Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swimming just got a little less sucky ...

What is the most mind numbing, bang your head against the wall boring activity?
  1. Running on the Treadmill
  2. Riding on the Trainer
  3. Swimming Lap after Lap after Lap
Pretty sure most of you would vote for the Treadmill and before I became a triathlete would have agreed.  But now that swimming has become part of my life swimming laps wins the contest.  Well, today lap swimming just got a little less sucky ... when these showed up on my doorstep:
What the heck is that contraption you ask? 

They are waterproof headphones that attach to your goggles.  Insert your iPod Shuffle into these suckers and you have music -- while swimming -- freaking genius!

Here are some pics of how it works (yes, I am aware that I look like a Chia Pet and need a hair cut):

My Swimming Goggles

H20 Audio Head Phones

With iPod Shuffle in the back (little silver thing) of H2O Audio

The company that makes these suckers is H2O Audio.  I just got them so have not had a chance to try them out.  I heard about them at the highly entertaining FatCyclist blog.  They cost $99 but Fatty has a discount code on his site so you can get them for $79. 

The system is supposed to come with 7 different sized ear-buds so you can find the right fit.  However, these were missing from my box when I opened them up today.  I left a message for H20 Audio about the missing ear-buds so we shall see how they handle it! Will let you all know how H20 Audio's customer service rates very soon.

Today was my rest day and it is feeling pretty darn good.  I have been busting my hump at work and am quite fatigued and feel a cold coming on so this was a good day to put myself on the bench.  Back at it tomorrow with a swim and bike.

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  1. LOL!! For the triathlete who has everything! I love 'em! I'm looking forward to your review - I hope they work because they look awesome.

  2. You look like such a dork dude...but I love it!

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Very cool!! Thanks for the review of the H2O Audio:) Good news...tomorrow is Friday!!!

  4. Those look amazing! Sometimes when I'm running I consider getting those glasses that is a screen so I could watch tv or movies while running....Although I would probably get way to into it and run into a tree, car, wall, etc.

  5. Very cool!

    I am still voting with the Trainer though! LOL

  6. Cool googles!!! No seriously... wow, you are definitely the gadget man of triathlons. I wonder if those earbuds will seal the ears too. I have a bad problem with water in the ears.

    Anyway, my vote for the most boring is cycling on the indoor trainer. Second comes the treadmill.

    I am one of those knuckleheads that like swimming laps. In fact, of all the triathlon disciplines, swimming is my favorite.

  7. ...I'm waiting on "H2O-Video", where you can watch "24" and "Lost" and still get in your laps. :)

  8. I do love me some gadgets!! And yes Mike I am aware of the "dorkiness" of rocking this look.

    Libby - TV glasses? Seriously? Gotta get me some of those!

    Steve- H2O video could be your $$$ idea. PAtent that sucker dude!

    And man, Boomer and Stefanie both voting for the trainer? I'd take that anyday over the dreadmill or laps.

  9. I also just got a waterproof case for my iPod. I have only swam with it once, but it is cool. I have a different system than you, nbut mine came from H20Audio also. I am planning a review on my blog soon!

  10. I want one of those, but I dont know how good they stay in the ears