Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hal Higdon Training: 7 Mile Run

Annie and I got up at 5am this morning but didn't make it out of the house until 5:45. We were both moving rather slow! We wanted to get in 9 miles but because of our tardiness we didn't have enough time before work. So we settled for a nice 7 mile run!

We finished the run in 1 hour and 8 minutes. That is about a 9:40ish pace which was a nice easy paced run. I thought about busting it for the last 2 miles but with our race coming up tomorrow decided it would be better to take it easy and save the energy.

The Turkey Trot 5 Mile Race we are doing tomorrow morning is the GE Run Thru the Woods:

I already picked up our packets and got the customary crappy cotton logo T-shirt. Cotton is not a friend to my nipples!

We are going to leave the house around 6:30 am. We have to park at the Woodlands Mall and walk a few blocks to the race start. From what I have heard this is a very big race with a few thousand participants so it should be a good time. I am not sure if I am going to try and bust arse or do this as a training run. Will probably just wait until tomorrow morning and see how the legs feel, but being the overly competitive person that I am it might be rather hard to take it slow!

After the race we are going to do our annual scouring of the Houston Chronicle to see if there are any Black Friday deals worth fighting the crowds for! After that it is football time and then a big old Turkey Dinner with our best friends. Should be a nice relaxing day!

I will post up some pictures and results of our race tomorrow during the Green Bay/Detroit game!

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  1. Sounds like a fun race. I wish you and Annie a Happy Thanksgiving weekend and a good race.

    Yeah, why is it that they don't give out nipple friendly shirts at these events!!!

  2. "Nipple friendly"...two words that until recently, I've never heard go together!

    Hey, I wish you and Annie a very Happy Thanksgiving. Root for my Lions, will ya? They'll be without Stafford and Calvin Johnson, so they'll need all the help they can get.

  3. I let you guys know how it goes tomorrow. This is the first organized race of any kind that Annie has done so it should be fun!

    Steve, I'll pull for the Lions but they are in trouble tomorrow (like most days). I have Rodgers and Jennings on one of my fantasy teams so I am hoping for a shootout.

    Stafford became a man last week when he got drilled and then put it in the endzone for the W with a seperated shoulder. I was watching that game finish and when he got hit I hurt - it was that hard. Tough kid ... games like that can turn a franchise around.

  4. NFL Films had Stafford mic'd up that game. I just watched it...amazing stuff. He took a lick there at the end and didn't move...but he HTFU'd and threw one more TD pass!