Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Review ...

Aside from this August being the Hottest Month in Houston's History  it was a pretty darn productive one  for me!

Here are the numbers via my BeginnerTriathlete Training Logs:

August's totals:
Bike:29h 01m 13s  - 526.37 Mi
Run:15h 32m 51s  - 102.37 Mi
Swim:18h 10m 16s  - 39896.81 Yd

This works out to be 62h 44m - that is a lot of time sweating in the August heat!  Can't believe that I missed the 40k mark in the water by a mere 5 laps?

The legs and body are feeling great today after a 3200yd Master's class this morning and an hour tempo ride.  Tomorrow is an early morning brick session all at Zone 4 and I cannot wait!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Congrats on a great month of workouts! :)

  2. muy impressive...how;s that for some Spanglish? Considering the heat which I can attest to, you have some very impressive volume this month. Way to go!

  3. Dude:
    get to the pool pronto...5 laps are calling your name! haha

    great great numbers
    Nice swim and bike today

  4. great numbers ... do you use any other sites to track your training?

  5. Dang dude. That's two months for the Bobster.... Hey, I think I just figured out why I DNFd this weekend
    Good work

  6. Second DRog... I would BE PISSED if that were me hahaha, go in the tub if you have to, round that number up damnit!!!

  7. Amazing numbers, Jeff. How the hell do you balance life, work with all the training you're doing? You're amazing!

  8. My numbers where 62h 45m. Why are you being so lazy? See you on the Virtualman course.

  9. Nice numbers! Yea, I'm with Patrik, why you being so lazy?

  10. well, I know at least 70% of this is at LT and intervals, looks like a real triathlete numbers to me

  11. Good Golly! Will Ironman training be enough for you next year? ;)

    Nice job!

  12. Damn that is a lot of training! You are going to kill IM Texas!

  13. Huge numbers! Where does this fit in your periodization. Is next month bigger - it will be cooler I hope!

    I have used the ab roller before. It can be really good stuff - especially rolling to the side and stuff. Throw in some planks and record your progress.

  14. Crackberry and a women's visor?! hmmmmmm the heat gettin' to ya there Jeff?