Monday, December 31, 2012

Don't Let the Door Smack You on the Ass on the Way Out 2012 ...

So this will be the obligatory Blogger 2012 Recap Post.

Cool Things that Happened:
  • Brooks Running renewed my sponsorship in the Brooks ID program.
  • I became an Endurance Sports Coach and have started a company and am enjoying the hell out of it.
  • Had a visit to Texas from Jennie and Kevin for the Woodlands Marathon in March and we all had a great time. Even went to the Rodeo and Jason made the drive down to be a super-sherpa with Annie.
  • Dave and I took a long road trip (20hrs windshield time) to Lubbock, Texas for the BSLT70.3 and stopped at a half dozen amazing small-town Texas BBQ places.
  • Took a little drive out to Austin to visit IronBob Shuler and got in some riding over on Lance Armstrong's training grounds. Managed to stay PED free.
  • Took an awesome trip to Quebec for Ironman Mont-Tremblant with Dave, Jenn, Kevin, Jennie, Beth, Jon, Annie, and Mandy.
  • Got a new Cannondale Road Bike and feel back in love with Cycling.
  • Had an unforgettable trip to Memphis with Jim, Elizabeth, Dave, Jenn, Deanna and Annie.
  • Took a drive to Dallas and stayed with Karen and Jason for the Dallas Marathon and then watched three of my incredible athletes all PR on an extremely hot and humid day.
  • After being sick, Annie and I went to a nutritionist and have been following his eating plan and I am now 10lbs lighter then my Ironman Racing weight.
Not-So-Cool Things that Happened:
  • After the Woodlands Marathon I ended up in the medical tent with Hyponatremia and spent the remainder of the afternoon pissing blood.
  • At the end of March and the beginning of IMMT training I got the flu, bronchitis and a sinus infection. It took me down for about two weeks and really funked up training.
  • Three weeks before IMMT during mile 14 of a long run I collapsed in the parking lot of a Starbucks from Heat Exhaustion. I ended up in pretty bad shape and was actually lucky it was not Heat Stroke.
  • A week after IMMT my body was not feeling recovered and I had a low grade fever. A few days later I ended up in the ER and after hours of testing it was determined I was infected with the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and this lead to Mononucleosis
  • It took me about 6 weeks to be deemed EBV Free. And with my fitness level being decimated I gained a ton of weight. 
  • I decided to not race the Boston Marathon.
  • Due to being sick I became slow )-:

By the Numbers (Races):
  •  Seven total Races
  •  Five PRs
    • Bridgefest 5K
    • Lifetime Fitness 10K
    • The Woodlands Marathon
    • Kemah Olympic Tri
    • Ironman Mont-Tremblant
  • My First DNF
    • Buffalo Springs Lake Tri 70.3
  • My First Overall Win
    • Lifetime Fitness 10K
Overall it was an okay year racing. I was able to Boston Qualify with a 3:06 at the Woodlands Marathon but, despite a PR, I had a tough day at IMMT with a 12:00 Finish Time. Due to the health issues I had this year I feel that I under-performed to my potential which is why I am not super happy with 5 PRs in 7 races.

By the Numbers (Training):

  • Swim -139336.00 M - 52h 49m 21s 
  • Bike -  2843.55 Mi - 148h 01m 02s 
  • Run - 1024.48 Mi - 147h 19m 35s 
These training numbers are sad. Especially taken over the course of a full 12-months. But when I drill down and look at my logs they really are not too bad and here is why:

- 95% of the running miles were done in 8 months which is around 119 Miles/month. Thanks EPV. My highest month was 251mi.
- All of the Bike Miles were done in 7 months. Due to Marathon training in the winter I did not ride in Jan or Feb and then did not ride after getting sick in the Fall. Over 7 months this equals around 405 Miles/month. My highest volume month was 601mi.
- No excuses for not swimming. I just chose not to swim that much.

Most Controversial Post:

  • Calling Bullshit on CrossFit Endurance:  The Crossfitter do not like this one. It must be on some CFE Message board or website because this post was written in January and I am still getting emails and comments. In that time it has over 5500 unique visitors and only God knows how many page views. I've grown tired of replying so if you are feeling frisky grab the reigns and have at 'em.

So there you have it. The Dangle the Carrot 2012 Recap. I know I sound all doom and gloom about 2012  but after writing this I was reminded of all the very cool things that happened and it made all the time sick, on stretchers, or in ERs seem not all that bad.

Hope you all had a great 2012 and will have an even better 2013.

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  1. We will start 2013 on the right foot with a solid training week in January and build from there.

    Happy New Year to you, Annie, Bailey and Ernie.

  2. It was an eventful year and you overcame the obstacles. That, is most important. Have a great New Year! Plus, the Pirates can't possibly find new ways to lose this year.

  3. Sounds like a good year to me.... must have been the Austin visit and the EPO and HGH I slipped into your box wine that jump started it... :)

  4. I hope 2013 brings HEALTH to you so you can do the things you set out to do in the beginning. Man, you had some rough sickness this year! Still, I think you had a terrific year despite your body screwing you over. Happy New Year!

  5. Despite the set backs, you still basically kicked ass. Well done.

  6. Sometimes I get this weird cult-y hit from CrossFitters. Seems like a good set of'd get strong and fit. But there is an almost rabid-ness about some participants. But BBQ...I could get behind some good BBQ anytime. And I'm sure it would make me a better athlete ;-) Sounds like we're both coming out of 2012 on a decent note and ready to see what 2013 has in's to it! Happy New Year!

  7. Dont let the door smack you on way out is RIGHT!
    but you still had some amazing experiences and activities!!
    can only get better

    holySH*T 10lbs under IM weight! fk now I need a nutritionist. Actually I have an idea of what to do for next 4 months hopefully I can do it.

    let the rebuild begin!


  8. Happy New Years!!

    What is the name of your company?

    I went back and read the comments, it was a good read

    Welcome back to Brooks

  9. We are so hard on ourselves... I still think you had an amazing year, but of course, it's easy for me to say since I barely raced or trained at all. :)

    Here's hoping that 2013 is amazing and that you stay healthy!!!

    Hey are you doing Texas 70.3? Tom's going in for that one as well as IMTX. You might see more of Tom than you hoped in one year! :)

    I love the crossfit post. I just don't get crossfit. It's not worth explaining at this point.