Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Trot Time

Tomorrow at 8:15am Annie and I will be running in the GE Run Thru the Woods 5mi Turkey Trot!

This will be the third consecutive year we have done this race so I guess it has become kind of a tradition.

Here are my results from the last two years: 

2009 - Total Time - 36:27
               Average Pace - 7:16/Mi 
               Age Group Rank - 25/143
               Overall Rank - 293/2300

2010 -  Total Time - 35:45
              Average Pace - 7:09/Mi
              Age Group Rank - 8/140
              Overall Rank - 128/2266

In 2009 the weather was a perfect 45* at the start but last year it was around 75* with 95% humidity, it was awful. This explains why my overall and age group rankings were considerably stronger in 2010 but I was only 42 seconds faster. Heat and Humidity kills!

The good news is that tomorrow we are expecting extremely pleasant temperatures!

According to Accuweather the temperature in the Woodlands at 8am is supposed to be 52* and sunny with humidity at an uncomfortable 86% BUT the Dew Point is at 48* so it should feel rather crisp.

Love this day and love this race!

Also, I am quite excited to watch the Packers vs the Lions tomorrow. It has been quite some time that meaningful football has been played during the early Turky Day game in Detroit and the much improved Lions are going against the undefeated Packers.  I really do not care who wins but I have Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, and Jermichael Finley on my fantasy rosters so hoping for lots of points from the Pack!

Is anyone else doing a Turkey Trot tomorrow? Rooting for the Pack or the Lions?

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  1. Rooting for the Lions, though the packers will win, also excited for the niner v ravens game as well

    Have a great Thanksgiving

    Gobble Wobble

  2. I have Aaron Rodgers and the Packers D on my fantasy team so I will be rooting for the Packers. Plus, Aaron Rodgers is from Chico, where my parents live now. He went to high school across the street from where my parents live (which my dad tells me every time we drive by it). So I feel a little loyal to him for some reason.

    GOod luck on race tomorrow and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I am not racing tomorrow b/c the Dallas Turkey Trot is a nightmare. You can't get into a good rhythm for this race so instead I am saving my race fees and going to life and then do hill repeats.

    Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the race tomorrow.

  4. I will be doing my first one tomorrow. We have to predict our time for 10 miles. We won't be allow to wear a watch, gps or ipod. I have no stinking idea how long it will take since I am a slave to my garmin.

    Anyway, have a good race. More importantly have a good Thanksgiving and enjoy the games.

  5. Pittsburgh Turkey Trot fourth year. It works out since we come up to visit my folks. I do it dressed as a turkey too - hat, tail feathers. It's a lot of fun and pretty much the only 5K outside of a triathlon that I do all year.

  6. First year to do the Jefferson City Road Runners Pie Run (all prizes are local bakery pies). Supposed to be in the 60's tomorrow midday, but at 8 AM it will still be on the cool side (40's). Flat (as in all floodplain)course will make it possible to PR though.

    My sis lives in WI so I sometimes wear a cheesehead and root for the Packers. Chiefs and Rams have been so sad for so long that I don't feel much loyalty to them. But overall, not a huge NFL fan (more like check the paper the next day and see who won).

  7. enjoy - are you running or you have recovered and are racing again?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and A!

  8. Just a 5K Marathon tomorrow ;)

    Have a great Turkey Day Jeff! And kick some ass! I forsee sub 7 min miles during this race.

  9. I opted out of the Turkey trot this year. It was crazy crowded last year and not a pleasure when you have to push a double jogging stroller.

  10. Valley Isle Road Runners has a free club run tomorrow - 2.6, 8.4 and 16 mile options. The 16-miler fits right in with my marathon training right now. it will be the longest distance I've ever run. Excited and thankful that I can do this...

    Hope you and Annie have a great run tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Have fun.... I don't think the 7 year old that beat me this past weekend will be showing up... so you're in luck..

  12. Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving to you and Annie!!

  13. Jeff, like the new look. No race report yet, but I am judging by the steady increase, or rather, decrease in total time, coupled with the fact that you are now an official iron-distance person ;-) that you probably went sub-30 yesterday.

    Damn, that is a run on sentence.

    Beer Good. Fire Bad.


  14. I hope your run went well. I think next year I will be do a thankgiving 5k It will make me feel less guilty about eating all that food. Keep up the good work!

  15. And so how did it go? I'm thinking you were down around 32 this year w/ all the good speed you have built in.

  16. New to your blog. I am curious to see how you did. Take care, hope your Thanksgiving was great.