Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 5 IM Training

"We Came. We Saw. We Kicked It's Ass!"
                                                     - Bill Murray, Ghostbusters

That is how I feel about Week 5 of my IM Training!

The Numbers:

S:  3 Trainings -  8100.00 Yd  -  4h 00m
B:  5 Trainings -  133.06 Mi    -  7h 02m 16s
R:  4 Trainings -  22.60 Mi      -  3h 10m 52s
Totals:  12 Trainings  -  14h 13m

Long Swim - 3000 Yd
Long Bike -  60 Mi
Long Run - 10.03 Mi

Only had one missed workout this week and it was my Master's swim class on Thursday morning.  I woke up at about 2am that night and had a really bad headache.  The alarm then went off at 4am and the bad headache was now brutally painful.  I have never had a migrane before but think that is what happened.  It hurt so bad that I was nausous and felt like throwing up.  The good  news is that I started to feel better around lunchtime and was able to get in my scheduled run after work and then followed that up with some time on the trainer.

In other training related news I began using power for my bike workouts.  I was able to do a Fuctional Threshold Power (FTP) test (this hurt) and then set up FTP Training Zones.  I will then use these zones in conjunction my with my current training plan.  It is very similar to Heart Rate Zones except you are using  watts, which is the amount of power you generate while pedaling.  Watts are a measurable data point that allow you to be exact in zones and force you to work hard to maintain.  I really wish I would have taken a sip of the Training with Power kool-aid a long time ago because it is the way to go.
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  1. That sounds like a great week. I know I'm impressed. I hope this coming week goes just as well for you.

  2. Great week! I got in about 11 hours this week, not bad for my first week back! :)

    Look forward to hopefully meeting you soon!

  3. I too think the power meter is pretty frikkin' awesome. After using it, hard to imagine going back, eh?

  4. Great week!!! Love the quote! :D

  5. You are killing those workouts Jeff, great job!

  6. Are you not getting tired of all those workouts. It seems you have a few rests and still you are full of strength. What secrets do you have? :-)

  7. Wow, that alot in just week5, I like seeing what I am getting into with being a month behind

  8. What shall I quote?

    "This battlestation is now fully operational!" MUAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!

    Welcome to the Dark side with power, my friend. No going back now! If only we could hook that outgoing power to our home to power the TV....

  9. I can see that you are taking this iron thing way too seriously...

  10. was lol@ the Bill Murray quote until I saw Jon's comment!

    nice training especially that Bike yesterday!!!!


  11. jessi - I can never go back now that I know about training power.

    Tiny - no secrets, just have a plan and work the plan. I also gradually worked my way up to these volume levels over time. As I am working my way up to 20+ hr weeks very soon!

    Jon - thanks for all your help answering all of my stupid questions about the CT and PT!

  12. Training/racing with power is awesome, I'm sure you'll really like it! It's great to gauge your progress and see how your power increases with training over time.

    My powermeter was a huge help to me at IM Louisville because in the first 10-ish miles of the bike I had so much adrenaline going thru my body that I just wanted to hammer, but I kept an eye on my powermeter to make sure I stayed in a sustainable zone.

    And yes, those threshhold tests HURT!!!

  13. That is awesome! Great job Jeff. I want a power meter when I grow up, sounds like it will really be helpful!

    Keep up the great work Jeff, you are rocking it!

  14. Great week, jeff!! Keep it up!

  15. You definitely kicked ass! Way to go!

  16. Those are some good looking numbers. You are going to rock IMTX and I am hoping that I can get down there to give you among other support.

  17. Great week! I am so itching to get started on official training!

    And remember, whatever you do, "Don't cross the streams."