Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week in Review - All Pictures

My wife has been away for the last week in Hawaii where she set a PR at the Honolulu Marathon. This means it has been just me, the pugs, and the iPhone camera:

Lots of this was consumed.
Ernie and me Tebowing in front of Tebow.

Notice the winter hat and long sleeves - cold days running last week!
Storage Room - Before.
Storage Room - Before
Storage Room - After (Yes, that is a 5.5ft Replica Braveheart Sword on the wall - it will be quite the surprise when Annie gets home tomorrow).
Storage Room - After (Now the Bike Trainer Room).
My left calf after getting attacked by a dog during a run - 3 puncture wounds from the bite - lovely, huh?
Big Ernie being a lap dog!
Little motivation for those "trying" to get off the couch!

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  1. Best pictures...the first, and the one of Ernie! And when I saw the "puncture wounds" I thought you were going to say it was a result of the Shiners mixed with the Braveheart blade....now THAT would have been a story.

  2. Braveheart = epic!!!!! Ffffrrrreeeeeeeddooom!!!!

    You seem to have been shockingly productive while the wife was away. You have been domesticated.

    Nice setup for the trainer. I'll have to shoot some pictures of mine for an upcoming post. Always cool to get new ideas.

  3. I got a TON done while she was gone. The Kitchen is spotless, all laundry is done, house has been vacuumed, even gave the dogs baths. And I ran 60miles!

    The table next to the trainer is key. I place my laptop on it with the computrainer hooked up. Then I run a VGA cord from the computer to the TV so I can view the Real Video on the TV screen. The Computrainer is awesome!

  4. Nice work on setting yourself up with a sweet trainer room. That's awesome. That's craziness with the dog bite. Did you bite him back?

  5. Terrible that a dog bit you. The owner should put their animal down if it is aggressive to humans. That and never own a dog again since they have proven to raise them mean and are unable to control them public.

    That is assuming you were an innocent victim on the trail. If you were up to no good and a police dog got you I am sure you deserved it.

  6. Hold on a second, dude. Ive been keeping my legs cleanly shaved ever since you gave me a rash of s**t like, 2 years ago.

    I feel betrayed. And no, marathon training focus isnt a good enough excuse.

  7. First of all, congrats on Annie's PR! I am sure Ernie will be happy to see her.

    I like the table next to the trainer. I am going to have to do the same in my man-cave!

  8. Congrats to your wife! Wow, maybe I need to leave my hubby for week while I go to Hawaii. ;)

  9. Now you have to shave the legs again Caveman. Can't have dog bites healing and scabbing up with the hair.

    That picture about getting up off the couch is awesome.

    Is Bailey camera shy?

  10. I'm disappointed.
    You cleaned up the storage room, kitchen, etc etc...
    And when Annie gets home you are going to say "Now honey, see how well I cleaned everything up.... please keep it that way?"
    Dude, dude, dude.... really?
    Does she come home, plop on the couch turn on the Steelers and say "Hubs, could you get me an Iron City out of the fridge?"

  11. I am convinced that you Tebow just to annoy me, no other reason, lets annoy BDD.


  12. Loved all the pics! Very impressed with your productivity. I usually have to run around the last day before my husband returns and tidy everything I've messed up. But looks like you balanced it with plenty of down time. Congrats on her PR!

  13. I love the motivation at the end!

  14. Man I need a bigger place. Wish I had a dedicated trainer room/man cave.

    Sucks about the dog bite! Did you at least get a tetanus shot?


  15. I'm somewhat surprised you ride a trainer and not rollers. Love the dedicated room though.

  16. Tebowing!! LOVE~
    60 miles. Really? Are you training or is this run running?
    Are you in Colorado?

  17. Good job on the room. But I must say Jeff, I was much more alarmed by the hairy legs. ;o)

  18. I am trying out just being a runner = hairy legs!

    Or just being lazy - ti is surely one of those reasons!

  19. Dude - SWEET training room! And holy crap, sorry about the dog bite!

  20. Are you sure those before/after pictures are not switched? Because at my house they would be if I was gone for a week...

    LOVE the Ernie picture on the couch and Tebowing!! hahahah

  21. Tebow pulled another miracle last weekend indeed! I was at a bar watching the games, the bar went crazy when the Broncos won!

    And that Braveheart sword is awesome, I saw the real one in Stirling, Scotland last summer, I was shocked at how big it was! Really cool to visit the William Wallace monument there.

  22. Did Annie do a recap yet? I checked the other day but didn't see one.

    Ouch for the dog bite, no one digs that.

    Love the sword, but if it were from LOTR, I would be just a weee bit mored impressed : )

  23. Still can't believe the dog attack! Did it ruin your warm, woolie tights? ; )

    The trainer room is looking good!

    Have a great weekend.

  24. Annie should leave more often... sounds like you were super productive!

    Was it like 60 out when you ran... I mean, hat and long sleeves? WOW!

    I love your dog... :)

  25. oh my. i'm sure she's gonna love that sword. maybe. sorta. lol!