Monday, February 8, 2010

Product Review: Chocolate #9 Agave Energy Gel

Last month I won a drawing on for a box of Chocolate #9 Agave Energy Gel.  I had never heard of this gel and have always used GU or Hammer so I kind of forgot that I had even won this when it showed up at the front door last week.  

Now as is normal with me and any new product I usually do some research before I try.  I easily found the manufactures website and here is what they say about Chocolate #9:

Chocolate #9 is delicious, dark chocolate, agave powered, energy. We leave out the preservatives, patented complexes, and junk sugars, delivering a gel that's easy on the stomach, rewarding to the taste buds, and low glycemic index. Chocolate #9 is diabetic friendly, vegan, and gluten free. Put yourself on pace to experience peak performance. Choose Chocolate #9 today.

The nutrition contents of each pack are:  70 Calories, 75mg Sodium, and 15 Carbs.  The ingredients are composed of Organic Agave and Breakfast Cocoa processed with Alkali.

Being that I try and eat as clean as possible the Organic and gluten free claims jumped out at me in a positive way.  So, the only thing left to do is put the Chocolate #9 to the test during one of my long training days.

My Chocolate #9 Agave Energy Trial:

Well, last weekend I had a bike to run brick scheduled and figured I would give the Chocolate #9 Agave a try.  Before I jumped on my bike I grabbed a pack and the first thing I noticed was that the pull tab ripped of really easy.  Sometimes with GU I tear off the tab and it is a mess of plastic and tin foil  This makes it difficult to get the gel into your mouth.  The Chocolate #9 had no such problem.  Then I took a swig of the gel and it tasted really good!  A rich, dark chocolate taste - this I liked!

After about an hour on my bike and right before the run I took another Gel.  The one thing I noticed was that I did not get that little burst of energy that normally comes with other gels.  Not sure how I felt about this but my body reacted well to the nutrition intake.  After 45 minutes passed another gel was needed.  However, normally my body knows that I need a gel because my energy level usually takes a little dip.  Well, this was not the case today.  My energy level was fine and I knew a gel was needed because I looked at my Garmin and it said 45 minutes had passed.  I finished my run strong without any GI issues and have used the Chocolate #9 a few other times.

Chocolate #9 Agave Energy Gel - Pros:
- Tastes Great.
- Efficient Packaging.
- No Bonk.
- Energy was consistent

Chocolate #9 Agave Energy Gel - Cons:
- No Initial Energy Burst.
- Only Chocolate Flavor is available.

My Summary of Chocolate #9 Agave Energy Gel:

I absolutely love it!  The chocolate flavor makes it taste more like a dessert than an energy gel.  I actually ate one yesterday as a snack.  At first when I did not get the energy burst that is common with other gels I was skeptical, but when the crash or bonk did not occur either I realized this was a good thing.  My body was not just receiving an artificial boost from a bunch of sugar it was processing good, clean nutrition. 

In order for me to give Chocolate #9 a fair review I feel first we must look at the claims from the manufacture and see if they measure up!  First, they say that it is Easy on the Stomach,  I've had about 10 packets now and have had zero GI issues.  Second, they claim it is Rewarding to your Taste Buds, this is a complete understatement because the gel is delicious.  Lastly, they claim a Low Glycemic Index, not really sure how to measure this but if they mean no sugar than this claim is spot on. 

Now that it is apparent that I love Chocolate #9 the final question is How much does it cost?
- The manufacturer's website lists a 3-pk for 4.99 and a box of 24 for $32.49.
- GU Energy Gels are $32.40 for a 24-pk.
- Hammer Energy Gels are $30.00 for 24.

Since I received my box free this is the first time I looked at the price of Chocolate #9 and am pleasantly surprised at the cost.  I figured it would be much more expensive just like everything else that is Organic or Gluten Free.

Chocolate #9 will be my gel of choice for all endurance training and racing from this point on.  I plan on using it during the Austin 1/2 Marathon on Sunday and will let you know how it performs in a race.

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***Check back in later tonight to find out how you can win a FREE box of Chocolate #9***


  1. Interesting, I would think the chocolate taste would leave a cotton mouth feeling, like other chocolates do. I wish they made another flavor, something on the fruit side.

  2. Diesel,

    I thought the same thing. The GU chocolate leaves me with that cotton mouth feeling. But the #9 doesn't it really washes down quite nice.

    I have been emailing with them and have been told that other #9 flavors are in the works. I personally like vanilla flavored gels, but would live to try a fruit flavor.

  3. Super review! While it seems that an instant boost would be great, I like the fact that it seems to meter out the carbs. The low glycemic index is great.