Monday, January 10, 2011

The Beauty of a Rest Day

My training plan for Ironman TX is pretty straight forward.  Every week I do four workouts each (12 total) of swim, bike, run.  These are done Tuesday - Sunday with a rest day on each Monday.  See, easy peasy!

That means today was my rest day.  Normally I am antsy and sometimes sneak in an easy spin on the trainer or a short run but not today.  Complete rest!  I even had a 3-hour conference call for work so I was forced to sit in my office chair all afternoon and do nothing - except think - and that is when things get complicated.

It gets complicated because I begin to think about schedules, training plan tweaks, races, nutrition ...yada, yada, yada ....

Some of the things (s/b/r related) I found myself pondering today:

-  I am running a Half Marathon on Sunday.  Totally forgot about this race and never planned for it in my training schedule.  Means I will have to switch around my long ride and long run this weekend. Not a big deal. Then the question is how hard should I run the race?  Push the pace and race a 1:35ish or hold back and do a 1:45-1:50 run?  If I go hard will the longer recovery needed hurt next week's training?  Whatever happened to the days when I just went and raced and didn't care about all this other crap? 

-  Also realized I am doing a 70.3 in a mere 89 days.  All the questions listed above are sure to resurface in about 85 days.

-  Found out on Friday I have a work event that will have me traveling five weeks before Ironman.  It is a convention so this means I will be standing on my feet all day long the entire week.  These conventions are utterly exhausting and in the past my feet have been destroyed at the end.  It is in San Antonio so I can drive and am considering bringing the bike and trainer and stinking up a Marriott room.  This weekend is supposed to be a 6 hour ride too. I cannot miss a 6-hour ride.  Luckily, I will be back on Saturday night so I can get the ride in on Sunday morning but that means the scheduled 3-hour run is going to have been done in Downtown San Antonio extremely early on Saturday morning.  Good times!

- I've never been one to obsess over minor details and really just have always rolled with the punches but for some reason this little 140.6 race has me obsessing over the smallest things?  Is this normal or have I developed OCD?

- I CANNOT WAIT for Saturday at 4:30est!!!  Ravens at Steelers III!!!  This is my type of football - violent and fast.  These teams hate each other and this is going to be the game of the year.  Unfortunately, they will probably beat the shit out of one another so bad that whoever wins (Pittsburgh) will be too banged up to beat New England the following week (yes, I pretty much disregarded the Jets right there).

- I watched "The Cape" last night.  The only reason is because really nothing else was on and I was not tired at all.  My expectations for this show were very low.  Even with this preconceived notion I was still disappointed - it was awful.  The acting, story, special effects and the acting (said this twice on purpose) just utterly sucked balls.  It was so bad that I actually felt bad for the NBC people who paid to have this show produced.  They probably all had pink slips waiting for them this morning!

Got a 4am wake up call tomorrow morning for Master's swim.  Back to training and back to not worrying about all the small stuff -  To hell with you Rest Days!

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  1. How did you do a 3 hour conference call without a workout? Thinking about a workout is the only thing that gets me through a long call.

    As for your half mary, take it easy. I'd run it at your anticipated marathon pace. Don't kill yourself, you'll need your legs for training.

    For your convention, two words: compression sleeves.

    Thanks for the warning on The Cape. I have it on the DVR. I had my hopes up for a good show. Damn. Good thing I have still have some Dexter and Walking Dead to catch up on.

  2. Jeff - part of training for an Ironman is dealing with the OCD. ;-).

    I totally agree about the compression sleeves. You may also want to do some ice baths while at the convention - they won't feel good, but they might help

  3. What about a wheelchair for the convention? ::grins::

    Have a good early morning swim!

  4. Another +1 on compression sleeves...won't help your feet but your legs will thank you.

    If it makes you feel any better, I am a roll with whatever kind of racer - but the IM has me all OCD too.

    As a NE Pats fan, I thank you for disregarding the Jets. Lets just hope the Pats don't get all cocky and blow it.Let them beat themselves up so New England can whoop them. YEAH. :) Should be a great game, you are 100% right.

  5. My $.02

    1. for the 1/2 Marathon... hit it like it owes you money... but don't taper.

    2. the same for the 1/2 IM

    given the opportunity... race...

    as for the 5 weeks out thing in San A... I thnk you have a sound plan... if training were perfect what would you do when faced with adversity on race day?

    Ravens - Steelers... *outside* in January... effin A I'll be watching.

  6. I only have one thing to say today. Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think as the big day gets closer, you will have much better perspective on this. A training plan should be organic and flow with your life. You'll figure it out.

  8. Rest days can be strange beasts!

    I have no clue on any of the IronMan training, but I wanted to tell you that I have felt the obsessive feeling, and it is ok to have. (At least that is what I tell myself...) I think the more important an event is to you (Your IronMan TX is my Heartland 100) the more crazy you get. Maybe. It is what I'm telling myself.

    Have a wonderful week. I have no doubt you'll figure out a way to get it all in. Good luck!

  9. - How does one forget a half mary??? Seriously

    - GO RAVENS!!!!! (just to be an a$$)

  10. Rest days make me a bit crazy. Go easy this weekend - don't risk anything this early in the game.


  11. Your craziness is totally normal for someone doing an IM!

    And wait just a minute? Didn't you used to live in Howard County? GO RAVENS!!!!!

  12. I have a foot preservation suggestion for you. If you are going to be on your feet for several hours, nothing beats Dansko clogs. I don't know what your attire is for the convention (suit or a little more casual), but they make nice men's models. Might help.

    Love the thought of setting up the trainer in a hotel room! You'll have to tip housekeeping a little more to keep you in fresh towels.

  13. I'm tired just reading your post :)

  14. I haven't even started training for my IM and I'm already stressing about the training!! Yikes!

    I agree with another blogger...compression tights will be your best friend during that convention!
    Good luck with the 1/2 mary. I would just have fun with the race and not push it too much, but that's just me!

  15. ravens vs steelers!? what about pats vs jets?!!!!!

  16. Compression sleeves are sooo the way to go - I should have thought of that - thanks guys!

    TGG - hmmm the wheelchair is an interesting idea? Fake an injury, get a chair, have my boss push me around all week ...hmmm

    BDD - I am not even playing your little mind games.

    Dianna - suits all week long. Can clogs me worn with a suit?

    Amanda - Pittsburgh Born and Raised - moved to Columbia b/c of work.

    Very glad this OCD thing is not just limited to me!

  17. I had other things to say, but then I got preoccupied.

    J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!

    (Sorry, couldn't deal w/the disregard. and Steelers / Ravens promises to be EPIC...maybe set up the trainer during???)

  18. When you are training for a minor race, such as one that is 140.6 miles, OCD is a normal part of everyday life. Welcome it, embrace it, celebrate it! He-he! I love it!
    Rest days, can't live with em', can't live without em'. I'll never like them but I will gladly take one if I need it.
    I'm in the same boat as you are. I have a half mary coming up on the 23rd and can't decide whether to bust a move or hold back. Not sure I'm in the shape I need to be in to go all out many things to think about dammit! Good luck with the half mary this weekend! Just think of it as part of your training for the IM.

  19. yes! my rest day was Monday too, it was welcomed with open arms. Not cuz I am tired, but it was nice to not have to do something for a change.

    I had "the Cape" on too as I was surfing the net and what parts I paid attention to were not really engaging. No good. I find that TV really sucks anymore. Except for PBS, or course, I am a junkie for that channel.

    Good luck with your race.

  20. Good luck @ the Half Marathon!

    Yikes about the HIM coming up. I am starting to see how much time is left and the state of my bike fitness....this snow better melt soon!

  21. Definitely get some compression sleeves/socks. And maybe check out a pair of those Dr. Scholl's gel inserts. I have a pair and they make standing for long time periods more bearable.

    You're right, it is going to be a BRUTAL Saturday game... It's going to be insane here in the 'burgh... Go Steelers!!!! :)

  22. Roll with bro. Enjoy your racing and enjoy your training. You'll have plenty of time for obsessing as the races get closer :)