Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking Ahead ...

Over the last few weeks quite a few bloggers have already planned a lot of races for 2012. I had done this as well a couple of months ago but have since changed my mind!

I've decided to do a lot less racing this year and focus on only two "A" races. The main reason for this re-calibrated mindset is that I want to get faster. Over the years when significant speed increases have been realized one factor has always been the same:  Consistent Training with Purpose.

That will be my goal for 2012: Consistent Training with Purpose!

2012 Race Schedule:

- Texas Half Marathon (Jan 1st): This race falls right in the middle of my 18-Wk Marathon Training plan and allows me to gauge fitness. The goal is to go as hard as humanly possible so I can use the results to set the training paces for the remainder of marathon training.

- The Woodlands Marathon"A" Race #1(March 3rd):  This will be my first stand-alone marathon and I am foolishly attempting to Boston Qualify. I am 36 years old and with the new 2012 qualifying standards it means I need to run a sub-3:10. Based on current fitness, training, and my last few races all the pace calculators say I am very close to being able to hit the qualifying standard. BUT it is going to take eight more weeks of consistent, purposeful training to get below the 3:10 mark.  AND if Kevin decides to come race we will be shooting for sub-3:05 since he is a youngster!

- Kemah Olympic Triathlon (April 29th):  This race will occur 8-weeks into Ironman Training and be used to get back into racing Triathlon and, more importantly, assess swim and bike fitness. If my swim and bike are struggling then my plan can be adjusted to account for these deficiencies. I have also learned that Long Course training can really beat on you over time and sometimes it is just good for the soul to go out and race.

- Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon 70.3 (June 24th):  This legendary race on the 70.3 circuit is one I have been wanting to do and it coincidentally falls 8-weeks out from Ironman. This is the perfect amount of time to assess fitness and dial in nutrition. The course is located among canyons and makes for some difficult climbs on the bike and run. This should get me in the right mindset for the mountains in Quebec.

- Ironman Mont-Tremblant, "A" Race #2 (August 19th):  This is the big daddy of the season and I already cannot wait to get to it. The best part is that this race has been planned with blogger buddies Jon, Mandy, and Kevin. We are all going to have such a great time. Last year Ironman Texas training was with the mindset of just wanting to finish. It was a great day and the race went exactly as expected. After I finished it was apparent to me that a lot was left on the course and I have the ability to go faster. This year I am training to race and to see what level my body can be pushed.  This course is going to be one heck of a challenge!

- Memphis Marathon (Dec 1st): Annie and our friends Jenn, Dave, and Deanna all want to run this race. If I was able to BQ at the Woodlands in March then I will be the super-sherpa for everyone. If I missed BQing, then I will try and parlay the Ironman fitness into another BQ attempt. Either way it appears we will be hitting up Beale Street to close out the year!

As of right now this is it! I could potentially add a few running races in during the fall and was also thinking about Rev3 Florida in October.

With the spacing of these races it will allow for focus on training and peaking for each race as opposed to tinkering with reduced training and half-assed tapering.

Has everyone else locked in 2012 races yet? Are you planning on any of the races above?

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  1. 2012 looks awesome!
    That's a lot of racing.
    Love the "A" races!

    Texas 1/2 is right around the corner.
    Nothing like getting 2012 started in the first week of January!!

  2. I was thinking the same thing. At first I really filled up the year, but now I want to reduce the events to just a select few. Easier to focus.

  3. That looks like a great race schedule! I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do next year...hopefully I'll figure it out soon!

  4. Buffalo Springs kicked my butt when I was your age. DNF on the bike. Of course that was the time of my life where the OneHourIronman was a ZeroHourIronman. I didn't train at all on the bike.. maybe that had something to do with not finishing in the 100F heat and 30mph winds, ya think?

    But it was all part of a greater plan... I was just savings my knees and joints until I was in my 50s... plan is on schedule baby...

    Races? NEW YORK and then KONA baby.. Tri Gods willing..

  5. Just started a pretty extensive list of races that I would like to do as I loved how having a race last year pushed me to work out (when I had been a pretty rooted couch vegetable). But I might be overdoing it with wanting one race nearly every month (plus that is a bit tough on the pocketbook - though most are fairly local and reasonably priced). I need to nail a few down as one of the local race directors has early bird pricing that ends 1/15. Your list looks great. Lots of potentially epic moments!

  6. I drin that kool-aid Jeff! Not a ton of races on the schedule but the one's that are on my list will be raced hard, no junk races!
    If you do the Rev 70.3 in Sarasota, FL, I am so there to cheer you on! I would have loved to put that one on my list but timing wise with IMFL right around the corner, it isn't the smartest thing. The schedule looks perfect!

  7. solid line-up jeff. yup, how about you BQ and come visit me!!!!

    i only have one race scheduled for 2012 - i guess i need to start putting something together huh?

  8. I will expect us to get together in Memphis if you do make it down here! I can take you to the best post race BBQ you have ever had, although you might have to wait for me to finish!

  9. I'm thinking about fewer real races too and my plan is still morphing. Your agenda looks solid.

  10. Awesome for you!! Hope you get your BQ!

    I am planning just one race- first marathon here in Colorado. I'm sure there will be others.

  11. What a great schedule! Love that you are doing Ironman Mont Tremblant.

    Smart to do consistent training with a purpose. I find that recovering from long races took more out of my training in the past just to recover. Best of luck with your Boston goals. Awesome!

  12. I don't know what the hell I'm doing in 2012. I do like your idea of consistency and purpose. I hope I can find some of that.

    3:09:59 baby.

  13. Awesome schedule! I really like what you are doing in August! Seriously 2012is going to to rock

  14. Solid looking schedule Jeff! The races look to be spaced just about perfectly.

  15. So that is what you call a "lighter" schedule? Looks solid and well spaced. I applaud the less is more train of thought.

    I'm signed up for the Ragnar 200 mile team relay in PA in October and hoping to do my usual Olympic Tri in Wilkes Barre, PA in August. But the toughest event I'm signed up for is at the end of the May and I can't even train for that. Unless someone is willing to let me borrow their newborn baby. Should make training for August and October pretty interesting.

  16. You've got a great looking year ahead of you. Hopefully Boston will fit into that schedule as I believe both you and Kevin will qualify. Go, Jeff, Go!

  17. That will be my goal for 2012: Consistent Training with Purpose!

    Great goal!

  18. Working on getting all my ducks in a row right now actually. Just needed a break from staring at Excel (the cells are all starting to blur together). I have to get it figured out in the next couple of days because a bunch of races have price increases on the 31st.

  19. I think starting 2012 with a half is AWESOME! Looks like a great race schedule.

  20. TBA past Oceanside and CdA. I'm actually thinking crits for the second half of the year.

  21. Great plan man, good timing between the races and definitely enough build time.

    I was going to back off the number of races this year... but I changed my direction. I want to do 3-70.3's and minimize the running races again.

    I think we have 2 definite marathons on the schedule too... No PRs this year though, think I am respectfully bowing out of the BQ attempt... I got close... that last bit is a world of hurt that I choose to not experience right now.

    The other factor is... I have accomplished a ton of goals already and my biggest fear is that if I BQ this year (Big IF) that I will have no driving force to motivate me to run anymore... which would = Fat Matt. Yup. Simple logic haha.

    I am behind you 100% of the way man, would love to come down to cheer you on for BQing but our travel budget will be WIPED out this year fast :(

  22. a great year setup

    I for one will be excited to see your success in the standalone marathon coming up. You have been working hard on the running, doing all the right things, and your mileage is superb. You will have a great opportunity to rock that thing

    I have my eye on a late season 70.3...Austin?


  23. I see a great year in your future!

  24. What an awesome race plan, love how everything flows into the next event!

  25. Smart way to play it, I think. And I think you're going to get your BQ...if you can do what you did in your ultra plus the 1/2 right after, you're golden!

  26. i will be doing the woodlands half as well as kemah!

  27. Your race schedule looks awesome! Hope you qualify for Boston - I'm sure you'll do great.

    I am running exactly zero races in 2012, haha! Running is taking a back-seat to climbing this year, although I will be doing a lot of trail running over the summer.

  28. You are going to have an amazing 2012... I can tell! Oh... and I **might** be playing sherpa in MT. :)

  29. Looks like a great season of racing for you! Why am I so freaking nervous for you for March, now?! You and Jason have me stressed out with these BQ attempts!