Monday, March 7, 2011

Ultragen = Winning!

Early last year a triathlete buddy introduced me to Liquid Shots by First Endurance.  I began to use Liquid Shots (read about it here) for all of my training during the humid South East Texas summer.  With training in the oppressive heat I was experiencing cramping during my longer training sessions and a flask of Liquid Shots contains 1500mg of Electrolytes - problem solved!  I absolutely fell in love with the product and First Endurance won major points with me!

Since the Liquid Shots worked so well I started to research what other products First Endurance offered and came across Ultragen.  Now at this time I was about six weeks into a 24-week Half-Ironman training program and my body was feeling the pain. I was sore and tired.  Over the last couple of years I have tried about every recovery drink on the market and the results were well below average from the manufacturer   claims. I was not very optimistic that Ultragen would work based on past experience but since the Liquid Shots worked as advertised I had some trust in First Endurance so I pulled out the credit card and ordered the Cappuccino flavor.  Best. Decision. Ever.

Shortly after beginning to use Ultragen after my workouts my entire body began to feel better, especially the next morning when I would wake up. It was like I had tiger blood running through my veins!  No longer would I wake up and make that groaning sound as I lifted my legs out of the bed.  No longer would I walk like a penguin to the medicine cabinet to take some Advil.  No longer would I just go through the motions of a workout because my muscles were sore and tired.  No longer would I waste time and money looking for a recovery drink because I found the perfect recovery formula in Ultragen.

Flash forward to this season and the Cappuccino Ultragen is a must have for me after each workout.  It won me over during last years HIM training and has continued to perform for me as I am 14-weeks into full Ironman training.  Last week I logged over 20-hours of training and my legs and body are still feeling fresh.  And unlike many other Recovery Drinks Ultragen tastes fantastic!  I actually crave the Cappuccino Ultragen.

There are a ton of recovery drinks in the market but this is the first one I have tried that actually does what it claims!

 Here is the description from the First Endurance website:
Ultragen is the most advanced recovery formulation ever developed. Ultragen’s breakthrough technology is designed to work synergistically to provide the right nutrients to the right place at the right time during the 30-minute ‘Window of Opportunity’ following exercise so you can recover faster than ever before. Each serving of Ultragen delivers the levels of nutrients that have been shown in clinical research to maximize recovery and give you an extra edge over the competition. 
  • Rapid and Complete Endurance Recovery Formula 
  • Refuels Exhausted Muscles and Restores Energy Levels Quickly 
  • Delivers Endurance-Specific Nutrients for Superior Recovery and Maximum Performance

Since I have had so much success with First Endurance I have begun to use the EFS Drink for my long rides and runs and have also started to use Optygen HP to help increase my aerobic threshold and reduce lactic acid.  The results have been so positive that my plan is to use only First Endurance for my nutritional needs for Ironman Texas in May.  I am going to do a review of both Optygen HP and the EFS Drink and also lay out my Ironman nutrition plan in the coming weeks.

Click HERE to order Ultragen.

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(Disclaimer:  All products reviewed in this post were bought and paid for by me.  The opinions and experiences with Ultragen were mine alone and I received no compensation from the manufacturer).


  1. Always on the lookout for new products like this. And well, if YOU endorse it, it must be good! ; )

  2. I have tried many gels and none of them works for me. I have GI problems. I ordered the liquid shots and I will try it on Sunday! I have high hopes that this will work for me!

  3. Sold!
    what a great f'n review. Thanks bro

    I already have a stash of First Endurance Liquid Shots that Ive been waiting to try out. My biggest dilemma in life right now is Im worried the liquid shots will be great and it will screw up how I take Gels! haha

    I just ordered Ultragen from your link on this post - hope it helps you ... as this is such a totally solid review.

    BTW: tigerblood!!

    its on


  4. Based on your recommendation last year I used the Ultragen Cappuccino after every training run longer than 10 miles when training for my second marathon, and thought the results were great. Also drank it after the marathon, but followed that quickly with copious amounts of Guinness, so those results may be a bit skewed.

    Planning to use it again for the next marathon. May even branch out into a new flavor. My life is so exciting.

  5. Love the Charlie Sheen references :) Thanks for the info, I may just check this out.

  6. "tiger blood running through your veins"? "walk like a penguin"?

    Now me, I walk like an old AARP member to the toilet in the middle of the night. I would die to walk like a penguin. And this tiger blood you talk about, I think I am A+, does it come in that?

    No really, I think I am going to give the Optygen a shot. I think my great grandfather was a sherpa...

  7. Sweet! My LBS is a "Dealer" - their word not mine. :)

  8. I really need to try this, as I still groan when I get out of bed and walk like a penguin in the morning! Maybe a fruity flavor though??

  9. I wouldn't even think of running a marathon without EFS LS or taking Optygen HP at least 30 days before the race.

    I love their products, but was not impressed when they would not donate one bottle of Optygen HP to EMZ for her 24 hour treadmill run for charity. That, after I had createds some high trafficked Blog posts and created new customers for them.

  10. Great review! I've heard some great things about EFS products and may have to try them out!

  11. Sounds like your on a winner. Stick with it for sure.

  12. Great review, Jeff!

    4.5 weeks to go!!!

  13. I could have used some this weekend! Great comments and if you and Chris K endorse it it must be fabulous!

  14. Anything cappucino-flavored is all right with me. I'm impressed by the Optygen so will be willing to try their other products as well.

  15. You had me at "Tiger blood running through my veins"! Now where are the free samples???

  16. Really, REALLY!! A Charlie Sheen reference!!! Of all people!!! Sighhhhh, I thought Charlie was on crack, I guess he was Ultragen.

  17. Love the Sheenious reference.

    I also love Ultragen. I ordered another flavor to try and haven't tried it yet. I am kind of regretting it just because I LOVE the cappuccino flavor so much.

  18. Great review Jeff and b/c I trust you and I love Cappuccino flavor, I will order some too. Thanks for recommending it.