    Matt: Grim Reaper Sickle
    Kevin: Sledge Hammer (is that right Kevin?)
    Jeff: Heavy duty crowbar

    Zombie: lots of splattered heads!

    Rest of the country: Can sleep safe at night knowing we are out there!

  12. I feel much safer now that there will be a zombie wrecking crew out there!!!

  13. Homeskillet, may I say that it was amazing experience being part of the Trakkers team with you last season.
    I think your body rightly deserves to revolt a little bit this week. Take it easy my brother. Don't they sell beer in Texas?

    You'll have to ponder more about the worst 80's bands ever. Should I have a separate metal category? Can I limit that to just five bands? C'mon, I mean... Warrant, White Lion, Cinderella, ugh! The list could go on for miles... Ratt... Winger...

  14. Someone has to man the chain saw in ZKS. It is required.

    I turned the game off before Tebow did his stuff. Think Rex is Tebowing this morning?

  15. Yeah for Tebow!! He sure is making my household a happier place! And how can you not like the guy?

    You have me intrigued with the Walking Dead. I am not really into zombie stuff but maybe it is worth a try.

  16. You've got to run with the Flip! That sounds like an amazing post!

  17. I began training for the Zombie Apocalypse over the summer. My plan involves outrunning them. My 12-year old son thinks that's a stupid plan :(

    and why the f was I not following you on twitter?

  18. difficult run week had to be expected after those efforts back to back. seems you are taking the correct course of action and have it goin on!


  19. I know you made the right choice about REV3... I don't have to like it, but I'll agree with it. :)

    Get that body recouped and get ready to race! You've been logging so many miles, but there is so much good ahead of you!

    I don't know about this whole Zombie stuff. Maybe it's a boy thing...

  20. Ugggggg.... :(

    I do not agree with Colleen - I do NOT think you made the right choice. :(

    We will miss you but you will always be in the Rev3 family.


  21. I think that's pretty damn good after a 50K and half (right after) marathon.

    Since I am really good a making things and have tools and stuff and lots or weird metal things in my shop I will volunteer to make your weapons.

  22. I would really like to join this zombie wrecking squad.. I can add the benefit of "girl on horseback with bat" !!!

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