Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Track Day and TV Updates ...

Today was the the second time Annie and I got up at 4:15am and headed over to the High School track to get in a speed workout day!  Annie is not a morning person and I am.  Usually I spring out of bed and am very talkative, she hates me anytime we are up before the sun.  Here is how our conversation went this morning:

Jeff: "Annie, c'mon get up we gotta go run."
Annie: **blank stare, one eye closed, the other half open**
Jeff:  "Babe, get up, this is what it takes to be a champion (said in sarcastic tone)."
Annie: "I don't want to be a champion I just want to stay in bed."

She is a saint for putting up with me! See rolled out of bed and we left!

Thanks to Jennifer, Jama, and Mike for meeting us at the track and getting in a butt-kicking workout.

The workout goes like this:  3 lap (400 meters) warm up at very easy pace.

Then - 1 lap @ 10k pace/ 1 lap @ marathon pace/ 1 lap @ 5k pace/ 2 minute rest/hydrate then repeat the sequence.  We did this 6 times.  Annie, Jama, and I then did a 2 lap cool down and then it was time for me to try my 400 Meter Dash (440 yards).

So, Annie and Jama worked the stop watch and I took off.  Back in my football days I used to have the perfect sprinter technique nailed down - now?  Not so much.  I wanted to lean forward and dig in with my toes but ended up with my head and chest up and back like a kite!  About 300 Meters in I started to hurt real bad and could feel some acid starting to come up my throat.  Since I am a meat-head I put my head down and ran harder and crossed the finish line at 59 seconds on the dot! Let out a big burp and the puke taste passed.

So who guessed 59 seconds?  The prophet Jennifer at TheRunningArtist guessed exactly 59 seconds - spooky!  Hey Jennifer got any suggestions on lotto numbers today?

I am going to try it again, the next time it will be before the track workout on fresh legs.  I think it can me done around 54-55 secs!


LOST is on tonight!!! When the alarm went off at 4:15 this morning my first though was, "Yes! LOST is on tonight!"  ... The description for tonight's LOST on the DirecTV guide says:

"Across the Seas"  Locke's motives are finally explained.

All you other LOST junkies are probably as excited as me when words like, "Motives" and "Finally Explained" are used in a description!  I mean we have been waiting six freaking years for these words to be listed in a description.  This is epic and I am stoked.  A couple of my buddies have already called me today because they are like a bunch of giddy school girls waiting for 9PM EST.  My only hope is that it doesn't suck, I don't think that is too much to ask for?  

Is anyone other than me and my father still watching "24" ?

The only reason I wonder about this is that last night's episode was quite possibly the most violent and disturbing torture scene that I have ever scene on network TV. And considering I haven't heard any extreme lefty groups proclaiming outrage at the Fox Network I am just assuming only my dad and me are the only remaining viewers.  Even by Jack Bauer standards this was brutal.  Now I'm not saying it wasn't cool and the Ruskie terrorists definitely had it coming but it was graphic!

Okay, I am off to get in 25 miles on the bike!

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  1. No doubt you are going to kill the 400. 59 seconds on tired legs...scary! I'm heading out to ride now too. Have a good one! It's a HOT 91 here today!

  2. TV, Jeff....seriously?!?!? REAL triathletes are training 24/7 and have NO time for TV! ;)p

    Nice job on the track! Soooo, you were 1/4 of the way through a 4 min mile? Dang......FAST!

  3. Kudos to your wife for getting up that early to work out! Hope you got her a good breakfast after :)

    I too hope tonight's LOST episode does a good job of explaining things....I'm half expecting to see another random group of "others" show up.

  4. 59 is cooking.....WITH GAS! Well done.

  5. Nice work Jeff!! Woo hoo, 59 secinds!! I totally want to run one and see how I can do now too! I am impressed:) Annie gets credit for getting out of bed freaking way to early and putting up with you!!

  6. 59 seconds!!!! you might need new sneakers after that run because they are probably burnt!

  7. Excellent job on going sub-60!

    Now, just add 9 more repeats at that same pace, and you'll be golden! :-)

    Seriously, great job. Good luck getting to :55.

  8. Great run for the 400! I ran track in high school (which for me was a whopping one year ago)and managed a 51.8 second 400m. 59.0 is flying for the end of a workout though. Way to go :)

  9. Wow, you had a butt kicking workout this morning. Annie is a real trooper to get up and beat herself for you. Now that is the definition of a trooper.

    Lost will be on in about half an hour and I am chomping at the bit to watch it. Of course, by this time all you folks on the mainland have already seen it. The problem with living in Hawaii is that cruising the internet often reveals the ending to shows before I see it here. I am making sure I only go to blogs that I frequently visit until Lost is over.

    Dude, I have to agree with you. 24 was brutal last night. My wife was hiding during the torture seen. I am very surprised that the censors let Fox do that on TV.


    Yeah, that WAS brutal. No way though that it could be read after being digested. Though I have to hand it to Bauer...he knew exactly where to go in the GI tract to get it. He's awesome.

    Jeff...59 seconds is awesome. That's cooking dude!

  11. That is awesome speed! Great workout overall. I'm a morning person myself. I'll have to show this post to some people I know.

  12. Right on! I hate the track... hands down hate it haha! You are like me and my wife, I am ready to go the moment my eyes open and heather is fine sleeping all day haha! She is a night owl though.

    Don't toast your legs too much for the Half IM there buddy!!!

  13. I am with Jon, you better been on the trainer, with spinervals on the portable DVD player, with a bucket for the puke. Then redo the track workout, hitting 10x400 at 57 second pace. Come on, your a triathlete.

  14. 59 is ridiculously fast! Way to go. And you didn't even puke?

    I caught a bit of LOST last night then fell asleep. I'm anxious to watch the rest...I think it did do some explaining.

  15. Great job on the 400m! Super fast and puke free, even. Imagine how fast you could be if you did it at the start of the workout...

    And I had to laugh about your conversation with your wife. My husband doesn't workout like I do but we have very similar conversations. I used to sing every morning when we 1st got married, I'm such of a morning person, and after 1 year Bill politely asked me to stop because it made him want to scream because all he wanted was more sleep and I was just too darn chipper. Now I talk to the dog and the kids. : )

  16. Nice job on the track workouts! Maybe Big Daddy will give you his Pukie award for almost puking...ha ha.

    I watched LOST last night...wow! I'm glad we finally know what's up with Jacob and his brother, and how the smoke monster came to be. Wow! Can't wait for the next episode and it's only Wed! :)

  17. Very cool track workout Jeff! Kind of like fartleks and intervals combined.

  18. LOST is finally getting good, I've been a little disappointed in the show this season. Also saw 24 and agree with you Jeff, pretty brutal stuff...