Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Picture Day ...

My head is completely fried right now after a fast-and-furious close to the month of March.  Such is the life of a commissioned Territory Manager.  Instead of attempting to put together a series of words like other bloggers do I am going to completely take the slacker way out and put up a bunch of pretty little random pictures:

2011 Felt B14 in need of good home.  If you are interested in this 54cm crotch rocket shoot me an  email

Annie and her trusty steed

Wonder what else I can use this TriSlide for?
Soooo we're not supposed to drink the river water??
My future "100 miles to Nowhere" route - .25mile loop + 400times = 100miles = Glory Lasts Forever
Other Crazies doing this: Mandy, Kevin,  KC, and BDD
New Chair receives Ernie approval!
If a Great White Shark shows up I am prepared to take him down like in Jaws 2 !
That is me in the background

PRE-MS150 Ride with 4,000 of our closet friends
Mile 46 of 54 .... Get me the heck out of here!
How You Doin'?

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  1. Wait, you are doing THAT cul-de-sac loop for 100 miles.

    I'd rather go on the trainer. With a sand paper chamois.

    Good on ya.

  2. What a great crit course.... not

    If it were a 56 I might take you up on it.

    From what I saw of the IMTX swim course, breathe on the left, otherwise duck shit will go down your throat..... hmmmm added protein??

  3. I loved this post! Random pics are always the best!

    I CANNOT believe you chose a .25mile course to do the 100 miles to nowhere ride! Ca-ray-zeeee! :)

  4. The pictures rock!! Hey that 100 mile to nowhere course is going to be awesome. ha ha

    My favorite picture is Ernie though.

  5. Wait a sec...did I miss the boat on this 100 miles to no where ride? Details!

  6. Poor Zebra :( Already tossed aside for the new woman.

    If you are still sane after 400 .25 mile loops, I will declare you the overall winner of the 100 miles to nowhere.

  7. I love the random pics. Glad you are ready for a shark attack.

  8. I don't know how you did but I actually clicked through to fat cycle.

    Goodluck on the 100! (did you do it last year?)

  9. totally my kind of post! lots of pics=not having to think too much. save all the energy for training ...that's how we roll!

  10. Love this post man. Great pics, looks like its been an awesome month man!!!

  11. im so jealous youre swimming outside!!

  12. Wow, people in normal parts of the world get to swim outside? Must be nice :)

    Love this post, I actually find the pics harder to post than words so it's a great effort!

  13. #1 sell it and buy a roadie
    #2 your words, not mine
    #3 I heard she chicked you
    #5, 6, 9 Thanks for rubbing that in
    #7 I think you should just do the loop in your cul va sac
    #10, 11 TOURING IS FUN!!!!!

  14. Love your bike!!! Have a good weekend!

  15. I am a visual person... love photos!

  16. im all over that 100 miles to nowhere
    have been considering a 10 mile loop near my house and was thinking it would be cool achievement to do a century doing like 10 laps or something

    looks like ill have to whittle the loop down some - lol

    love the Kestrel
    big time

    have a great wknd


  17. two things:

    1. I'm bike jealous
    2. Trislide. hehe

  18. so... when do y'all plan to run the 100 miles?

  19. That is one spectacular looking bike hombre! Looks a little like mine. Wait... did you steal my ride?!

  20. Great pictures! That Kestrel sure is a beaut!

  21. I love this post! Those are some sexy rides!