Monday, March 12, 2012

Ironman Mont-Tremblant Training Week #1

Week #1 of Ironman training is in the books.

It was not the perfect week as I was scheduled to do a morning and evening ride on Monday but my legs were still too trashed from The Woodlands Marathon on Saturday. I could not even pick my legs up over the bike on the trainer and figured this might be a sign that another day of recovery was needed.

On Tuesday I went to my first Master's swim class in over four months. It felt like my first time ever in water. By the end of the session I started to feel a little better but it is going to take a few more weeks of hard work to get back to my old level.

Here is my week #1 volume:

Swim - 3x - 6000M - 3hrs
Bike - 4x - 111.52mi - 5hr 26m
Run - 1x - 7.38mi - 1h 2m

Overall I really enjoyed getting back on the bike. It has been raining all damn week so all four sessions were on the computrainer, including a long ride of 51mi in 2h 34m. Indoor riding sucks but it is such a great workout! AND I watched the first season of "Game of Thrones" while on the trianer - holy shit is this show amazing!

I decided to not run until Sunday morning and am happy for the extra recovery because I got in a great run with 7x hill repeats in my favorite parking garage. These hill repeats are going to be a rather regular occurrence since IMMT is in the mountains. It was weird to not lace up the Brooks for seven days considering over the last 20 months I averaged close to 60 miles per week. But my run fitness is pretty good right now so no need to force it and get hurt.

Glad to be back in the Swim/Bike/Run world again. It was fun being strictly a runner for a few months but it made me realize how much I like riding and swimming!

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  1. I think as retaliation, you should have let the bronco riding chick video you attempting to get on your tri bike on Monday. haha

    I sure is weird not to be running every. single. day. now.

    1. It should have been videoed as retribution for my asshole-ness.

  2. Way to jump back in with both feet!

  3. Welcome back to triathlon! I bet it feels good to not just be running everywhere. That pool is just sweet after you're burnt out on training in other areas. I hope you get fully recovered from Woodlands!

  4. Nice week and impressive bike times

  5. Nice recap and nice start to your training. I am doing the same thing with blogging about every week of my training for Ironman St. George. I find it helps keep me focused and really gives me a chance to see what worked and what I need to work on. Looking forward to following!

  6. Way to get right back in the saddle after the marathon! I would be laying on the couch all week...

  7. Here's to a great training cycle!

  8. Kevin's comment is perfect. That would have been a great side by side video of the two of you.

    Back in the proverbial saddle and it is going to be great to follow all of you on the way to IMMT.

    Maybe put the front of the bike on the top of a ladder outside the house to simulate the climbing when the weather turns nice.

    After PR I am heading to the local tri shop a couple of times to ride IMTX again as well. $10 for the first hour and $5 for each hour after that. 6 hours equals $35 or about the amount of gas it would take to drive down there, but I do plan on doing that as well.

  9. Nice work man. Yeah, I definitely need the variety, don't know if I can handle being a "runner" again ! haha.

  10. Great! Now we get to read about your killer tri workouts again!!!

  11. how's your dingaling doing with all the cycling?

  12. You are so lucky to go race in Quebec!
    you should add learning some French to your training!!!

  13. You are seriously NUTS to get back on the bike with that much rigor already! Welcome back :)

  14. I could never do a long ride on the trainer, that demonstrates some mental toughness, I have a cyclocross bike on order I plan to take out in the bad weather.

  15. You are an animal!! Week one in the books!! It is exciting, huh?

    I can't wait for IMMT!!

  16. Honestly, you more than deserved the wee bit of recovery you took. So awesome you had a great first run post-amazing-marathon :)