Thursday, December 2, 2010

What's Up Y'all

It has been a few days since my last post and thought it will be good timing to drop in a few Random Thoughts:

  • I got my first edition of the new LAVA Magazine and really enjoyed it.  Some of the complaints I have heard are that the numerous amount of Ads is a little much.  I actually like all the ads and reading about all the new gear and nutrition because I have a sickness when it comes to this stuff.  Hello, my name is Jeff and I am a gear addict.
  • On Sunday Annie and I are running in a half marathon in LaPorte Texas.  With my IMTX training commencing on Monday I decided to just run the 13.1 miles at a nice easy zone 2 pace.  I might not even wear a garmin and just enjoy a nice relaxing run!
  • Last night I ran with the LifeTime Fitness run club and tried out my new Brooks T6 Racers.  All I can say is WOW!  They weigh 6.1 ounces which is like saying they weigh absolutely nothing!  It felt like feathers on my feet and I was a little concerned that due to the lack of stability that my calves and shins would be sore today.  Well, no soreness at all.  I am considering wearing these on Sunday for the half.
  • As I mentioned above, Ironman Texas training will set off on it's Maiden Voyage on Monday and I am ready to get to it and beach this baby on May 21st.  I have spent the last 4 weeks resting with just enough swim, bike, and run to keep me honest.  My body feels healed up and ready to conquer the 24-Week Training Plan that is before it.  If anyone is interested I am using the Matt Fitzgerald Week-to-Week Triathlon Training Book.  Or as Kevin like to call it: The Book.  I will be doing the Level 7 Iron Distance Plan and if you would like a copy of the super-detailed spreadsheet please send me an email (jeffirvin AT and I'll forward it on.
  • All that cool and positive stuff already being said the training will be a little handicapped because I broke the middle toe on my left foot yesterday.  Really wish I had a cool story on how it happened but the truth is I kicked the bottom edge of the shower while stepping out and it caught the toe just right.  Hurt like hell and the toenail is already black.  The good news it that it is the middle toe so it can be taped to the other toes with very little pain.  I ran last night that way and it was fine.
  • Joel over @ TriMadness! has another excellent interview.  This time with Professional Triathlete Linsay Corbin.  Click Here to read.
  • I was happy to see who went home on The Biggest Loser this week.  I won't ruin it for you DVR people like some others - Cought, BDD, Cough.
  • Gordon Ramsey is my hero.
  • On last TV thing:  With the indoor bike trainer season well underway with the cold temps hitting much of the country.  A TV series that you all need to get is Friday Night Lights.  You can get the DVD's for like $14 per season (4 so far) and they make for great viewing while sweating away.  Over the last 5 years this has been one of my favorite TV shows.  The acting, directing, writing and emotional connection the the characters is second to none on the small screen.  Do yourself a favor and pick this up.
Hope everyone has a great weekend and good luck to all of you racing!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. CRAP MAN! Obviously I can understand the whole toe ordeal. Sucks buddy.

    Hopefully it does not inhibit your running much. Everything I read said the further away from the big toe you are.. the better haha!

    Agree 100% with excessive advertising in LAVA magazine. To be honest, I think there are like 5 people working there and I bet they each relish in over 6 figure paychecks from advertising ALONE!

  2. Send me your training plan. I'd love to see another option. You're going to love IM training. About 6 weeks before race day, you'll have a really good idea of your finish time. It's neat how in-tune you get with your body at that volume of training.

    Oh, I got one issue of LAVA and then nothing for the last 6 months I think. I checked their website, and supposedly I'm subscribed. I wonder why I've only ever seen one issue.

    Friday Night Lights is OUTSTANDING!

  3. I read FNL way back in 1991 (I believe) and saw the movie (great job connecting to the book) but never got into the show. I know it is on DirecTV and will have to check in sometime especially after a ringing endorsement from a Texan.

    Can't wait to start reading about training sessions involving tons of swimming, biking and running but most of all heart.

  4. - I bet you run with the Garmin, you said it yourself, your a gear freak

    - you still sore over the BL tweet? I couldnt help myself, hey, 10 years ago, you would have missed the show, and never would have known what happened.

    - I havent ordered Lava yet, I get the other 2, still little mad the WTC which owns Lava

    - I dont know how Joel does it

  5. YAY on your run this weekend. Enjoy it!!

    Gordon Ramsey is my hero [I'll cuss to that.] love him. I wish I could deal with my daily retards like this.

  6. Is it too early to start checking the weather forecasts??

  7. Sorry about the toe! I break my toes all the time and it is now fun! And I usually don't have cool stories about how I broke them either. I usually stump them! I a clutz!

  8. Bummer about the toe!

    May 21st is gonna be here before you know it.

    How cold does it get down in your neck of the woods in the AM's in the winter time?

  9. The injured toe just makes it more interesting. Unless it's a Hammer toe. (Do they sponsor toes?)

  10. FWIW I'd put on the 6oz shoes... forget about the toe... leave tha garmin on the dresser and race that 1/2 this w/e

  11. Great news the toe felt okay...
    thats gonna be awesome running it and not racing it - enjoy! Im looking forward to my 11' races that I plan on the same thing

    love the 6phase brag program!
    I mnight have to create a sales like "brag book":)


  12. I love that you and your wife do races together, I need to get Matt running!

  13. Ouch! You really should have made up a good story with that!

    Good luck this weekend!

  14. Hi Jeff - with the mention of indoor bike training...curious as to which indoor trainer you use. I'm buying one (most likely KK Road Machine). Thoughts? Thanks!

  15. If the Brooks Racers are anything like the Saucony Kinvara, you are going to LOVE them! It is so good to have such a lightweight shoe on your foot.

    Good luck to you and Annie in your race this weekend!

  16. I didn't want to like Lava, it's like living in Cuba and only being able to read Granma Internacional, but I must admit it was OK, well put together.

    I didn't order it though, it just showed up. Is that what happened to you?

  17. Hope your toe feels better. I can't imagine you running without Garmie. You would start shaking at 10k (or worse).

    Just kidding. Maybe

  18. Good luck this weekend - hope it's a fun, liberating run for you!

  19. Good luck this weekend to both you and the wife! I bet you'll have fun, sounds like that is already the plan. Gosh I am a great shopaholic myself (maybe more of a browsaholic), but too poor to even think about buying anything, although I have been thinking about a lightweight pair of racing shoes too. Cheers!

  20. Exciting that training is starting up! Don't worry about the toe, my friend broke her pinky toe right before IMWI and was able to continue training and race on it. Just be nice to it :)

    I tried on the T6s last year and they felt amazing. With my history of foot injuries it will be a long time before I can experiment with short distances in a shoe like that but I can't wait.

  21. Good luck this weekend - I can't imagine running with a broken toe though. :(

    Thanks for the heads up on Friday Night Lights. I may have to get a few seasons!

  22. ouch for the toe, but at least you can run! I once dropped a razor in the shower and cut open my toe. Klutz.

  23. * I like the LAVA magazine too. I actually think they have some great articles.
    * Good luck with the 1/2 this weekend! You'll like running in the Brooks racers. I have the Racer ST4 and LOVE it! I actually do all of my training in them and even ran my marathon in them. They are awesome shoes!
    * Ouch about your toe! That sucks. But, like you said, at least it's a middle toe that can be easily taped and immobilized.
    * I still haven't figured out what plan I'm using for IMAZ, so I'll be sending you an email for a copy of yours! Thanks! :)
    *Yes...Gordon Ramsey is awesome! My husband and I love to watch Hell's Kitchen. It's awesome!

  24. OUch with the toe thing! Im sure you said a lot of nice words when that happened!! I love Lava Magazine especially this Kona One!! I love the product overview of Carbo Pro, etc.

  25. Finally someone else appreciates Friday Night Lights. I love that show. Sad to see it going away after this season, but it's been a good run.

    Agree on LAVA. I just got my first issue as well.