Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Top Ten List ...

Yes, I  love lists.  Mainly because I have the attention span of a gnat and numbered lists makes it very easy for me to stay focused.  With the conclusions of LOST and 24 a couple of buddies and me got into a debate over the Top 10 TV Shows of this Decade.  The only rule was that the majority of the show had to be in the years 2000-2010.  Here is my list:

1.  The Wire
2.  The Sopranos
3.  Friday Night Lights
4.  LOST
5.  Mad Men
6.  Rescue Me
7.  The Office (US Version)
8.  24
9.  Arrested Development
10. Curb Your Enthusiasm 

* Notable admission - The Shield, Survivor, American Idol, Deadwood

They are all linked to their respective IMDB page for your enjoyment - that is just how dedicated I am at bringing you blogging excellence!

If you haven't seen any of these shows then bookmark this post for after the season because these will all make the Trainer sessions much more bearable.

What is your list?


PS -- If you enjoy stories about crazy people at the gym read THIS by my buddy Boomer at Project Exercise.


  1. Have you watched any of "Breaking Bad"? Its my new favorite show and its freaking INCREDIBLE. Its holding me over till "Mad Men" starts up again.

  2. Mmmmm, my list - lets see.

    1.Bondi Rescue
    3.RPA (Australian Medical Show)
    4.Dog Whisperer
    5.Australian MasterChef
    6.Australian/American Idol
    7.Survivor Australian/American

    Thats about it, i flit between others that catch my eye.

  3. My husband and I absolutely loved The Wire. It's the best show I've ever seen. I also really enjoyed The Sopranos. We're not too far into Mad Men yet, but we're hooked.

    I've seen about 30 seconds of LOST. I might need to check it out on DVD soon. It's so popular that I'm really curious about the show.

  4. I second the Breaking Bad recommendation. That show will give you CHILLS from the very first episode!
    That, and I also adoooore Glee. Because it's awesome.

  5. Hi Jeff,
    Oh, I totally loved the show Mad Men! I saw a few reruns and then had to go and rent all of the series:) Great list!

  6. Like your list Jeff. The last ten years have been truly amazing TV wise. Haven't seen your top two. FNL lost me in season 2 when the football took a back seat. LOST. Best. Show. Ever. Man Men is awesome, and I'm not sure why. Haven't seen 6. Office. I like the British one, though Steve Carrel is genius. 24, crazy. Good times. Haven't seen 9, 10 I love.
    Breaking Bad is soooo good. Building to a cresendo that will be truly horrific this year.
    I would include Biggest Loser in there, as the reality show representive. Can't beat real people. Californication? Maybe not quite top ten, but I tell you what, number 1 for LOLs.
    Love the blog,
    Cheers, Jim.

  7. 1. The Shield
    2. LOST
    3. Rescue Me
    4. The Office
    5. ?? ummm I don't watch enough TV do I? Sounds like Breaking Bad is good, need to check that out.

  8. Breaking Bad is AWESOME!!! Highly recommend it. I was not a Brian Cranston fan, but I am now. He's so good in that show!

    I also love Mad Men!

  9. I'm new to your blog and started reading it mainly because of your love of LOST.

    I loved LOST and will miss it. It has been my favorite show along with The Biggest Loser for the entire time it has been on. My husband tried to watch it with me but lost interest almost right away.

    Loved the finale.

  10. Let's see...I don't know if I can come up with 10, but here are some I liked:
    1. LOST
    2. Life (remember that one about the cop that got framed?..awesome show!)
    3. Modern Family
    4. Top Chef
    5. Grey's Anatomy
    6. Office

  11. I love these kinds of lists but I don't watch too much serialized TV. I watched the last season of Dexter with my wife. Essentially I'll watch as much College Football as I can, as much cycling as I can, put ESPN on in the background and when all else fails hit American Movie Classics.

  12. Well, ummm, none of yours made my list.

    1 Third Watch
    2 Biggest Loser
    3 Dukes of Hazzard, I know, its from the 70's but it is still on
    4 Amazing Race
    5 Modern Family
    6 the Middle
    7 HELLS KITCHEN!!! dont know how you accidentally forgot to put that on your list
    8 F Word - another gordon ramsey show
    9 Sparatcus!!!! that one just rocks
    10 Sesame Street!!! Enough said!!

  13. Ha ha, I am pretty sure I have never seen any of the shows on your list. But if it's an original SyFy movie, I'm there! Mongolian Death Worms, being my favorite.

  14. Loved LOST (I thought the finale was awesome). Also Mad Men, the Office, and Arrested Development. Seinfeld would have to be there, and even though it's the first year, Modern Family is going to be a classic!

  15. Dang, looks like I need to get on board with "Breaking Bad"!

    Glaring omissions so far: Californication - forgot how awesome this show is and it would bump Curb.

    I also like The Biggest Loser but for some reason I just don't look forward to it like a lot of the others. Maybe it is all the product placement that turns me off, but it is still a very enjoyable program.

    As for Seinfeld it would be on the list but the majority or it's hey day was in the 90's.

    Can anyone else tell how bored I am since I am in a rest period?

  16. I have been absent for a while so I am catching up on the blogs.

    Anyway, like some others, Amazing Race and Biggest Loser are on my list.

    Ok, this doesn't really count, but there is nothing on TV that I look forward to more than the Superbowl!!!