Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Race Schedule

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Ironman Florida is my only "A" race for 2013.

That means I am going to be a three sport guy for 12 months.

Here is how the year is going to look:

Feb 2nd - BridgeFest 5k (Kingwood, TX)
April 20th - Lake Tejas Sprint Triathlon (Colmesneil, TX)
September 21st - Redman 70.3 (Oklahoma City, OK)
November 2nd - Ironman Florida (Panama City Beach, FL)

Yep, only have four races planned right now. I might add a running race or two but right now this is all I am doing.

Why these races?

The Bridgefest 5k will be my first race. It is a local 5k that I have done the last two years and really enjoy the event so am running it again. It will also be the first time I have raced since being sick so it gives me something to train for over the next month.

The Lake Tejas Tri is about 2hrs North of me and is on a what looks to be a hilly bike course. I haven't done a Triathlon since the August Ironman and figured this small race (capped at 300ppl) would be a good event to get the Tri legs back.

Redman is in Oklahoma City and is only about a 6.5hr drive for me from North Houston. More importantly, it is exactly 6 weeks out from Ironman Florida which makes this close to perfect (8 weeks out would be just perfect) for a long training day under race conditions. And the course conditions should be similar to that of Panama City, maybe a little warmer, but will be flat and windy.

Ironman Florida was decided on over a year ago. I wanted to do a fast Ironman course and few are faster than the track at Panama City Beach.

Who else has 2013 already planned?  We doing any of the same races?

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  1. I am thinking of Florida '14 as my finale race in the 6 continent endeavor. I may come over and work it and give you some tips.

    I didn't see the August race on the docket..
    HHH. Wouldn't it be great to get a 8 or 9 person group together and crank out 100 in 4.5 hours? I will call Lance to see if he would want to join us and drive up with me.. oh that's right, he can't

    1. Hotter than Hell is a go! It is not a real race so I didn't put it on the schedule.

      We can all hold our own race - last one to the parking lot has to pay for beer (-:

  2. Perfect build up for your A race.

  3. I am doing Redman 140.6 this year!!!

  4. Had a lot of tri club friends that did Redman last year. They said to make sure not to wear anything that you care about getting stained (as in red). Just FYI.

  5. Only 4 races? Pussy. There. I said it. Someone had to. haha

    My race is in August and you are already ahead of me.

    Oh... and I expect a PR at that 5k.

    1. I plan on wearing a skirt for all of 2013 with this wimpy race schedule.

  6. Don't wear the skirt, please. Dude...

    Yours looks good, logical

    My schedule is getting predictable - half marathon in Feb, Olympic in March, Oceanside 4 weeks later + criteriums.

    I need to find something cool/interesting for later in the year...probably another 70.3 because as you mentioned I too would like a +/- 12 month S/B/R period. And that would probably take care of the tri bug for a minute and I could give a few of the cycling stage races a shot in early 2014.

  7. X2 with Kevin

    I expect sub 15 Bridgefest, no excuses, with a skirt on, no not a tutu, a scottish kilt.

    Yeah, looking at your schedule, more races are coming, you will be dying for a race course inbetween now and IMFL

  8. I dont see anything in boston. Boooo! :)

  9. Have a wonderful 2013 Jeff! Before you know it November will be here.

  10. If I don't qualify for Hyvee in May, I will see you at Redman! Fun race, but some sketchy roads on the bike course.

  11. I think that's the perfect way to do an IM season. The training is so important and too much racing takes away from that.

    Happy new year, Jeff!

  12. You are going to love IMFL. And we're still thinking about coming down to cheer because well, it's one of our favorite chill places ever.

  13. Great choice of places where the races will be held this year. Good start for all the runners out there. Congratulations Jeff for organizing the events.

  14. Soooo I might venture back down to PCB for IMFL. It is a fun place to hang out. There is a really good chance. VERY fast course, windy though. You are going to FLY through that race!!

    Looks like your schedule is all planned out perfectly!!

  15. not wimpy
    you have more scheduled than me!
    love the motivation to build all year toward IMFL

    last summer I called a few audibles and last minute local tri races which was fun