Friday, February 3, 2012

Stuff I Have Enjoyed this Week ...

Here are a few things I found interesting over the last week. Some are comical, some are serious. Enjoy!

  • "How Do You Kill 11 Million People?"  By Andy Andrews
    • This short (72pg) book is political without the use of the labels Democrat, Republican, Liberal, or Conservative. Mr. Andrews takes a compelling, non-partisan look at "how" the Nazis murdered 11 million Jews and draws a parallel to the political climate and citizenry today in the United States by asking us extremely relevant questions. 
    • "How Do You Kill 11 Million People?" is quite possibly the most powerful book I have read and it completely captures the feeling of unrest that is gripping our nation. It is a must read for everyone and especially for those of you who are not political or chose not to vote. 
    • I believe so much in the message of this book that I am willing to send 10 readers a copy on my dime. The only condition is that once you read it you will pass it on to a friend or family member and ask them to do the same. The first 10 emails I receive ( will get a copy. Please include your name and address and I will take care of the rest.
**** Edit - 10 emails for the book have been received ****
  • This was shared by Kevin on the Twitter and is absolutely hysterical:

  • Many of you read my take on the CrossFit Endurance Fad last month. Here is a much better flame by Steve Magness citing science and results. Click Here.
  • Back to politics: Here is a speech on immigration given recently by Senator Marco Rubio. After the article you can find the full transcript and video of the address. I am a huge fan of Senator Rubio. He is someone who has the ability to articulate Conservative values while at the same time espousing that of American Exceptionalism. He does this without apology and it is rather refreshing. This is well worth the read as many of us expect great things from Rubio.
  • Did you run a marathon in 2011? Have you ever wondered how you ranked compared to every other person that ran a marathon in the entire world? Well, the folks at have that answer. Click Here to view your world marathon rank!

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  1. I was wondering not too long ago when the political you will come back out to play.

    1. You need to read this ... a copy is coming your way!

    2. WOAH, but he didn't email you!!! haha

  2. boo, that magness article is blocked at my work. i want that book!

  3. Ha that video! I was seriously busting up watching it!

    Wow..I'm ranked in the 50,000 range...not sure what that really means though!

  4. Haha... with election year upon us I see you are back on the wagon! Remember the Right Wing Squadron?!?!

  5. The fact that you're sore is good...that'll go away in, like, a year.

    I spit my cereal out and almost choked to death about 5 times while watching this movie. Great...regurgitated cereal for breakfast.... :(

  6. I've got nothing... i hate liars ( I mean politicians haha ) and I am depressed that over 95,000 people are faster than me in the world (they all cut the course).

    BUT, I will state that the smell in the vibrams comment is totally bang on, I wash them every week too, FUNKY STINK!

  7. Running Barefoot makes you way more smarter.....ha ha ha!

    That book sounds great and you are right that no matter what side of the fence you are on you need to drives me crazy when people are too busy to vote then bitch about everything. Don't like it too F'n bad you didn't exercise your voice and from the looks of it you're not exercising at all (sorry I was getting fired up.)

    CF = BS --> Nuff Said

  8. hahaha, "Last week I had PF, Metatarsal I am cured and running an ultra every day."

  9. Super post Jeff! I am sure I am too late to get the book from you but I'll look for it at the store. Funny video too. Thanks.

  10. "especially for those of you who are not political" = me! looks like ill have to put this on my list to read as I am about as apathetic as they come... when it comes to politics

    lol@ this video! "they removed all the ligaments from both knees....but then I started running barefoot" lolol

    ur weight must be down with your running schedule as you are within 30 days of 26.2? what does your weight compare today vs. IMTX? just curious


  11. oh I want to read that book. I wonder if it is on kindle?

    That BF vid is hilarious. My friend Steve is coming over tomorrow and I SWEAR I have heard him say all of that shit. He convinced his girlfriend to go BF AND guess what??? She has a hip injury. Huh. Maybe it isn't the cure all? haha

  12. Oh my gosh... that barefoot running video is AWESOME! I didn't see it when he posted it! Too funny!

    I hope that one of the people that emailed you forward a copy to me. :)

  13. That was an awesome article on CrossFit!

    Seeing my ranking in the marathon listing was just depressing. I guess I can take comfort in the fact that I am still faster than all the bums who never got off the couch.

  14. Must read that book. Must not watch that video. There was a pair of guys running barefoot at Surf City who further perpetuated their jack-assedness by dressing in board shorts, Hawaiian shirts and straw hats. I have no idea why this makes me so angry but it does. Maybe it's because there are 1000's of other runners out there, racing for the first time, taking the race completely seriously and then these "look at me" bozos turn up.

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